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You already know that Pubg is the most popular game in today’s generation and everyone like to play Pubg. But many users face server issues like high ping & lagging.

So, here we discuss the Best Server for Pubg Mobile which helps you to get more knowledge about servers or their features.

You also know that your gameplay also depends on your servers. If the server is good then you can easily play Pubg with good speed without facing any issues like lags. The best server has low ping and competitive opponents. There are many VPNs available to play PUBG but if you wanna a heavy discount then you should look for NordVPN MrBeast Gaming which offers 60% off. For more information continue reading this post. 

How do PUBG Servers Play an Important Role?

If the server has low ping that means your server is best and you can say that server depends on your location or area. Like, if you are living in North America and Pick the server Asia, then you will get a high ping for the game. If you have a good internet connection then you don’t need to worry about low or high ping.

 How Many Types Of Best Servers For PUBG?

There are various kinds of best server for Pubg that can help you to play Pubg with fast speed or network. There are 3 colors in Ping But I will recommend you choose those servers which indicate in the green color. That means good ping and an enjoyable game. If the Ping indicates yellow or red colors it means Yellow is above the low ping and red Means Impossible to play the game smoothly. If your device connects with WIFI then your all server is green and Given Below I mentioned some best Servers.

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Middle East
  • KRJP

Asia – Best PUBG Server

Asia is the best server for Pubg in all terms and In this server, you get many competitive players as compared to other servers. Especially Pro players around the world play on this Aisa server. Even you can find bots to grow your KD. Moreover

Europe – Easiest PUBG Server

Europe is also one of the best servers for Pubg because In Europe there is a limited population that why if you use Europe Server to play Pubg then you get high ping which is good for a gamer. In Europe, you get 114ms which is above the low ping. 

KPJP – Best PUBG Rewards Sever

KRJP Stands for Korean republic/Japan and this is the country-specific server that is made for a specific country. Everyone considered that KRJP is the easy server because there could be fewer rivals among players.

North America – Best Server For Rank Push in PUBG Mobile

On the North America server, you find many bots, and many players on this server have an average player. When you play on lower ranks like Bronze, silver, and gold then this server is not hard to play. So, This is the best Server in PUBG mobile.

South America Server – PUBG Mobile Best Server For Newbie

If you are a newbie and want to boost your rank then you can go with the use of this server. On this Server, you find the bots and this is above the easier server. The participant is easy to kill which is found on this server

Middle East – Easy To Win PUBG Game Server

Most Indian use this Middle East server. In India, there are lots of players who play Pubg that’s why sometimes due to high traffic this server gives low ping. This is not easy to play or a difficult server.

Some Best VPN For PUBG


If you want to connect with an Asia server or any servers then for this you need to have the best VPN which can help you connects with other countries’ server for good ping for the network. You can smoothly play your favorite game Pubg without experiencing any problems. That’s the reason why I mentioned the best and Fastest VPN for PUBG.

  • NordVPN – To Get Best Server for PUBG Mobile
  • SurfShark – Easiest Server in PUBG Mobile
  • ExpressVPN – Find Best PUBG Server
  • PureVPN – Experience Smooth Gaming

NordVPN: Best VPN For PUBG Mobile

NordVPN is one of the best VPN for PUBG iOS because It doesn’t track or record your online activity or logs. It also offered the security of encrypted data for sharing and receiving. It can easily change Your IP address and make secure your online information from malware issues.

Get NordVPN For PUBG Mobile
By the use of NordVPN get a smooth gaming experience while playing PUBG Mobile without any lag.
By the use of NordVPN get a smooth gaming experience while playing PUBG Mobile without any lag. Show Less

With the use of this VPN, you can easily access all gaming sites without any hassle & with the help of the NordVPN coupon code, you’ll get an instant 52% discount. 

NordVPn 2 year plan with 3 months free 1
NordVPN ProsNordVPN Cons
No DNS leaks policyTorrenting is supported for a few servers only
Best VPN for gaming
Give IPv6 and DNS leak protection

ExpressVPN: Find Best PUBG Server

Access Ultra-Fast ExpressVPN For PUBG Mobile
Get ExpressVPN For PUBG mobile and enjoy ultra-fast servers for PUBG with complete security.
Get ExpressVPN For PUBG mobile and enjoy ultra-fast servers for PUBG with complete security. Show Less

This is also the best VPN for Pubg in India and with the help of this VPN, you can easily unblock PUBG without any issues. It can secure your IP address and can also make private your online activity, browsing, and more items. It gives you 24/7 live chat support and also gets the lifetime offers of ExpressVPN to use for a long time and become a part of ExpressVPN.

expressvpn 1
ExpressVPN ProsExpressVPN Cons
This VPN provides a Wide range of serversIt is not supported with IPv6
It has a fast server speedThis VPN is costly as compared to other VPNs
It helps you to play games even if they’re restricted in your country or region

SurfShark VPN: Easiest Server in PUBG Mobile

With the use of SurfShark VPN, you can easily access PUBG and connect with other countries’ servers easily. This VPN can make your live location private and can secure your sensitive data. You also get SurfShark 12- month plan.

Grab Budget-Friendly SurfShark VPN For PUBG Mobile
Access SurfShark VPN to play PUBG mobile without any restrictions or lag. Enjoy unlimited supported Devices with SurfShark VPN.
Access SurfShark VPN to play PUBG mobile without any restrictions or lag. Enjoy unlimited supported Devices with SurfShark VPN. Show Less
Surfshark ProsSurfshark Cons
It has no – logging PolicyIt has a complicated setup process
Supported with Windows, Android, iOS, etc
Give great server connection speed

PureVPN: Experience Smooth Gaming

PureVPN provides a Safe way to access multiple games on the internet. It can secure your data or information when you play the game. With the use of this VPN, you can easily change your IP address and can also connect with another country’s servers without any hassle or issue. It is the Best VPN for PUBG Lite because it gives you a low ping to play PUBG with good speed.

PureVPN Coupon Code
Get Smooth Gaming Experience With PureVPN
Buy PureVPN for a smooth gaming experience in PUBG Mobile and get secure features with high speed.
Buy PureVPN for a smooth gaming experience in PUBG Mobile and get secure features with high speed. Show Less
PureVPN ProsPureVPN Cons
Great DNS leak Protection It doesn’t support WireGuard
Fast Connection for playing Pubg or another game
Best For unblocking Pubg, Netflix, BBC, etc
Protect you from DDoS attacks

Best Region Server In PUBG Mobile For Reward

Many users and experts claimed KRJP (Korean republic/japan) because This Korean version is well known for giving a crate of reward to the players. That’s why KRJP is the best region for PUBG Reward and it provides the Pubg Reward like skins, legendary weapons, and gear.

All-Time Best Servers for PUBG Mobile Games

In the online market, there are 3 types of Pubg Best servers for online games:

  • Pubg Lite – Asia server is best for Low ping in PUBG Lite games.
  • Pubg Mobile – KRJP server is best for PUBG Mobile
  • Pubg new states – Asia and South America server is best for PUBG new states.

Best Server In PUBG Mobile For Crate Opening

Korean Version is also the best server for PUBG Crate opening and Crate Opening plays an important role in getting Mythic items. Some regions help increase the chances of getting mythic items in crates as compared to other countries or regions.

Here I mentioned the best server for Crate opening in PUBG. 

  • Canada
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand 
  • Macau
  • Cambodia
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Mexico

Easiest Server In PUBG Mobile

KRJP is the easiest server for PUBG because It has the most common bots. This Server has a new player who firstly tries PUBG. 

Which Server Is Best For PUBG Mobile?

KRJP is the best server for Pubg because It is considered to be the easiest server as compared to others. In this game, you can easily find low-competitive opponents and bots.

Is Middle East Server Easy In PUBG?

 Yes, the Middle east server is easy to play with Pubg best server country because in this server the rival participants are of low level which makes it easy to play.

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