Best VPN For Chrome Extension 2022 – Free/Paid Chrome VPN

Best VPN For Chrome Extension

As you know that Chrome is the most fastest and secure browser which gives you multiple tabs or loads of web pages with lightning speed. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft windows. Chrome is the most used browser ever as compared to the other browsers. 

Here we will discuss the best VPN For Chrome extension which helps you to do safe browsing from outer attacks like hackers, etc. Also mentioned are the setup steps for VPN in the chrome extension. 

But there is an issue behind every browser there is a hacker who tries to hack browsers like chrome, firefox, etc. So if you want to do safe browsing then you need to install a VPN. For more valuable content continue reading this post.

Why Do We Need To Use VPN For Chrome?

To browse safely on chrome you need to use a VPN Chrome extension which also encrypts your browser traffic. VPN also keeps you or your browser secure from the third parties attacks. If you want to watch some online content on chrome then with the use of a VPN you can easily access it without complete security. 

One thing about the google chrome extension is that google can restore more data as compared to the Yahoo browser for make data secure you need to use a Virutal private network service provider. 

Chrome VPN also helps users to hide their IP address from apps, and websites so nobody can track or see their real IP address while accessing the Chrome extension. 

Most Recommended Best VPN For Chrome Extension

VPN For Chrome Extension

After trying lots of VPNs we mentioned the list of the most recommended best VPN For Chrome Extension. Given below I also mentioned the benefits of the VPN Chromebook extension so read carefully. 

  • NordVPN –  Best VPN Chrome Extension
  • ExpressVPN – High-Speed VPN To Chrome
  • SurfShark – Secured Chrome extension VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN – Budget-Friendly VPN For Chrome

NordVPN – Best VPN Chrome Extension

NordVPN is the best VPN for chrome extensions and it gives you completely secure features with High speed. With the use of NordVPN, you can safely browse Chrome extensions without facing any issues related to speed. 

NordVPN also has 5600+ servers in 59 countries to connect to any server for accessing any region content because it helps you to unblock any geo-restricted content all across the world. 

In NordVPN users are also capable to hide or switch their real IP addresses from third parties, applications, websites, etc. It gives you high speed without any fuss while accessing the chrome extension. 

Benefits of Nord VPN Chromebook extension

  • Servers
  • No-log policy
  • Supported Devices
  • Dedicated IP
  • Hide IP
  • Split tunneling Support
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee  

If you purchase NordVPN 3 Year deal then you are capable to save Up to 64% Off on it. If you have any queries then you can take the help of 24/7 technical support which0. is always available to solve the queries of users related to NordVPN. 

ExpressVPN – High-Speed VPN To Chrome

ExpressVPN is the fastest chrome extension VPN that gives you ultra-fast servers in 94 countries. It helps you to access globally blocked VPN in chrome with full of privacy. While accessing ExpressVPN you don’t need to be worried about your online privacy or data because it keeps your data secure from getting exposed.      

ExpressVPN also allows users to unblock any website from anywhere and it takes care of your personal information so nobody can track or record your data without your permission by using VPN. With the use of a secured VPN for chrome extensions, users are able to hide their private information or data. 

With the use of it, you are eligible to connect with Upto 6 devices at a time like Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, etc. 

ExpressVPN is costly in price so also can use ExpressVPN Coupon Code to get it at an affordable cost with lots of savings. 

Benefits of using ExpressVPN for Chrome Extension

  • Servers anywhere
  • Kill Switch Feature
  • No log policy
  • Supported Devices
  • Fastest Speed VPN
  • No data leaks
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Private DNS
  • Mask IP
  • 24-7 live chat support

In ExpressVPN users also get a 30-day money-back guarantee which helps them to get a refund in just a few minutes.

SurfShark – Secure Chrome Extension VPN

SurfShark is the secure chrome extension VPN and here you will get unlimited supported devices so in case you want to share your subscription with your family then SurfShark is the best option for it. 

With the help of SurfShark VPN, you are capable to access chrome extension while traveling and it encrypts your traffic. SurfShark makes secures your online data or details from external attacks like hackers or cybercriminals. It allows you to make secure browsing from all around the world.

Benefits Of Using SurfShark VPN Chrome Extension

  • Unlimited Devices
  • No log policy
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • High-Speed Content delivery
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

By using SurfShark 3 Year Plan you will be able to save up to 81% Off on the purchase of it. 

CyberGhost – Budget-Friendly VPN For Chrome

Cyberghost is also the VPN extension chrome and which is easy to use VPN. With the help of it, users can also access Chrome extension securely from all across the world. If you use chrome and want to access some restricted content on chrome then CyberGhost VPN helps you to access or unblock geo-restricted content with security. 

It has over 6800 VPN worldwide you also get many amazing features of CyberGhost for chrome extension. CyberGhost is also known as the best VPN For YouTube so you can also access any country YouTube from anywhere.

In this VPN users are able to connect with Upto 7 devices simultaneously like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.

Benefits of CyberGhost Chrome Extension VPN

  • 6800 servers all around the world
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • DNS and IP Leak Protection
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and traffic
  • Highest possible VPN speeds
  • 24/7 support
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

Private Internet Access – Fast Reliable VPN For Chrome Extension

With its PIA browser VPN extension, you can access some excellent security features, such as a third-party cookies blocker, Flash filtering or disabling, WebRTC leak protection, hyperlink auditing, credit card auto-filling, and more.

Naturally, PIA will also take care of the important stuff, like preventing websites from knowing your location or granting access to your camera or microphone. Downloading speeds also remain above average when the VPN is active.

Private Internet Access VPN for chrome extensions makes everything easy for you and also able to secure your data from third parties. By using it users don’t need to be worried about their IP revealing because it keeps IP address secure from the ISPs, app, and websites.

Benefits of PIA chrome extension

  • Simple to use
  • Advanced split tunneling
  • Dedicated IP
  • Secure Kill Switch
  • World-class protocols
  • Fast, reliable server in 84 countries
  • Malware and Ad blocking feature
  • Advanced encrypted setting
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How To Set Up VPN For Chrome Extension?

Here I mentioned the step-by-step process to set up a VPN for Chrome Extension which can help you to know the process so read and follow the all steps carefully.

  • first, you must subscribe to a VPN service (recommended NordVPN). 
  • Once you select a provider, you can search for the VPN in the Google Chrome Web Store and install the appropriate plugin. 
  • After that, An icon should then occur in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome window.

What Is The Safest VPN For Chrome Extension?

NordVPN is the safest and known as the best VPN on Chrome extension and it helps you to do browsing securely and encrypt your traffic. VPN can help you to unblock or access banned content in chrome all around the world. It also allows you to hide your real IP address from third parties, apps, websites, etc.

Do I Need A Account To Use a VPN Chrome Extension?

For most of the VPN chrome extensions, users will need to create an account with the VPN service to use the chrome extension. But a free VPN for Chrome doesn’t require an account.

How To Add Free Extensions To Chrome?

Adding a VPN extension is as easy as clicking the Add to Chrome button on services which you discover on the Google Chrome web store.

How Do I Enable VPN On Chrome?

Here are the steps to enable VPN on chrome so just apply the steps if you also want to enable VPN on a chrome extension.

  • Sign up for NordVPN if you haven’t already.
  • Install the NordVPN browser extension for chrome VPN.
  • Press on the NordVPN extension icon and hit the on a tab to connect.

Is There a Free VPN For Chrome?

In the online market, there is many free VPN for Chrome and below down, I also mentioned the list of free Chrome VPN. But we don’t recommend you to use a free VPN for chrome because It is not safe sometimes.

  • Windscribe
  • Hide. me VPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Altas VPN

In the above-mentioned part, we also note that we don’t recommend you to use a free VPN because it causes some issues related to IP revealing. Sometimes In a Free VPN, there is a risk of revealing your online activity or data. Compared to paid VPN for chrome extensions, you get limited features and also do not get complete privacy. 

Does Chrome Provide VPN?

Google Chrome Doesn’t have a built-in VPN extension but you can install a third-party VPN for your chrome extension. In the online market, you will get lots of secured VPN like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc. 
In NordVPN you will get VPN locations in 59 different countries including the UK, the US, etc.

What Is The Best VPN Extension For Chrome?

NordVPN is the best VPN Extension for chrome because of its amazing privacy features like Kill Switch, Split tunneling features, Block WebRTC blocks, etc. It also makes you secure from malware issues or viruses.


In the above-mentioned part, we discussed about the best VPN for Chrome extension which helps you to do browsing securely. If you are confused between the mentioned VPN then I recommend you to use NordVPN because of it complete secure features. 

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