5 Tips To Improve PUBG Mobile Shooting 2024 – Simple Methods

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a wildly popular battle royale-style shooting game released in 2017 that has gained a massive following. Players are thrown onto an island with other players and must survive until the end by scavenging weapons, armor, and more while trying to outwit their opponents.

The goal is to be the last to claim victory and gain bragging rights in the competition. PUBG has been credited with pushing the boundaries of this genre, creating an unforgettable experience by combining fast-paced action with difficulty and strategy. 

It’s no surprise that millions of players worldwide have become addicted to this game since its release due to its entertaining yet unique approach to shooter games.

5 Tips To Improve Your Shooting Skills In PUBG Game

PUBG is an intense shooter game that requires players to have good aim, reflexes, and strategy. To become an expert shooter in PUBG, you must practice and hone your skills. 

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Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your shooting skills in PUBG!

Aim Down Sight (ADS) Mode 

When it comes to aiming, ADS mode is essential. This mode zooms into the target, allowing for better shooting accuracy. When aiming down your sights, ensure that the gun’s front sight or barrel is in line with your target for maximum accuracy. 

You should also use a higher sensitivity setting to adjust your sights quickly when using ADS mode. 

Additionally, be aware of how long your weapon can reach its complete accuracy after your first aim, as this will affect how quickly you can land shots on moving targets. 

Recoil Control 

One of the most important aspects of shooting with accuracy is controlling the recoil. Recoil happens when a gun kicks back after being fired due to the force generated by the bullet exiting the barrel. 

Controlling recoil allows you to hit more shots because your crosshair won’t be thrown off course after each shot. 

To control recoil, try tapping shoot instead of holding down fire until all bullets are gone; this will help keep your crosshair aligned with where you want it to be while firing multiple shots at once. 

Additionally, think about switching weapons depending on what situation you find yourself in; some guns have less recoil than others which can help increase accuracy over longer distances or during fast-paced close-quarters combat engagements. 

Be Aware of Bullet Travel Time

Bullet travel time is often overlooked but can significantly affect how accurately you shoot in PUBG. Bullets travel at different speeds depending on the weapon they are fired from, so it’s essential to consider this when aiming at a distant target. 

The target may move out of range before the bullet reaches them if there is too much delay between firing and hitting them with a shot. 

Being aware of bullet travel time will allow you to adjust your aim slightly ahead of where your target is so that their movement won’t throw off your shot before it hits them! 

Understand Weapon Stats 

Every weapon in PUBG has different stats, such as damage, range, fire rate, accuracy, etc. It would be best to familiarize yourself with these stats to know which weapons to use in various situations. 

Knowing which weapons fit best for each case will help improve your aim significantly by helping you choose what type of gun is best suited for any given scenario. 

For example, you can try killing enemies from a long range. You’ll want to choose a high-damage sniper rifle like the Kar98k rather than a close-quarters SMG like the Uzi. 

Use Different Types of Ammo 

The ammunition used in PUBG can make all the difference when hitting those hard-to-reach targets or taking down enemies behind cover quickly and efficiently. The most commonly used ammo types are:

  • Regular bullets (which do standard damage).
  • Armor-piercing shots (which do extra damage against armored targets).
  • Incendiary rounds (which do increase damage against unarmored targets).

Each type of ammo offers unique benefits depending on what kind of situation you find yourself in and which type of target you’re aiming at – so be sure to utilize them to get maximum efficiency out of your shots! and also play BGMI after ban.


Practice makes perfect—this saying applies as much to mastering shooting skills as anything else! The best way to improve shooting skills in PUBG is by playing as often as possible and experimenting with different weapons, strategies, and techniques until something clicks for you.

Remember these tips during matches, practice regularly, and soon enough, those chicken dinners will start rolling in. Also, check PUBG hacks from Battlelog to perform even better. Good Luck!

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