Cheapest VPN Yearly – Which VPN Is Least Expensive In 2023?

Best Cheapest VPN Yearly

You may want a VPN for online security, browse the internet anonymously, watch geo-restricted content, and for many other reasons. With the high competition among these VPN providers, they target internet users providing amazing features & out-price the rest. That’s why we have brought to you some of these industry-leading top cheapest VPN yearly plans that you can use without stressing on your pocket.

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5 Things To Consider While Choosing A VPN?

How To Choose a VPN

There is no regret to pay for a Virtual Private Network when you are getting top-notch features that free VPN can’t afford.

Below are some of the tips that you should definitely look for in a VPN while buying it.

  1. VPN Servers – A good VPN offer a wide range of servers from different locations. You can select from multiple servers if you find huge traffic on the one and best for the streamers.
  2. VPN Features – Consider if the VPN is providing the security & privacy features that are the most relevant for your use. Also, look for if you are getting any unique features with it.
  3. Privacy Policies – This is one of the most important factors that you should always keep in mind. A good VPN always provides a no-logs policy to the users and definitely other policies including the money-back guarantee.
  4. Customer Support – Customer support plays a very important role while selecting a Virtual Private Network. Always look for a VPN that provides live chat, email that are ready to help you anytime. Phone support is not common in VPN so it can be a winning point for a VPN.
  5. VPN Review – Last but not least, it’s better to look for the VPN review before you finalize it. Reviews can help you in getting the real image of the VPN that you want to use.

Top 5 Cheapest VPN Yearly Plans 2023

Here’s a list of the top 5 cheapest VPN yearly of 2023.

  1. CyberGhost – Starting from $ 2.25/month
  2. IPVanish VPN – Starting From $2.40/month
  3. Surfshark – From $2.49/month
  4. NordVPN – As lowest from $3.30/month
  5. ExpressVPN – From $8.32/month


Cyberghost Cheapest VPN Yearly

Cyber Ghost is one of the cheap VPN providers that have a huge range of more than 7300 servers and offers a stable a good connection of speed. CyberGhost VPN torrenting allows users to torrent safely. It protects the users online with 256-bit military-grade encryption and top VPN protocols making CyberGhost safe to use.

You can use this VPN on almost all operating devices & platforms.

Over 15 million global users CyberGhost Trustpilot score is 4.8-star ratings and see more with CyberGhost review.


  • Number of Servers – 7300
  • Server Countries – 91
  • Devices Supportable – 7
  • No-Logs Policy – Yes
  • Streaming Channels – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, YouTube & some other
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 45-Days
3 Year + 3 Month$2.25/month
2 Years$3.49/month
1 Year$3.99/month
1 Month$12.99/month

The most amazing plan that it has is 3 years plan where you get plus free 3 months and is billed for $87.75 for 3 years and users can pay $2.25 every month for this plan.

The yearly plan starts from the 1-year plan where the total costs are $47.88 for a year where you can pay $3.99 per month for it.

Next is the 2-year plan that is billed for $83.76 for 2 years however, you can pay $3.49 monthly.

The one-month plan of Cyber Ghost is $12.99 per month.

CyberGhost is the cheapest VPN for Netflix and for other streaming channels.

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Reasons To Buy CyberGhost VPN Yearly Plan

  • Widest range of servers
  • Servers optimized for streaming channels
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • Most


IPVanish VPN yearly inexpensive

IPVanish is the best budget VPN provider to use for online security as we have seen in the IPVanish review. Based in Florida IPVanish offers those security features that protect its users from the prying eyes with its encryption technology.

It offers secure SugarSync storage that can help you to store up to 500 GB of data online. You can install IPVanish on firestick and on other devices to access the geo-restricted content.


  • Number of Servers – 1700+
  • Server Countries – 57
  • Devices Supportable – 10
  • No-Logs Policy – Yes
  • Streaming Channels – Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube & some other
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 30-Days
IPVanish VPNIPVanish VPN + Backup

IPVanish has 2 types of services i.e., VPN and VPN plus storage.

The price starts from the monthly plan of the VPN costs $10.99 for a month.

Whereas the yearly VPN plan costs $44.99 for the first year and you can pay monthly only $3.75 monthly. The renewal of the plan will be billed for $89.99 for a year.

Talking about the VPN + Storage plan then the monthly plan costs $12.99 for a month.

The yearly plan of IPVanish VPN + Storage is $54.99 where users can pay only $4.58 every month for it. However, the same plan costs $109.99 upon renewal. IPVanish offers the cheapest VPN monthly plan to users.

It’s good to buy the yearly plan with IPVanish Discount Code with up to 50% off.

Reasons To Buy

  • Secure online storage
  • Good connection speed
  • VPN for 10 devices
  • Best Budget VPN

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN Least expensive Yearly VPN

Surfshark is another cheapest VPN service provider that has undercut some of the top VPN providers on price. Based in the British Virgin Islands it also falls outside 5/9/14-eyes alliances.

By offering the security features it encrypts the user’s online data with AES-256-GCM encryption technology and has top VPN protocols. You can stream live shows, movies in high quality without buffering, and high truly high quality. You can use Surfshark for PC, android, Apple TV, Smart TV, PS4, and on other devices.


  • Number of Servers – 3200
  • Server Countries – 65
  • Devices Supportable – Unlimited
  • No-Logs Policy – Yes
  • Streaming Channels – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, YouTube & some other
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 30-days

In our list the top VPN with the cheapest VPN reddit is Surfshark.

24 Months (2 Years)$2.49/month
6 Months$6.49/month
1 Month$12.95/month

Surfshark has 3 types of plans for the users

The 2 yearly VPN plan costs $59.76, where the users can pay $2.49 per month for 24 months.

The 6-month plan costs $38.94 for 6 months and $6.49 every month.

And the monthly plan of Surfshark VPN costs $12.95.

Surfshark has no 1-year plan right now.

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Reasons To Buy Surfshark VPN Yearly Plan

  • Unlimited device support
  • Low Cost VPN Plans
  • High-speed connection
  • Best VPN for beginners also


NordVPN Inexpensive VPN

NordVPN is one of the top best VPN providers in 2023 that can’t be ignored at all. This Panama-based VPN offers excellent security and privacy features. With the strongest encryption, automatic kill switch, secure for streaming, split tunneling, block malware ads, private DNS it protects the users by every possible means.

With the NordVPN blazing fast speed servers, you can watch the geo-restricted content without any buffering issues and in high quality. Know more about this VPN with NordVPN 2023.


  • Number of Servers – 5495
  • Server Countries – 59
  • Devices Supportable – 6
  • No-Logs Policy – Yes
  • Streaming Channels – Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, iPlayer, YouTube & some other
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 30-Days
2 Years + 3 Months Free$3.30/month
1 Year$4.92/month
1 Month$11.95/month

NordVPN offers 3 types of plans

The 2 years which is pretty exciting costs $3.30 every month that billed for $89 for the first 2 years where you get 3 months extra for free with this plan.

The 1-year plan of NordVPN is billed for $59 for the first year and you can pay $4.95 every month with this plan.

The monthly plan costs $11.95 a month.

To get the best plan with maximum saving users can go with the 2-year plan of NordVPN also get up to 72% off with NordVPNcoupon on it.

Reasons To Buy NordVPN VPN Yearly

  • Well-reputed VPN
  • Great security & privacy features
  • Excellent speed


ExpressVPN pocket friendly

Based in The British Virgin Island ExpressVPN is the cheapest VPN iPhone and for android. One of the great things is that this VPN is not subject to data retention laws. With advanced mathematics AES 256-bit encryption, it protects the user from online data hackers & snoopers.

It offers many great security & privacy features by serving more than 10 million worldwide users. The servers of ExpressVPN are super-fast without buffering & you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, iPlayer  & many other streaming channels. Torrent with ExpressVPN is very secure and you can download unlimited files from uTorrent, BitTorrent, and other torrenting sites.


  • Number of Servers – 3200+
  • Server Countries – 94
  • Devices Supportable – 5
  • No-Logs Policy – Yes
  • Streaming Channels – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, YouTube & some other
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 30-Days
1 Year + 3 Month Free$8.32/month
6 Months$9.99/month
1 Month$12.95/month

It has simple 3 plans that are described below,

ExpressVPN has a yearly plan that is for 1 year. The VPN cost per year is $99.95 for the first 15 months including 3 months free and users can pay for this cheapest VPN yearly plan $8.32 per month.

The 1-month plan of ExpressVPN is $12.95 per month. Next, it has a 6-month plan that costs $59.95 for 6 months where users can pay $9.99 per month.

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Reasons To Buy ExpressVPN Yearly Plan

  • Server optimized for speed
  • Supportable with almost all major operating platforms
  • Excellent customer support
  • User-friendly interface

Cheapest VPN Yearly – Final Verdict

Well, every VPN service provider has different types of plans and does not offer the same. Where Surfshark doesn’t offer any 1-year plan, ExpressVPN doesn’t have 24 months plans.

Furthermore, by doing the deep research one thing that we want to share with you is that CyberGhost costs $2.25/month for 39 months plans or 3 years + 3 months plans. Also, the matter of fact is that it is the only VPN service provider on our list that offers the cheapest yearly plans.

And, Surfshark is the most affordable VPN in 2023. IPVanish offers budget-friendly yearly plans. However, in terms of security and privacy NordVPN & ExpressVPN are some of the best Virtual Private Networks.

Best Cheapest VPN Yearly 2023 – FAQs

What is the least expensive VPN?

All the 5 VPN that we have shared are some of the most inexpensive VPN. You can use CyberGhost, IPVanish & Surfshark with the cheapest VPN yearly plans.

Are cheapest VPN safe?

A less expensive VPN doesn’t mean that it compromises the security & privacy features. NordVPN, Cyber Ghost, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, IPVanish are some of the best low cost VPN providers for android and for other devices that provide high security and privacy at the lowest price.

Are free VPN dangerous?

Free VPN are those VPN that must have any loophole either in their privacy or security. In fact, they will cost you more than the premium VPN. Free VPN compromise with the security & privacy features, and even the servers are not optimized for speed.

Why is VPN so expensive?

VPN helps to provide you the next level of security & privacy against cybercriminals and online data hackers. VPN costs according to the features, speed, privacy & security. There are many cheap and inexpensive VPNs that you can use for the best experience.

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