10 Best Kodi Builds 2024 [Free Movies & TV Shows]

By choosing the best Kodi Builds 2024 you might can stream on devices like the Amazon Firestick, Android, Apple TV, iPhone.

The Kodi media player is a high-powered media player. But it is enhanced by its thriving add-on features. Basically, Kodi Builds helps set up Kodi by turning it into an ultimate streaming centre. It is free media centre software that you can access across various devices. Kodi Builds allows users to stream content like Movies, TV shows, Sports, & Live TV. 

Additionally, you may also use a VPN for Kodi to access this streaming application from any region. By this, you can get an amazing buffer-free streaming experience. We recommend IPVanish for Kodi because of its fastest downloading speed and large number of servers across the world.

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What Is Kodi Builds?

Kodi build is a great way of obtaining everything up and running with Kodi. The Kodi build will install everything that you want to run Kodi with just one click. That includes add-ons, settings, skins, and an electronic program guide(EPG), many more features.

Basically, instead of installing numerous add-ons or customizing yourself, a Kodi build does the work for you. It’s an easy-to-use interface with tons of categories for streaming. Also includes movies, shows, live TV, games, adults, settings, and many more to do.

Apparently, for more information, you can also watch the video guide below to find out How to use a Kodi build and adjust all the various settings with your specific needs.

How Can You Use Kodi Builds in 2024?

You must have understood by this now what is Kodi Builds. However, you may be wondering how to use Kodi.

Currently, Kodi is available on the following OS (operating system): Firestick, Fire TV, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and tvOS. You can install Kodi on any of these operating systems to stream your favourite media & you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Apart from Kodi builds, You’ll need addons and skins to extend the function of Kodi software. Basically, they help you to turn the Kodi software into a streaming powerhouse.

On the other hand, the Kodi builds helps you to customize & modify menus, icons and shortcuts.

Best Kodi Builds 2024 September List

There are hundreds of Kodi Builds available across the internet. Obviously, we haven’t tested every build out there but we have managed to find a few best Kodi Builds that really stand out. 

  1. No Limits Magic – Best Kodi Build
  2. Breezz Lite Build
  3. Blue Twilight For Kodi Build
  4. Misfit Mods Lite Build
  5. Doomzday – The Small Kodi Build
  6. Grindhouse Kodi Build
  7. Titanium Build
  8. Neuromancer Build
  9. DaButcher Kodi Build
  10. Xenon Build
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Let’s discuss one by one each Kodi Builds 2024 in detail. But before this, you should note that using third-party addons to stream content might be risky because of hackers. So, you have to use ExpressVPN Kodi to stream content anonymously.

No Limits Magic – Best Kodi Build

No Limit Magic for Kodi Build

No limit magic build is the most useful Kodi build. Most Kodi users put this build on top of the best Kodi builds 2024 list. Kodi no limits build lets you install all over the top of your current build so you don’t have to completely erase or delete addons that are already installed. 

Inside, you’ll find many different sections for TV Shows, movies, sports, Live TV, and more. Personally, I’ve watched Deadpool on Netflix & it works really well. Kodi no limits magic runs on the Aeon Nox Silvo skin, which you can download or install separately from the developer.

Compatibility: Kodi Leia 

Breezz Lite Kodi Build

Breezz Lite build

Breeze lite one of the best Kodi builds earns a spot in our list for how customizable it is. If you want just switch colors in the skin setting menu. You can also choose to rename or shift any of the upper menu items, change which content your addons show, and give each of them a custom background. There are a few copyright-infringing addons that you’ll have to remove but on the plus side, this build can be installed over another, that’s mean you can keep all of your existing addons.

Compatibility: Kodi Leia

Blue Twilight Kodi Build

Blue Twilight for Kodi Build

This Build has a clean design, neatly organized tabs, and provides video-on-demand service. Whenever you hover over the title the drop-down info panel appears. 

Naturally, you can easily customize the display like you can change color & move certain elements according to what you would like. 

There are a few copyright-infringing addons that you’ve to remove. Besides this problem, you don’t face any major issues & the plus point is that you can keep all of your existing addons. 

Compatibility: Kodi Leia

Misfit Mods Lite Build For kodi

Misfit Mods Lite Kodi Build

Misfit Lite is one of the most attractive and demanding Kodi modes. Most people install Kodi on their devices to watch TV shows, Movies, Sports & live streams. Misfit Mods Lite Kodi Build gives you all of these advantages. The entire theme of this build is designed heavily specialized format so that you can easily access the features of Kodi. 

The wonderful add-ons of Misfit Lite are like Magic Dragon. 

Compatibility: Kodi Leia, Matrix

Doomzday – The Small Kodi Build

Doomzday Kodi build

This one is the best Kodi Builds 2024 because of its compatibility with all kinds of devices. It is perfect for Firestick & Android TV boxes even though their lightweight builds work smoothly with low-end devices. 

This Kodi builds is customizable too, this build has plenty of wallpaper addons & horizontal menus. 

Compatibility: Kodi Matrix

Grindhouse Build

Grindhouse build Kodi

Grindhouse offers an impressive and fresh library of more than three dozen builds. It works with both Kodi 19 & Kodi 18. If you have a low-specs device then don’t worry it works smoothly on any system configuration. 

If you are looking for amazing features & fully loaded build then Grindhouse is also at the top of the list. 

Compatibility: Kodi Leia, Matrix

Titanium Build

Titanium Build

The Titanium Build makes stands out among the best Kodi Builds because of its whole-world entertainment. With this build, you can enjoy Live TV, YouTube, Live Sports, Kid Zone, Sports replays & highlights, majorly for UK and US cable TV channels. 

Titanium offers numerous addons some of them are DeathStar, Yoda, Sports Devil, etc. Its user interface is pretty simple and clean for a better user experience. Titanium is the best Kodi builds 2024 and it is the most demanding on the list & the direct competitor of Xanax. 

Compatibility: Kodi Leia, Matrix

Neuromancer Build

Neuromancer for Kodi build

This Build’s lightweight nature & interface are amazing features. This build Neuromancer is in the Ghetto Astronaut Repository. Neuromancer build is designed with sections and sub-sections. 

Neuromancer includes TV shows, Movies, Kids, Faves, music & sports this is the main section. And some examples of sub-section are Superflix, Channels, Butterfingers, etc. Basically, the sub-section is designed to make browsing easier. 

Compatibility: Kodi Leia, Matrix

DaButcher Build

DaButcher Kodi Build

DaButcher doesn’t have a long list of best Kodi Builds 2024. It has only 10 builds in its inventory. DaButcher is one of the best libraries ever I have come across recently. 

Even though it has less than 10 builds but you never feel like that because all of its builds are good DaLight is very impressive. This lightweight build offers you a new Kodi experience via its fresh-looking & unique interface. You should try DaButcher once.

Compatibility: Kodi Leia, Matrix

Xenon Build


This Xenon build is also known as Diggz Xenon Plus nowadays. This build is ideal for those who want to install Kodi 17.4 for Firestick devices and Android TV boxes. It provides you easy user interface for beginners so that you don’t face any problems while starting out on the build. 

The TV shows section content is available for every type of user. You’ll get every type of show through this build which makes Xenon build one of the best Kodi builds 2024. The other section includes Movies, Sports, Music, and much more. 

Compatibility: Kodi Leia, Matrix

How do I add addons to my Kodi build?

If you are installing the Kodi addon on build the first thing you want to decide is which addons you want to install. For this process, I’m going with Reborn build & you can choose one of the best Kodi Build 2024 addons and proceed. Most of the steps are the same except for a few for each build addon. 

  1. Launch Kodi and see the Element Reborn Build. Go to the left side of the menu to land on the System Page.
  2. Select System
  3. Then click on System configuration 
  4. Select Addons on the left side of the Next Window.  
  5. You’ll find the unknown source on the right side 
  6. Turn it ON if it’s Disable/OFF
  7. Now, click Yes to continue 

Follow these simple steps and add addons to your Kodi Builds. 

Is Best Kodi Builds September 2024 Worth it?

Yes, Kodi builds 2024 worth it. Basically, Kodi puts you in control which means you can easily install the third-party application that offers a variety of streaming sources like Live TV  and content like Movies. 

Is Xanax build still working in 2024?

No, Xanax Kodi build seems to be no longer functioning & it is unclear if it will return or not. Xanax was once the most popular build among users. Entering the Xanax Repo URL within Kodi prompts you unable to connect. Xanax is not available but you can use its best alternatives Kodi Builds like Titanium build & many more we’ve mentioned already the best Kodi builds in 2024. 

Is there a better Kodi build than Xanax?

The most famous build of all time is  No Limits Magic Build &  functioning for a long time. This Kodi build is better than Xanax in our testing. However, there are more options available but No Limits Magic Build is just impressive. So, You can go for No Limits Magic as an alternative to Xanax. 

Are Kodi Builds Legal?

The Kodi Builds software comes with preinstalled third-party addons. You’ve already known that streaming copyrighted content is illegal and it may be dragged into legal hassles. But you can use a VPN service for streaming on Kodi software.