10 Necessary VPN Features You Should Look For Before Buying VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Server) software is widely used by users all around the world on a huge scale. Not all users share similar interests and that’s why you can see a wide difference of use. Some people use a VPN for streaming games online to connect with a different server location. Where some people use it to stream online videos platforms like Netflix. The reason for using a VPN could be varied but before purchasing a VPN, you must look at some essential VPN features that you definitely need for security. Also, these features improve your environment by using a VPN and some others too.

Most VPN companies give all the basic VPN features because they know that customers will need it later. But there are few VPN software companies that also do not care about giving the best VPN features to its users. At this time you should stop using those companies’ services for the sake of your security. Otherwise, you will find yourself in big trouble soon.

Before choosing any from the 10 Best VPN Provider, you might have to look for what VPN features you get.

Best VPN Features That a VPN Software Must Have


We are not talking about all those features that a high-class VPN software contains. We are discussing a VPN that provides features from starting to some basic features to some journal features that made a VPN deal better. In this features list, we have included affordability, ease of use and turbo VPN servers that are very needy for VPN users. Here’s a complete detail of all useful VPN features that a user always demands.

No log Policy – Most Essential VPN Feature

No Log Policy is the most required feature of a VPN software that must be provided by the company. Trust me if your VPN does not have this feature then there’s no benefit to using that software at all.

“No Log Policy feature disallows the ISP’s and other middlemen to store your browsing history. Because of this feature, you are secure while surfing over the Internet.”

You are vulnerable to ISP’s and other middlemen even after using the VPN and that’s why your VPN must-have No log Policy feature.

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling is also a useful feature that helps you when you are using public networks. We all know that most public networks are insecure and very vulnerable. 

Split Tunneling creates an extra layer of security on an open network and protects your device from being hacked. Just Because of Split Tunneling, you can secure yourself while using open networks at a coffee shop or library.

Internet Kill Switch

An Internet Kill switch is my second favorite feature in the list of best and most essential VPN feature. When your VPN accidentally crashes or closes because of a bug or something then VPN automatically stops the internet on the device.

So, your personal identity would not reveal to the other person or organisation that could be dangerous for you later.

NordVPN offers Kill Switch features, You might can use NordVPN 3 year deal to buy and enjoy amazing streaming services.

Super-Fast Servers

Nobody likes a VPN that runs on the speed of a turtle and takes ages to show the results. Most of us use VPN while streaming online videos or at the time of playing online games. Both situations demand super fast servers so we don’t face any lag while using the VPN. So before heading to make a deal for a longer period, find that VPN companies must have turbo servers.

You may be happy to know that ExpresssVPN has super-fast servers connections, You might can use ExpressVPN coupon code to get experience of ExpressVPN super fast server feature at affordable price.

Server Availability

Super fast servers or Turbo servers are totally dependent on the availability of server location. It is not compulsory that if a VPN company is giving turbo speed to the Europe users then the same service will proceed to Asian users. That’s the reason why VPN companies distribute servers in multiple regions and countries. Just because of server availability the users can feel the high speed internet at the time of using the Internet.

Ease of Use

A VPN software must be easy to use, so a normal user won’t face any kind of problem. A complicated user interface could create confusion among users. Simple interface of the VPN software allows you to work more efficiently and fast.

It is one of the basic and most important VPN features that a VPN software must have.

Strong Encryption

We use VPN for mainly the security purpose and that’s all done with the encryption function. Encryption method, encrypt all the sending and receiving data till the data do not reach to the destination.

The stronger encryption function a VPN software has, the more secure that VPN software will be. So, you should always look to those VPN software which has the most secure encryption feature.

Affordable Price

A VPN software should be affordable too apart from being easy to use and giving useful features. If someone is telling you that it’s not possible at all then let me tell you that many top VPN companies offer all these features at low cost. PureVPN, CyberGhost, VyprVPN, IPVanish and many other VPN software are know as giving great features at affordable rates.

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Contact Support

Contact Support is made to help those users who don’t have a lot of knowledge about VPN. Not all the users have technical knowledge like what is VPN and how it works and that’s why technical support is made. 

Technical support solves the user’s problem as soon as possible by using different ways. Chat support, calling feature, E-mail and some more ways provided by the VPN company.

In the hunt for the best VPN, you should give priority to those VPN companies that give multiple ways to contact the customer support. Also, read the customer reviews before heading to any decision.

Money-back Guarantee

Journally, when a company is not able to fulfill the promised service then you can ask for refunds. The refund procedure is done by the money-back guarantee feature that is offered by the company.

Different companies offer different policies of money-back guarantee so please read the terms before purchasing a VPN software.

Hope you will definitely look out for these necessary VPN features before buying VPN services.