Difference Between Proxy And VPN 2024 [Know Which Is Better]

Do you know the basic difference between proxy and VPN? Using an open or public Wi-Fi network leads to the risk of getting your private data and information hacked. If the data of the company gets hacked for a day, imagine the amount of loss the company will have to go through. That is where a Proxy server or a VPN plays a vital role while browsing or surfing the internet.

Their one similar and basic role is to conceal the IP address and let you surf safely. But when it comes to choosing one of the many peoples get confused. So today we will find a difference between Proxy and VPN services so that you can choose any of them according to your needs.

VPN and Proxy servers are quite similar in their operations. They both tend to secure your network and privatize it. Most people buy these services for their safety and to encrypt their data. But there are a lot of differences between a VPN and a Proxy. To understand those differences, first, we need to have an idea about what these two are.

What Are Proxy And VPN?

A Virtual Private Network creates a private network for its users; letting the user surf protectively by encrypting the data and masking the IP address. Acting as a mediator, between the user and the website, it takes up the request of the user to the website and brings in the information.


The proxy serves the same purpose as VPN, protecting the user by concealing the IP address. It speeds up the process using cash data and also saves bandwidth. There are three types of proxy servers: HTTP, Socks Proxy, and Transparent server.


What Is The Difference Between Proxy Server And VPN

There are a few major and minor differences between Proxy and VPN. These differences let the users find out which is better Proxy Server or VPN.:

  1. Price: The rudimentary factor of any discussion about a product or a service is its price. Based on price, Proxy servers are tops as these are free most of the time. But a VPN is quite on a costlier side and the price differs from company to company. The logic behind this is setting up hundreds of servers in different countries is costlier.
  2. Robustness: the stronger protection is provided by none but VPN. The proxy server doesn’t hide or encrypt your data but only the IP address but a VPN does both and helps to make the network safer than ever. The proxy server also gets disconnected at times but a VPN doesn’t.
  3. Coverage: Coverage is one of the major points that can easily help us to find the difference between Proxy and VPN. If you install a VPN on one device, that will protect the data of all the applications and data and the activities of that device. On the contrary, a proxy server works on the application level. It will protect only one application. If you set it up on one particular application, Google Chrome, it will only work on Chrome Browser.
  4. Tunneling: A VPN creates a data tunnel connecting the end users whereas a proxy server doesn’t. 
  5. Promptness: The speed or promptness of a proxy server is more than that of a VPN. The reason behind this is “encryption”. A VPN encrypts and decrypts your data, leading to a delay, whereas a proxy server only re-routes the data and absorbs less time.
  6. Privatization: A VPN invigorates by creating a private network over a public network. However, a proxy server fails to do that.

Which One Is Better Between VPN and Proxy Server?

VPN and Proxy server

By analyzing critically all the proxy and VPN differences, the conclusion is quite evident that a VPN is a more secured network than a Proxy Server. In the end, it completely depends upon the user according to their comfort and pocket. There are several world-class VPN companies such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark which claim to provide best-in-class VPNs with thousands of servers in hundreds of countries and don’t let any interruption come in your way of entertainment. If you also want to know Norton 360 vs Norton security premium then you can read it.

Difference Between Proxy and VPN and Firewall?

Virtual Private Network provides encryption, authentication, and integrity protection to the traffic whereas Proxy doesn’t offer much security over the connection. Proxy functions at browsers while VPN functions on a whole device. For example, if you have connected to a VPN service your whole system will get a separate IP address. However, to use a Proxy server you can only install it on a specific browser or application. This is the major difference between VPN and proxy and the reason why people always choose VPN to be anonymous. If you also want to know the difference between free and premium VPN then you can read it.

Is Proxy Firewall Similar To VPN?

Both services work to provide you with a fake identity over the internet so that no one can easily manage to find your real location and identity.

Do I Need A VPN If I Have A Firewall?

Yes, you can use a Firewall along with a VPN service it will provide you an additional layer of security to your data and identity.