Beware Of The Fake ChatGPT Like Apps In 2024

Lets find out the top 3 fake ChatGPT like apps from which you must be aware. Also checkout various risks comes if you run these apps

As you already know that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is become a crucial aspect in every department. The one of the most well known and most effective AI tool to fulfil all of your need is the ChatGPT which was a newly launched brand of Open AI. 

After the rise of ChatGPT many fake apps are promising that they are like ChatGPT and buying the username which was similar to ChatGPT

According to a recent post a fake ChatGPT like app Fleece GPT taking cash from users these apps were giving the same interface as ChatGPT.They are targeting the user by giving fewer features for free and charging hundreds of dollars to get more features.

In this news article, we will talk brief about these apps and some risks which you face if you log in and create account in these apps.

Top 3 Fake ChatGPT Like Apps

It’s very important to know about these apps and protect yourself from getting a victim of any type of fraud activities.

The Top 3 ChatGPT like apps are:

Top 3 Fake ChatGPT Like Apps

Genie – AI Chatbot

Genie is an AI chatbot which was launched nearly this year. Genie is also a fake ChatGPT like apps which claims to deliver the ChatGPT like experience. 

If you log in in Genie so they Wil ask you to give permission so that they can track your activities over other apps and website.

Before the Genie app is officially launch they will send you the notification to subscribe their prompts to get latest features. Genie AI frauds the user by giving few features for free, and then they will ask you to pay a very expensive amount which is $364 per year. So you ignore to use this type of fake ChatGPT like apps.

AI Chat – Chatbot AI Assistant

The AI Chat delivers the same interface as ChatGPT giving to their users. AI Chat is a same replica of the ChatGPT, It is available only for the mobile users. AI Chat Chatbot AI Assistant is also ask the permission through which they can track the data of the user.

If the user is doing any kind of payment activity, so they get to know about that. After that they will try to the various fishing attacks. Moreover, the app offers its user a free trial after that they will charge a huge number of amount to subscribe their premium plan.

AI Chatbot – Open Chat Writer

The AI-chatbot is open chat writer which restrict its user without any subscription. If you don’t purchase the plan of this AI, so you will not get access to this AI tool. After the subscription of their basic plan still you can only get answer of the only five questions

So we would like to say that you can skip the use of these fake ChatGPT like apps. Which might waste your time and your data

Risks Which Comes With These Fake ChatGPT Like Apps

These fake ChatGPT like apps may hang the user in various crucial aspects so you need to be aware of these dangers. Here are some key risks associates with fake ChatGPT like apps:

Data Privacy and Security Concerns

Fake ChatGPT like apps chat may collect and misuse user data without consent. This unauthorized access to personal information can lead to identity theft, fraud, and other privacy breaches.

Malicious Intent and Phishing Attempts

Fake ChatGPT like apps can be developed with malicious intent, aiming to deceive users and extract sensitive information like passwords, financial details, or personal data. They may disguise themselves as legitimate apps to conduct phishing attacks.

Poor Performance and Inaccurate Responses

Fake apps like ChatGPT often lack the advanced training and sophisticated algorithms of ChatGPT. Consequently, their responses may be inaccurate, irrelevant, or nonsensical, leading to a frustrating user experience.

Lack of Accountability and Support

Unlike genuine ChatGPT, fake apps like ChatGPT do not have a reputable organization behind them. Consequently, users are left without any reliable support or accountability if they encounter issues or require assistance.

So instead on login of these apps you might login ChatGPT and paid for their official plan which was not much expensive.


The conclusion is that these all fake ChatGPT like apps which claimed to be the one of the best and cheapest alternatives. These are the apps which were the worst and most expensive ones which might hang you in various consequences which we listed above.