Basic Services of Internet [Commonly Used Internet Services]

The Internet nowadays could be a large-scale network of legion computers that allows web users across the globe to communicate straightforward and quick. The basic services of internet offer a range of services to users, like: Communication, Network Management Services, Web Services and many more that you know in this blog post. You can upload and download the files & data via the internet because it is a pool of knowledge. We have the flexibility to access or acquire information as needed. Internet basic services also allow us to access graphics, sound, and software over the internet. We must use internet services in order to connect with the internet. 

What Is Internet?

What is Internet and its services

Before we are going to discuss the basic internet services first, you need to know what is the internet?

The internet is the world’s most popular computer network initially known as ARPANET. It started as an academic research project in 1969, and become a global commercial network in the 1990s.

The internet is a global network of billions of computers and other electronic devices using the standard protocol TCP/IP (Transfer Protocol & Internet Protocol) to serve billions of users. With the help of the internet, you can access almost any information, communicate with anyone else in the world and do much more. The primary goal of the basic services of internet is to facilitate information sharing. 

What Are Basic Services Of Internet?

Some most popular basic services of Internet are listed below:

  • World Wide Web Services (WWW) – Most Important Services Of Internet
  • Communication – Basic Service Of Internet
  • Information Retrieval Services
  • Web Services of Internet
  • E-commerce Service
  • Network Management Services
  • Automatic Network Adress Configuration
  • Directory Internet Services
  • Usenet
  • Newsgroup
  • Time Services

Let’s discuss each of them one by one in brief:

World Wide Web Services (WWW) – Most Important Services Of Internet

WWW is also known as W3. This is one of the main basic services of the internet. Many people think that the internet and WWW are the same but actually not, internet is a vast network of interconnected computers. There are many uses of WWW.

Basically, it’s a way to access the information spread over several servers over the internet. Internet is a network of networks & the web is just information present in the network. Using the web maybe is not safe nowadays if you don’t have antivirus. Therefore, VPNs are so popular in the market now & everyone uses VPNs for personal information security. Right now NordVPN and ExpressVPN were in the trend. Users can also use NordVPN 3 year Coupon or ExpressVPN coupon code to install VPN in devices at affordable prices.

Communication – Basic Service Of Internet

Communication Services - basic internet services

Communication is one of the most popular services of internet. To exchange data and information among individuals for any purpose, we need communication services. The Internet gives some communication services of instant messaging, E-mail, Video-Conferencing, Internet Telephony and many more.

  • Instant Messaging: IM offers text communication over the internet in real-time like online chatting. Because of its Real-time nature, it is becoming the fastest growing form of communication service. There are many applications that are providing instant messaging some of them are Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, etc.
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  • E-mail: E-mail is used to send electronic mail via the internet between people using electronic devices. An email can be sent to multiple users at once. You can send text, images, video, documents, etc from one person to another using the attachment feature on the email. The most popular email service providers are Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo mail, AOL mail, fast mail, etc. 
  • Video Conferencing:  VC is also the best basic services of internet that provide live face-to-face meetings and live video calls whether you are anywhere in the world. Proper functioning video conferencing requires a high bandwidth of the internet at the sender and receiver ends. There are many tools available for video conferencing like Zoom, Google meets, skype, etc.
Internet Telephony - services of internet
  • Internet Telephony: It is also known as IP telephony (IPT). Sending Voicemails, Phone calls, Faxes, and many more things are the features of Internet telephony. In this method, Our voice is converted into binary form, which is transmitted over the internet in the form of IP  packets from one device to another. VOIP basically is a subset of Internet telephony. Do you know why is technology important? VOIP is a technology used by IPT for converting an analog signal into digits.

Information Retrieval Services

It is the procedure for gaining access to information stored on the internet. It allows users to access remote computers and transfer files from one system to another. This internet service includes FTP, SFTP, SSH, Telephony computing. 

  • FTP: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Basically, this protocol helps to share, transfer, or send a file item across several users or machines both locally and remotely.
  • SFTP: The full form of SFTP is a secure file transfer protocol. It is more reliable than FTP. It supports the complete SSH protocol protection and authentication feature, including the SSH key.
  • SSH: SSH stands for secure shell. Basically, it’s a network communication protocol that helps two computers to communicate. SSH sends all of its data in an encrypted format. 
  • Telnet: Telnet is for telecommunication network. Telnet allows the client to log in to the remote server for accessing remote resources. Basically, Telnet is remote terminal access and command execution services of the internet.
  • Gopher: A file retrieval application based on hierarchical, distributed menus that is simple to use.

Web Services of Internet

Web Services - internet basic services

Web Service is also one of the most basic services of internet. There are many applications written in various languages like Java, Python, node.js, and some were written in .net. So, there may be a need for some means of communicating with one another. This is where web services come in. With the help of various applications exchange the data/information, services among themselves. Simply, Using web services, applications can easily interact with each other.

E-commerce Service

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. Nowadays E-commerce services have one of the growing markets in the world. Because you can run your online business and earn money. It is basically, a business concept that allows businesses and individuals to buy and sell goods via the internet. Some popular examples are Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Network Management Services

Network Management service is one of the most important and basic services of internet which are helpful for network managers. Basically, it’s all about managing the network problems like preventing, monitoring, diagnosing, and solving the network-related problem.

  • Ping: ping tool mainly helps to check the availability of the host machine and time is taken to respond to all Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets.
  • Traceroute: It is basically, used to find the path between two connections. So, you can use the traceroute command.

Automatic Network Adress Configuration

Automatic network address configuration is called APIPA. It is a mechanism of assigning a unique IP address to every system in a network. A network server called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is used to assign gateways, IP addresses, and other network information to client devices. 

Directory Services

This is one of the basic services of internet. A directory service is a set of computer codes that keeps track of knowledge regarding your company, customers, or both. Network resource names are mapped to network addresses by directory services. A directory service provides users and directors with full clear access to printers, servers, and alternative network devices. Let’s look at the new directory services. 

  • DNS (Domain Name System): Basically the main job of DNS is to convert human-readable domains like into IP addresses like (123.456.321) so that the web browser can access the web resources.
  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol): It is a set of open protocols that are used for getting network access to keep information centrally. it’s a cross-platform authentication protocol for directory services and additionally permits users to move with different directory services servers. 


The newsgroup is a lively online discussion forum, which can easily be accessed through Usenet. This is also one of the great examples of the basic services of internet. Each newsgroup includes discussions on a selected subject that are silent within the newsgroup name.

Users will use the newsreader software package to browse and follow the newsgroup still as discuss the posts. A newsgroup could be a dialogue of a couple of bound topics created from notes denoted to a central computer and distributed over Usenet, a world network of reports discussion groups. It uses Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP).

Time services

Network Time Protocol (NTP) may be a fashionable time service on the net that helps to synchronize and set the pc clock with nice precision. NTP is one of the oldest computer protocols currently in use.

The Other Software Implementations of Time Services are listed below: 

  • OpenNTPD
  • SNTP
  • NTPsec
  • Ntimed

And there are many more available but these are the primary ones.


Usenet is also called a users network. It is one of the oldest networks of online discussion groups. And also it’s one of the first networks where users can upload files or information to news servers and others can view them.

All the major basic services of internet have been mentioned above. Hope you find it informative and it’ll answer your all questions.

What are the Basic Internet Services Provided?

The Internet services are: interaction, communicating, business, marketing, downloading, and sending files or data.

What are the 2 Major Basic Services of Internet?

The major basic services of Internet are: Social Networking & E-commerce.