Chat GPT Free vs Plus Plan 2024: Is It Worth Subscription Fee?

Confused between Chat GPT free vs Plus Plan, Don’t sweat it we got your back. Here is in-depth comparison between Chat GPT free vs Chat GPT plus plan.

Unless you are living under a rock you probably would have heard that Chat GPT has launched its Premium plan. In this article, we will see what is the difference between Chat GPT plus vs free plan.

Chat GPT has taken over the world in just few months of its, release. Wherever you go Everyone is talking about it whether he is a tech geek or just a normal person. Now After 2 months of free use Chat GPT has announced its plus plan to monetize it’s services.

So, Before buying we must look at the difference between Chat GPT plus vs free Plan. We will also discuss whether you should invest your precious money on this AI or not.

Why Chat GPT launched It’s Plus Plan?

This question has a very straightforward answer i.e “Profit”. Every business needs profit, so do Chat GPT. Open AI is not an NPO, they need Profit, to run Chat GPT servers, and pay their employees.

According to some reports, it costs around $100000/day or $3 Million/month to run Chat GPT. Which is very expensive, so to cover up that cost Open AI launched Chat GPT Plus which will cover their expenses and also give users better features and services.

The price for Chat GPT Plus is also not that expensive you can get access to all Chat GPT premium services only at $20/month.

Comparison Between Free ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus Plan 2024

Chat GPT FreeChat GPT Plus Plan
Available only In Low DemandAvailable even when demand is high
Normal response timeFaster response time
Late access to FeaturesPrior access to new features
Old DesignIntuitive design & easier navigation
No API accessAPI feature available
Limited data Higher Volume of data 

Detailed Comparision Between Chat GPT Free vs Chat GPT Plus Plan

detailed comparision between Chat GPT Free vs Plus Plan

Here is the detailed comparison between Chat GPT plus vs free plan:-

Availability – Chat GPT Free vs Plus Plan

If you have ever used Chat GPT, you probably know that Chat GPT doesn,t work properly all the time. Chat GPT keeps saying network error from time to time. It gets such a huge demand every minute that it puts a huge loads on it’s servers. Because of this we have to wait untill the demand gets low. But In Chat GPT plus plan you access Chat GPT whenever you want even during high demand.

If Chat GPT is not available in your country, such as China, Ukraine, and many other countries. Chat GPT is also not available in Egypt, and you have to use a VPN for Chat GPT.

Still, there are chances that the free version may not work properly even with a VPN. But Chat GPT plus will work fluently with VPN. So, Chat GPT plus is the only way you can use this AI without any issues.

Response Time – Chat GPT Plus vs Free Plan

Chat GPT Plus also has a better response time compared to Chat GPTfree version. Meaning you will get your answer quickly and accurately. You won’t have to wait for 10 or 20 minutes to get your answer.

Features & Updates – Chat GPT Free vs Plus

If you buy Chat GPT plus version you will get early access to Chat GPT New features, updates and products. Free Chat GPT version will have limited features and less update.

User Interface – ChatGPT Plus vs Free Plan

Chat GPT pro will have Intuitive design and more user-friendly interface. This will make navigation easy and anyone will be able to use it properly. Whereas Free version of Chat GPT will have the same old design.

API Feature – Chat GPT Plus vs Free Plan

Chat GPT free doesn’t have an API feature. But With ChatGPT plus plan you will be able to integrate Chat GPT to your own app or website using Chat GPT API. You can also use APIs of Chat GPT alternatives but they are not as advanced like ChatGPT. You may have to compromise with the quality of responses that Chat GPT gives.

Access To Data – Chat GPT Free vs Plus Plan

Chat GPTfree has limited data that it can use to answer any query but Chat GPT plus plan has access to more data and information. Using which Chat GPT can give you more accurate and fast answer.

Which One Is More Worthy ChatGPT Plus vs Free Plan?

Both Chat GPT free and Plus plan are good for basic usage. But Chat GPT Plus is definitely better than free plan because only at $20/month you can use it anytime after Chat GPT login, It has better features and has access to more information.

If you buy Chat GPT plus plan you will get access to its API that you can use to integrate Chat GPT on your website or app to give your users better experience.

Which Gives Accurate Answers Chat GPT Free vs Chat GPT Plus?

Chat GPT Plus, can give you better and more accurate answer compared to free version because Chat GPT plus has more access to more data and information then free version. So if you want accurate answer then you should definitely go with Chat GPT plus plan.

Who Should Buy Chat GPT Plus Plan?

Now that we have compared Chat GPT plus vs free plan now we will look at who should buy Chat GPT plus plan.

If you use Chat GPT for normal things like asking meaning of a certain word, correcting your english or asking it a recipe then you can do all those things in free plan. You don’t need Chat GPT Plus plan.

If you use Chat GPT for professional work such as e-mail writing, content writing, copy writing, doing research then it is recommended to go with Chat GPT Plus Plan. You can also buy Chat GPT plus if you want to integrate Chat GPT services on your own website and application.

What Are ChatGPT Free Version Limitations?

Free version of Chat GPT has many limitations such as server issues during high demand, less data information, and no API feature.

Why Should I Buy Chat GPT Plus Plan?

If you want to use Chat GPT for professional work like research, Content writing, copy writing email writing or if you want to use Chat GPT API on your site or app then you should buy Chat GPT Plus.

Is Chat GPT Free?

Yes, Chat Gpt comes with both free and premium subscriptions, for basic use, choose the free plan however for advance take ChatGPT Plus plan.

Is There Any Way To Access ChatGPT Plus Free?

No, you can not use Chat GPT for free. You have to pay the subscription price to access this. Pay only $20 and it will be worth subscription price because ChatGPT Plus features are more advanced as compared to free.

Is ChatGPT Plus Worth It for Students?

Yes, it is worth it for the students, they can learn more from this powerful chatbot and also this may be their additional source of income.

Final Words:- Chat GPT Free vs Plus Plan

In this article, we did an in-depth comparison between Chat GPT Free vs Chat GPT plus plan. We will look at the features that you will get with both Chat GPT Plus Plan and free.

Now, it is completely up to you whether you feel need to buy Chat GPT Plus plan or if you can manage with the free plan of Chat GPT.