Chat GPT Alternative 2024 [Similar Alternatives To Chat GPT]

If you are tired of using Chat GPT and want to try some Chat GPT alternatives then you are at the right place. In this article, we will explore the best alternatives for Chat GPT and discuss their features, and pricing. We will also compare them to Chat GPT so that you can make an informed decision about which one is the best fit for you. So, let’s get started.

Top 5 Chat GPT Alternatives in 2024

ChatGPT is said to be the most revolutionary software of the decade but as a technology, it can have limitations. Here are the top 5 best ChatGPT alternatives In case you want to try something different:-

  • ChatSonic – Like ChatGPT but with superpowers
  • ChinChilla – Great Alternative for Chat GPT
  • Bloom – Best Chat GPT Alternatives
  • Replika – Better ChatBot Then Chat GPT
  • Jasper Chat – Best Chatbot for Business Use

We will discuss all these alternatives further in this blog post but first, you need to know why you should use alternatives for chatGPT.

Why ChatGPT Is Not Working?

If ChatGPT is not working on your device. There can be a few reasons such as either ChatGPT servers are not responding properly or maybe It is not available at your location. If the second is the case then you can use a VPN for Chat GPT. Using an online VPN can help you change your location so that you can access Chat GPT. If this solution Doesn’t work then you can use below mentioned Alternatives for Chat GPT.

Why Do You Need ChatGPT Alternatives?

Chat GPT is not available in your country and people are using VPN to access Open AI but if you don’t want to buy VPN and still want to try AI then you can use these alternatives for Chat GPT. Other than that Chat GPT still has some limitations such as:-

  • Chat GPT does not have real-time data because it was trained on data from 2021.
  • Chat GPT can also not create visuals or AI art. (DALL E-2 VPN recommended for Creating Arts & Visuals)
  • As a Chatbot, It can not take voice commands and generate voice responses.
  • You can not integrate ChatGPT on your app or site as it does not provide an API.
  • Chat GPT is also becoming paid service and if you are confused between Chat GPT free vs Chat GPT Plus Plan then you can use Chat GPT alternatives.

Top 5 Best Chat GPT Alternatives 2024

top 5 chatgpt alternatives

Chat GPT is a very powerful tool but it still has some limitations. So you can use these alternatives for Chat GPT instead. 

  • ChatSonic
  • ChinChilla
  • Bloom
  • Replika
  • Jasper Chat

ChatSonic – Like ChatGPT But With Superpowers

As the name suggests ChatSonic is exactly like ChatGPT. ChatSonic can do all those things that ChatGPT can do, such as writing creative articles, blog posts, standup comedy, programs, ad copy, and many more. 

you may ask why choose ChatSonic over Chat GPT when they have the same features. Let me tell you, the thing that gives ChatSonic an edge over ChatGPT is the fact that ChatSonic uses real-time data and also has some extra features that chatGPT lacks. As one of the best Chat GPT alternatives, ChatSonic offers many features.

Chat GPT in Egypt and many other countries are banned and people in those countries who want to try AI can use ChatSonic instead.

Key Features Of ChatSonic

  • Write Creative content with real-time data:- With ChatSonic you can always stay up-to-date with hyper-relevant topics thanks to google search integration. You can write creative content with real-time data which ChatGPT can not do. 
  • Persona Mode:- You can choose the persona you want to interact with. ChatSonic can turn into 16 different personas from interviewer and teacher to doctor and philosopher.
  • Generate Images:- Using these Chat GPT alternatives you can generate a custom image using just text. ChatSonic can create images from two different models that are stable diffusion and DALL-E. 
  • Reads back response:- ChatSonic not only can understand voice commands but can also read back responses just like Siri and google.
  • Remembering the conversation:- ChatSonic can identify your tone of voice and respond accordingly. It can remember all your previous conversations which means You can go back to the same topic without explaining it all over again. This makes your conversation look more natural.
  • API Access:- This Chat GPT alternatives gives you access to API. Using ChatSonic API you can integrate ChatSonic into your app or website. There are many companies that are using ChatSonic for their business.

Pricing Of ChatSonic

ChatSonic offers a wide range of prices starting from $12.67/month to $666/Month based on your needs and budget.ChatSonic also has a free trial. So you can try ChatSonic and decide which plan is best for you. 

WordsPrice users
47500 Words$12.67/Month1 Users
187500 Words$32.67/Month5 Users
400000 Words$66/Month5 Users
875000 Words$132.67/Month10 Users
2250000 Words$332.67/Month12 Users
5000000 Words$666/Month15 Users

ChinChilla – Great Alternative For Chat GPT

ChinChilla is a great alternative for Chat GPT. It has surpassed ChatGPT on the mathematical MMLU dataset and is built on transformer models, similar to GPT-3 and BERT. Chinchilla is a great option for individuals who need to construct more complex AI writing, art, or search engine activities or wish to use a language model for reasoning. Chinchilla is also known as GPT-3 Killer.

Key Features Of ChinChilla

  • ChinChilla is much simpler to implement and requires significantly less computing to fine-tune and use in downstream applications.
  • ChinChilla has an incredible 67.5% accuracy rate, which is way better than the Gopher language model which is widely used. 
  • In Comparision to OpenAI’s GPT-3, ChinChilla is 3 times larger.  

Pricing Of Chinchilla

If you want to use Chinchilla you will have to contact Deepmind. Chinchilla is a new launch so it is very hard to get access. Regarding its price scheme, there is no specific information accessible.

Bloom – Best Chat GPT Alternatives

Bloom is regarded as one of the best Chat GPT alternatives. It is an open-source AI software developed by more than 1000 Artificial intelligence experts. Compared to GPT-3, Bloom is trained on 176 billion parameters using 384 graphics cards with a combined memory of more than 80GB. If you are looking for the best alternatives for Chat GPT  to write an amazing article then Bloom is for you. 

Key Features Of Bloom

  • Bloom is can generate text in a total of 46 languages and 13 programming languages. 
  • Bloom is capable of writing text assignments that it has not been trained to do. 

Pricing Of Bloom

Bloom is also a new launch and there has been no information regarding Bloom’s pricing.

Replika – Better ChatBot Then Chat GPT

Replika is an amazing Chat GPT alternatives. If you are feeling lonely and depressed then Replika is for you. Replika is an astonishing chatbot. You can talk to Replika on all matters like life, romance, and other topics that you discuss with your family or friends.

Replika has more than 10 million users. It is far more advance than its previous versions. Replika is capable of recognizing visual elements and using them to continue the conversation. 

Key Features Of Replika

Replika is like a pal you can converse with it about anything and everything. The more you talk the more it understands you.

  • You can also place a video call to chat with your Replika.
  • To build a better habit Replika also offers coaching support.
  • If you like you can also give Replika a relationship status such as friend, girlfriend, mentor, wife, or sister.

Pricing Of Replika

Replika has two plans pro and Lifetime Plan. Its pro plan starts from $19.99/month but if you don’t want to pay monthly then you can go with a lifetime plan that will cost you $299.99.

Jasper Chat – Best Chatbot for Business Use

Jasper Chat formerly known as Jarvis is another great Chat GPT alternatives in the market. It is one of the best AI writing tools trusted by many professionals who want quality content in a short amount of time.

This Newly launched Jasper chat is specially designed for business use, such as sales, and marketing. This is a great alternative for Chat GPT if you want to use an AI chatbot for your business.

Key Features Of Jasper Chat

  • Jasper Chat can provide you with any data and answer any queries up till summer 2021. 
  • Jasper Chat has a very simple-to-use interface similar to Chat GPT.
  • Jasper Chat can remember your previous chat and can give you a better conversation experience.
  • Jasper Chat can write creative articles, Blogs, and ad copies for sales and marketing.

Pricing Of Jasper Chat

Jasper chat has only a business plan and boss mode. This plan starts from $49/Month. You won’t get Jasper to chat with a starter pack of Jasper.

Conclusion For Chat GPT Alternatives

In conclusion, ChatGPT is a powerful and advanced AI-powered customer service platform, but there are a number of alternatives for Chat GPT that offer similar features and capabilities.

We hope this article was helpful in providing you with an overview of the best chatGPT alternatives and their features. Ultimately, the decision of which platform to choose is up to you, but we are confident that you will be able to make the best decision after reading this article.