NordVPN 5 Year Plan 2024 [Buy At $3.29/Month With 60% Off]

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NordVPN is a very popular VPN in today’s time due to its top-notch features which the company provide to its users and they offer a variety of subscription plan. Many times our audience is asking us “does NordVPN offers 5 year plan or not” and the answer is ‘No’.

NordVPN does not offer 5 year plan currently. Maybe it will offer this plan in the future but for now, it is only offering a 1 and 2 year plan. So we recommend you to buy NordVPN 2 year plan in which you can save upto 60%. After that, if you are satisfied with the NordVPN services then you can renew it for the next 2 years and can enjoy the services.

Does NordVPN 5 Year Plan Exist?

NordVPN 5 Year Deals

Actually, NordVPN doesn’t offer any 5 year plan. But don’t feel bad about this we have conducted research for you and on the basis of that research, we have found a substitute for the NordVPN 5 year deal. You can buy 2 year plan which cost you $78.96 for 2 years and after that, if you love their services you can renew the plan for the next 2 years also.

What features will I get in NordVPN 5 year plan?

NordVPN offers a variety of features to their users that help in securing the data. Let’s discuss the features:

  • Kill Switch Button
  • Lightning Speed
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple device support
  • Strict no-log policy
  • Double VPN
  • Next-generation encryption
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Netflix Supported

If you are satisfied with the provided features, then try to get the NordVPN 5 year deal. NordVPN is also the fastest VPN for gaming so you might look for the perfect deal to purchase NordVPN at an affordable price.

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Is NordVPN 5 year deal worth buying?

Yes, it’s worth buying a NordVPN 5 year discount deal due to its cheap price. For purchasing NordVPN 5 year plan, first, you have to buy 2 year subscription which costs you around $3.29 per month for 2 years and you can save upto 60% on it. After that, you can get the NordVPN renewal discount plan again for ahead 2 years.

Why use NordVPN 5 year deal?

The reason for using NordVPN 5 year discount deal is because NordVPN is offering a heavy discount. With NordVPN discount offers it provides useful features to its users that will help them in protecting their private information.

When launch NordVPN 5 year plan in the market?

At present, the company is not providing the NordVPN 5 year deal. Also, the company has not made any official announcement about launching the 5 year plan in the future. 

But don’t worry, stay in touch with us as and whenever the company will launch NordVPN 5 year plan for users. We will notify you and then you can buy your favorite 5 year plan till then use 2 year plan and enjoy NordVPN services.


Presently, NordVPN does not offer 5 year plan to their users. It only offers NordVPN 1 Year Plan and 2-year plan. So if you are interested in buying NordVPN 5 year deal then you should go for their 2 year subscription. It is a very economical plan, You just have to apply for the NordVPN coupon code to activate the NordVPN deals. It has all top-notch features that will protect your website from hackers. 2 year plan offers all these good features that’s why it become the substitute for 5 year plan. You can buy 2-year plan and after that you can renew it.

Can Students Get NordVPN 5 Year Plan?

No, NordVPN 5 year deal is not available for students. But if you are a student and you want to buy NordVPN 5 year subscription. Then you can buy their 2 year plan and get upto a 60% discount and after you can renew it again.

How Much Does Nord VPN 5 Year Plan Cost?

In reality, NordVPN 5 year discount offer does not exist. It only offers a 1year or 2 year plan. So if you are interested in NordVPN 5 year plan then you can buy their 2-year plan. On 2 year subscription you can save upto 60%. In their 2 year plan, you should have to pay $3.29 for 2 years and you get full access to their all useful features.