Data Leak vs Data Breach 2024 [Know All Differences]

Data leak vs Data breach is not the new term in the cybersecurity world. Actually, both come under cyber threats and they sound pretty similar so it becomes obvious to get confused. 

Both cyberthreats have some things in common, but they are not the same. To effectively protect your data, you need to know a depth understanding of a Data Leak vs Data Breach. 

Data Leak Vs Data Breach (Quick Overview)

If I shortly explain, when your sensitive data is unknowingly exposed to the public then it’s called Data Leak. While Data Breach is caused by a cyberattack on your data. 

In other words, Data leak is from inside to the outside world while Data Breach is vice-versa. 

What Is Data Leak?

What is Data Leak?

Data leak basically, refers to the exposure of information to an unsecured environment accidentally or intentionally, considered a Data leak. This cyber issue occurs internally and doesn’t require any real attack. 

There are many ways that cause data leakage. Poor handling of delicate data, flaws, or intrusion in systems or policies can all result in data leaks. Unauthorized access to a site is the most important factor in the data leak.

A Data leak can impact business operations, cause big financial losses, and can also damage your corporate reputation. As you know recently, The news came out users of biggest NFT marketplace warned over phishing after Data Leak.

What Is Data Breach?

What Is Data Breach?

Data breach is the most common term that is used when discussing the exposure of sensitive data. Basically, when intentionally exposure of confidential or sensitive information due to a cyberattack called Data Breach.

A data breach is massive damage to your fortune. Data breaches and their associated damaged cost has been increasing day by day. When we talk about the average cost of a data breach in 2021 then you’ll find it was $US 4.24 million, a record high. 

Cause Of Data Leak Vs Data Breach

Generally, Data Leak happens because of overlooked vulnerabilities, or intentional, or human errors. When we talk about Data Breach it happens cause of external factors like malware, cyberattacks, etc. 

What Causes Data Leak?

A data leak can occur in several ways, generally categorized into two groups. Human Error and Overlooked Vulnerabilities, intentional data leaks can also be possible. 

Examples That Causes Data Leak

  • Misconfigured software settings
  • Misconfigured firewall
  • Weak security policy
  • Open-source vulnerabilities 
  • Developer errors
  • Poor security policy
  • Human error

What Causes Data Breach?

It happens cause of external factors, which can come in various forms. Below we’ve mentioned some of the security incidents that lead to data breaches. 

  • Malware 
  • Cyber-attacks 
  • Insecure endpoint 
  • Ransomeware attack 
  • Insecure password 
  • System vulnerabilities 
  • Social engineering 
  • Third-party breachers 

Prevention Of Data Leak Vs Data Breach

You’ll need an active approach to prevent this cyber security threat of Data leaks. Preventing Data Breach is pretty challenging though because you’ve to implement precautionary measures regularly. 

So, You can also use a VPN for all devices to protect your gadgets from data breaching. Many users around the world use VPNs to protect their sensitive information. 

How To Prevent Data Leak?

A proactive approach to cybersecurity will be the best way to prevent data leaks. We’ve mentioned the tips below on how you can prevent data leaks? 

  • End-point protection 
  • Network Monitoring 
  • Policy for device usage
  • Secure storage
  • Third-party risk management 

How To Prevent Data Breach?

Implement the following tips to reduce the chance of data breach. 

  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Encrypt Data 
  • Use Multi-factor Authentication
  • Automation 
  • Develop & Implement Data security policy
  • Monitor the Access & Use of data
  • Ensure Data Backups

Difference Between Data Leak Vs Data Breach

The basic and the main difference between Data Leak and Data Breach lies in their mode of occurrence. In a simple way, Data leak happens from the inside to the outside world while Data Breach is from the outside to the inside. 

As we can see the data leaks are due to insider action, and data breach happens cause of cybercriminals. 

The major difference is when data leaks occur, it’s impossible to know how long data has been exposed and who accesses these leaked data. But on the other hand, if a data breach happens, you can be sure that your company or organization’s sensitive data has been compromised.

What Is Worse Data Leak Vs Data Breach?

Many users ask this question what is worse? A data leak or data breach? See both are big cyber threats in their own way & both causes massive damage to your sensitive information or data

But according to me, I think Data breaching is more dangerous or worse than data leakage. Because cybercriminals were intentionally trying to breach your company or organization’s important data that means it cause you a massive fortune or financial loss.

While in a Data leak you don’t know how long data has been exposed. 

As an example, you know the biggest data breach ever happen in China. Around 1 billion people in China may have been exposed to Hack. So, at last, the Data breach situation is worse and more damaging. 

Final Thoughts (Data Leak Vs Data Breach)

If you understand the reason behind data leaks and data breaches then this is one of the first ways to prevent data loss. As you know, the term is pretty similar so it’s obvious to be confused but there is a slight difference for data protection. 

Whether your data or information is exposed through a data leak vs data breach both instances are harmful and can greatly impact the reputation of your company.