Onenote Security Concerns [What Is The Purpose Of Onenote?]

Onenote Security Concerns

As you know that Microsoft Onenote is a very popular software, Onenote security concerns have always been on people’s minds and that’s why so many peoples are very worried about how to Secure OneNote. They are worried  Maybe the personal and concerned information of OneNote can be in danger and the main concern of that … Read more

Dictionary Attack In Cyber Security

Dictionary Attack In Cyber Security

A dictionary attack is a brute-force attack that uses a list of common words or phrases to guess a password. The attack will typically use a wordlist that contains thousands of million words, and they try each word in the list until they find the correct password.  A dictionary attack is a means hackers use … Read more

Italy Bans ChatGPT Over Data Privacy Concerns In 2024

Italy Bans ChatGPT Over Data Privacy Concerns

ChatGPT is barred by Italy’s data experts due to data breach fears. After expressing worries over a recent data breach and the legal grounds for utilizing personal data to train the famous chatbot, Italy’s privacy court barred ChatGPT. Italy bans ChatGPT over data privacy concerns, they have feared that. What Is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a … Read more

Beware Of The Fake ChatGPT Like Apps In 2024

Beware Of The Fake ChatGPT Like Apps

Lets find out the top 3 fake ChatGPT like apps from which you must be aware. Also checkout various risks comes if you run these apps As you already know that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is become a crucial aspect in every department. The one of the most well known and most effective AI tool … Read more

LetMeSpy App Hack [13000 Users Lost Data]

LetMeSpy app hack

LetMeSpy is a monitoring App that can help you to track any mobile phone or any kind of SMS, and GPS locations. It helps you track anyone’s live location and messages, that information about hacking, also known as a tracking app. On 27 June 2024, LetMeSpy announced that it had been hacked, then hackers stole … Read more

Why Internet Is Crucial In 2024? [Impact On Daily Lives]

Internet Is Crucial

“The Internet is crucial” in our daily life for the past several years. It plays an important role in what we learn, work, communicate, and have fun.  Firstly, the Internet helps us to connect with more people and build some new connections from all over the world. Using social media sites and messaging applications like … Read more

Getting Caught Using VPN Fine In UAE, $545000


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued a decree banning the use of virtual private network (VPN) technology in the country. As per the laws, those who are caught using a VPN fine in UAE can be jailed and fined between ($136,000 to $545,000). By using a VPN, … Read more

Turkish Flight Operator Pegasus Airlines Suffers Data Breach

Turkish Flight Operator Pegasus Airlines Suffers Data Breach

Pegasus Airlines, the Turkish version of Pegasus Airlines, has reportedly suffered a breach of sensitive information after one of its AWS cloud storage buckets was left unsecured.  The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) information of an unknown number of customers was reportedly stored in the Turkish flight operator Pegasus Airlines suffers data breach, and customer data … Read more

ExpressVPN Upgrades Servers To 10Gbps, 40Gbps In The Pipeline

ExpressVPN Upgrades Servers To 10Gbps, 40Gbps In The Pipeline

Our highest-rated VPN provider, ExpressVPN, is currently upgrading all of its 1Gbps servers to new ones that will greatly increase throughput at the most possible. ExpressVPN upgrades servers to 10Gbps, 40Gbps in the pipeline. The top supplier recommended prioritizing the influence of using a server over its availability, declaring that faster speeds and more reliable … Read more