Best VPN For MacBook 2022

Best VPN for MAC

Are you looking for the best VPN for Mac? Have trouble finding the right one for you? It’s time to relax for you and let us do this for you. We have got the two best VPN software in the market right now. There are others of course but we got the perfect and most reliable VPN providers in the market for you. After all, it is about your favorite Mac. Why finding the best VPN for mac software is important? Because it is about your online privacy and security. So, you can use public Wi-Fi safely and make a safe online transaction.

The main role of a VPN is to mask your IP address. These two VPNs have some advanced and very important features that will give you the best performance with your Mac.  

  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN

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CyberGhost VPN

ExpressVPN – Best VPN For Mac


Looking for the perfect VPN for your Mac? Don’t need to search anymore. ExpressVPN is a good choice for your Mac. It is one of the best VPN providers in the world.

It is spread over 94 countries with 160 VPN servers. The ExpressVPN is very fast and gives you amazing performance. Let’s check out some of its amazing features that make it incredible and a good choice for you Mac. This VPN works on all MacBook and iMac models.

Features of ExpressVPN

Let’s have a look on some of the main features of ExpressVPN.

1. Fast Speed

Just like the name ExpressVPN the speed of this VPN is indeed fantastic. It is ultra-fast and has a speed test feature where you can check the speed and find the best fastest server for your Mac. Without fast speed, you can not stream and surf the internet properly. In order to give you the best user experience ever, ExpressVPN provides you incredible speed with features like ISP throttling so you could watch videos with no buffering. 

2. Network Local Kill Switch

This feature is very important for any PC and laptop. This feature keeps your data safe whenever your connection goes down. It blocks all kinds of online traffic until all protection and security are back. 

3. Not only Limited to Mac

You can use this VPN on your Mac but if you have other devices like Desktop, laptop, iOS, Linux and other devices then you can use this on them also. That’s what makes this VPN not limited to only one device. 

4. Compatibility

It is compatible with macOS Catalina(10.15), macOS Mojave(10.14), macOS High Sierra(10.13), macOS Sierra(10.12), and many more. 

5. Zero-Knowledge DNS

This is a very good feature of this VPN. This VPN uses its own DNS on every server. The benefits of this are that there are no activity logs, connection logs, third parties, ads, etc. ExpressVPN has a 256-bit encrypted Domain Name System

6. Split Tunneling 

With ExpressVPN you can choose which applications use VPN and which applications do not use VPN. You can use split-tunneling to protect the traffic you select. With this feature, you can watch movies from foreign countries and can download them safely. 

7. Strong Security

The security that ExpressVPN provides is very impressive. It masks your IP address and secures your online traffic. You can explore any type of content without compromising your private details. You can do online transactions safely. Browse any content anonymously. 

8. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

ExpressVPN gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is a very important feature in case you change your mind and if you want to check this VPN out. You will get your money back, by canceling the plan 30 days before.  

9. Customer Support

You get 24/7 customer support to solve all types of queries and problems. If you come across any hurdle then you will get good support from the ExpressVPN support team. You get live chat support. 

Price And Offers

The best plan for ExpressVPN is for 15 months at $6.67 per month. You get 3 months free on this plan. Not only free services of three months but the advantage of ExpressVPN Coupon Code up to 49% off.

Overall Performance For Mac 

The performance of ExpressVPN is fantastic without a doubt. The best thing about this VPN is that you got some amazing features, especially for Macs. This is the best VPN for Mac in 2020. 

It works on various types of Mac. The speed is fantastic, good privacy and security, No logs policy, split tunneling, and many more amazing features to give you quality performance. 

These all features make ExpressVPN the right choice for your Mac. It is the perfect VPN for your Mac. 

CyberGhost – Best VPN For Mac

Cyberghost VPN

CyberGhost is no strange name when it comes to top VPN providers in the market. It has a special VPN for Mac. With this CyberGhost VPN for Mac, you get strong security while doing activities online. You can do a lot of things smartly and safely with this VPN. CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs for Mac in 2020 and it helps you to play Skyrim on Mac.

The features and functions of the CyberGhost are amazing. It is one of the fastest VPNs in the market. And also it is one of the most complete and comprehensive VPN providers. It makes everything secure and you can also use a Proxy and VPN for your online security.

You can use up to 7 devices with one subscription at CyberGhost. 

Features of CyberGhost

Let’s have a look at some of the main features of CyberGhost.

1. Hide IP Address

CyberGhost masks your IP address and makes your internet experience safe. The Kill Switch feature of this VPN keeps your private life safe and secure. There are malicious codes, software, and hackers out there who can track your IP address and through it a lot of important information. For example, when you use Wi-Fi that is public and that means insecure. 

2. No Logs Policy

CyberGhost has a strict No Logs Policy in order to protect your private life and whatever you do online. You can connect any of its servers without worrying about your privacy. The CyberGhost is located in Romania and they are outside the jurisdiction of 5 eyes and 7 eyes, etc. international surveillance systems. 

3. Servers and Countries

CyberGhost has 5800 servers in over 89+ countries all around the world. This connects your Mac to this humongous amount of servers and countries worldwide. Why is this important? 

Because you can get and watch content like movies that are banned in your country or some other country by connecting to any server worldwide. 

4. Good Encryption

It has a very good 256-bit strong encryption, DNS leak protection, and many more to make your VPN experience safer and better than ever. The powerful and advanced encryption of CyberGhost VPN makes sure that your online life is secure and private. The data or content that you send and receive online are totally safe with this VPN.

5. Wi-Fi Security

Do you often use public Wi-Fi? Now you don’t have to be worried about getting hacked or compromising your personal information to others. CyberGhost protects all of your online activities from all types of malicious attempts and cyber threats. 

6. More Transparency

CyberGhost VPN was the first VPN to publish a transparency report. You will get all the important and relevant information here. You can ask questions if you feel anything shady. CyberGhost is always there to help you. 

7. Customer Support

CyberGhost provides 24/7 customer support via Emails and live chats. They use various languages to support you. Most services use chatbots in the name of customer support. However, at CyberGhost you will get live chat support from real people. 

8. Money-Back Guarantee  

CyberGhost gives 45 days money-back guarantee. This is more than enough. Most VPN providers usually offer 14 days and 30 days money-back guarantees. If you are not happy with the service you can get your money back in under 45 days here. 

Pricing And Offers

1 Year Plan: This plan starts at $ 5.99 per month with 45 days money-back guarantee. 

3 Year Plan: This plan starts at $ 2.75 per month and you get 3 months free with 45 days money-back guarantee. This is the perfect plan that offers a 79% discount. 

Why is it best for Mac?

Now let’s talk about the main question if it is the best VPN for Mac. The answer is yes. CyberGhost VPN software for Mac is one of the best VPNs you can get in the market for your Mac and all types of MacBooks. 

It has an open VPN, L2TP IP sec, and PPTP protocols. You can use it on other devices also like Android, Windows, Linux. Etc. 

This VPN is compatible with macOS Mojave(10.14), macOS High Sierra(10.13), and macOS Sierra(10.12). 

You can use up to 7 devices with this VPN software. It has a no-log policy and amazing security and many more. 

The overall performance of this VPN is very good for your Mac. This is the best VPN for Mac in 2022. 

Best VPN For Mac – Final Thought

Now you know some amazing and advanced features of these two VPNs. Both of them have special features and subscriptions plans. They have very strong and useful features that a top-class VPN should have in order to provide you the best possible security and user experience.

We have not done a comparison between these two because it is hard to say which is better when both of them are really good. We have discussed all the relevant questions and answers you have been looking for in this article. All the best for choosing the best VPN for Mac.