Baidu Vs Google: Main Difference & Similarities

Google VS Baidu both are popular search engines but Google mainly focuses on the global market. Whereas, Baidu remains focused on the Chinese local market. Both are listed on NASDAQ but the companies are different.

When we see the similarities in between both Baidu and Google, we found that Baidu is a clone of Google where you get a large suite of products or services similar to google.

Both search engines have multiple offerings like Social products, search products, information, music product, and many more other products. 

Baidu and Google are open platforms for all developers, service providers, gamers, etc. On Google, you will search for global information but on Baidu, you can also get or search only for Chinese market-related information because it is not expanded globally.

Baidu also gives map services that are similar to google maps but Baidu maps are only covering the china region. 

Google Vs Baidu: An Overview

Here you will know about the overview of Baidu vs Google so read carefully and grab the all valuable information which we can mention in this part. 


Baidu is the search engine of china with 72.37% of the nation’s market share. It offers various services like product services and Chinese information. 

As same as google, Baidu also provide ads service in their region and maps services for china regions. On Baidu, you can easily find any queries or result about Chinese information or about the china market.


Google launched in 1998 and it is the global search engine that gives you many product services, news information, and service information. It is also a great platform for developers and others. Google is a search engine with a 92.2% global market share

Google gives you an ad platform to run their ads for achieving your target audience. Also gives you many other new platforms like Google Maps service, google my business, etc. 

Baidu VS Google PPC Comparison


On comparing Both Baidu Vs Google, you found some similarities and differences. As both have Pay-per-click models. Baidu and Google do not need any registration fees. The actual cost of Baidu PPC is cheaper than Google.

Google ads charge payments on credit where advertisers run their ads before making any payments. The cost will automatically charge monthly. In google, you can target global locations to run your ads

Baidu PPC demands advertisers to pay upfront according to their ad budget and depending on your location. Baidu are only targeting Chinese-speaking areas for ads like mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. 

Baidu Vs Google Text & Display Ads 

In Google Ads, text and display ads, you can run your ads, in Hindi or English language and any other languages. In Google, you can target any location because it is a global Search Engine. Goggle ads is a little bit expensive as compared to other ads. 

The average CPC on search ads is $1-$2 and in Display ads is $0.25-$0.80. 

In Baidu Ads, You can only run text or display ads in the Chinese language and only target Chinese – speaking areas. Baidu ads is cheaper than Google ads. The average CPC on Baidu search ads is 2-9 RMB And the CPC in Display ads is 0.3-0.6 RMB.

Which Is More Better For Geo-Targeting Between Google Vs Baidu?

Google and Baidu both are better for Geo-targeting but if you want to target regions globally then Google is good for you. 

For only Chinese regions, Baidu is good because Baidu is only for China regions, and with the use of Baidu, you are not capable to target other regions globally.

Unlike Google and Baidu, there is an OpenAI chatbot called Chat GPT that provides answers to any of your queries. But it can not be accessible in every location. in that case, if Chat GPT is not available in your country then quickly use a VPN for Chat GPT.

Baidu Vs Google: The Main Difference

Google is an internet search engine which is globally accessible and where you can easily find your all answer related to any queries.

Baidu is also gives Chinese local market information because it is China’s popular search engine. China launched its search engine (Baidu) to handle all activity related to the Chinese market without any interference.

Who Has More Users Google Vs Baidu?

China is the largest population country where Baidu is accessible but Google is accessible globally. So the answer is clear Google has more users than Baidu

Baidu is accessible by those people who live in china and where Google is banned.

Which Countries Use Baidu?

China has 97.3 percent of visitors on Baidu and japan ranked third with 0.6 percent of visitors on Baidu.

Which Is Better, Google VS Baidu?

Both Baidu and Google are better in their ways because both are popular search engines in their own region. But if you are seeing globally then Google is better than Baidu because Baidu is the region-based search engine which only provides information in the Chinese language. 

Which Is Safe To Use Baidu VS Google?

Both Google and Baidu are safe if you want to access global information then Google is more helpful but if you want to access china’s local market information then Baidu is also good to us. Both are safest in their own way.

Did Baidu Copy Google?

Google launched in 1998 and Baidu launched on 18 Jan 2000 so they may take some ideas from Google while launching Baidu because both are search engines and both are used for the same work to get information.

What’s The Difference Between Baidu vs Google?

Similar to Google search engine, Baidu offers search engine web services like Baidu Maps. Although you will also get cloud storage (Baidu Wangpan) and many others services. Like Google, Baidu also indexes the whole web, its algorithms, and indexing favor to Chinese sites and content in China.

What Is China Biggest Search Engine, Google VS Baidu?

Baidu is the biggest search engine in China as compared to Google. Whereas GOOGLE is more world’s NO.1 search engine.  

China People Use Baidu or Google?

In china, All people use Baidu and it has 580 Million monthly active users, Beacuse, GOOGLE is banned to use in China

Is Google Allowed In China?

No, Google is not allowed in China but if you want to access Google in china then you need to use a NordVPN 2 Year Plan which can help you to utilize google without any restriction and with full of security.

What Do Chinese Use Instead Of Google?

Chinese Use Baidu instead of Google.