Discord IP Banned [How to Get Unbanned From Discord With VPN]

Today we will discuss about Discord IP banned and in daily life many users face this problem while accessing Discord.

As you know Discord is a popular messaging and voice chat application which is used by millions of people. In many situations, users find themselves from the platform because they do not follow its terms of service. 

There is also a type of ban that users may also face which is Discord IP banned where you get blocked to the platform from a specific IP address. This type of issue can come because of several reasons like spamming, and other forms of abusive behaviour.

There is some chance that you have read this article because you have been banned by Discord. we also mentioned the few methods that help you to get Discord IP Ban.

Reason Why Discord Banned Your IP Address

Discord banned your IP because of many reasons and below I mentioned a list of a few reasons. Hopefully, it might be helpful for you while using Discord.

  • Break Discord Terms & Services
  • Doubtful activity
  • Avoid using a Free VPN
  • Share IP address with Banned users

Break Discord Terms and Services 

Discord has strict rules and policies which you must need to follow while using Discord. If you break these terms of service then Discord banned your IP address as a punishment. Some common violations are spamming, posting offensive content, and sharing copyrighted content or subject.

Doubtful Activity

If Discord finds some suspicious activity then it can take some strict action in the face of banning your Discord IP address. Some suspicious activity is attempted hacking, phishing, and other malicious activity.

Avoid Using a Free VPN

Stop using a Free VPN for Discord because if you are using a free VPN while using Discord then it may not provide complete privacy which can disclose your real IP address. So, I personally recommend a paid VPN for Discord because it gives you complete privacy with unlimited features.

Share IP addresses with banned users 

Your IP address may be banned from Discord if another user with the same IP address as you has already been expelled. In that situation, you need to use a NordVPN dedicated IP that helps you secure from getting exposed. 

Does Discord Ban IP Addresses?

Yes, Discord banned IP addresses when you break its policy and rules and perform suspicious activity. If a user with the same IP address as a banned user tries to access Discord then Discord may also ban that user’s IP address.

Sometimes if your IP will be banned then it might be possible because of some errors then you can try to contact Discord support to request to be unbanned. 

How To Get Unbanned From Any Discord Server in 2024?

How To Get Unbanned From Any Discord Server

The best way to get unbanned from Discord servers is by using a tool or a Virtual Private Network. VPN is the best option to get unbanned your Discord IP and VPN helps you to get a new IP address to your device. VPN helps you to connect with any region to access Discord in China country.

When you get a new IP address then you are able to sign up for Discord with a new IP address. VPN also keeps your data or details secure from third-parties attacks.

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Steps To Unblock Discord By Using VPN On MacOS

Follow the mentioned steps if you want to unblock Discord on macOS with VPN. 

  • Close the Discord desktop client app.
  • Delete the following folder.

~/Library/Application Support/Discord

  • Open your app folder. Find Discord and drag it to your trash.
  • Clean out your trash.
  • Start your Mac again.
  • Install Discord again.
  • To get a new IP address, launch your VPN application and connect to a VPN server.
  • Get the Discord app going.
  • Use a new email address to register for a new account. (If you’d like, you can use an email account from Outlook, Gmail, or another free service.)
  • Use the new account to sign into Discord.
  • Join the server from which you were expelled.
  • After the new account has been made, you have the option to sever your connection to the VPN. Only the new Discord account needs to be created.

Steps For Unbanned Discord On Windows With VPN

Follow the steps to unbanned Discord on Windows by using a virtual private network. 

  • Close the desktop client for Discord.
  • Navigate to the “%appdata%” folder on Windows C: drive. It can be found under the “[username]” folder. To view the folder, you might need to enable hidden items. (Open the “View” tab and choose the “Hidden items” checkbox to enable hidden things.
  • The AppData folder ought to be visible and accessible at this point. Open the “Local” folder inside of this folder.
  • In the local folder, search for and delete the Discord folder.
  • Start your VPN app & connect to a VPN to get a new IP address.
  • Reinstall the Discord app, then open it.
  • Use a new email address to register for a new account. (If you’d like, you can use an email account from Outlook, Gmail, or another free service).
  • Use the new account to sign in to Discord.
  • Join the server where you were previously blocked.
  • After the new account has been made, you have the option to sever your connection to the VPN. Only the new Discord account needs to be created.

How To Unban Discord On Your Phone?

Here I have mentioned a few steps that help you to unblock Discord on your Phone. You only have to follow the mentioned steps carefully.

  • Discord should be closed.
  • Remove it from your computer. This will remove any Discord-related files that might be present on the device in addition to deleting the app.
  • Reinstall the Discord app by going to the iOS App Store.
  • If you don’t already have one, download a VPN app, sign up with a reputable service (Recommended NordVPN 3 Year Deal), and then use the app on your iPhone.
  • Connect to a NordVPN server of your choice. All we’re trying to accomplish here is to change our IP address ( often just connect to a server in my own country).
  • Open the Discord app after you’re connected, but DO NOT login with your current account! If you do that, even though your device’s IP address has changed, the ban will still remain in effect. Create a new account in its place. Yes, I am aware that you will need to re-join your preferred Discord servers, but hey, breaks happen.
  • You are now no longer blacklisted. Enjoy the servers you like best on Discord and act properly this time!

Ways To Unbanned Discord IP Address

There are many ways that you can use to unbanned Discord IP addresses. Below you will see the few mentioned ways that are effective to get back your Discord account after the IP ban.

  • Contact Discord Support System.
  • Use a Reliable VPN.
  • Change your IP address.
  • Use a Proxy server.

What Happens When Your Discord IP Banned In 2024?

If your Discord IP banned, then you will not be accessible to use this platform from that IP address. This means that you won’t be able to sign in to your account or add any server. 

When your IP is banned from Discord then you may receive an email or notification from Discord that explains the reason for the ban and mentioned the time of the ban. 

Best VPN To Get Unbanned From Discord In 2024

We recommended NordVPN to get unbanned from Discord and NordVPN has 5400+ servers across 60 countries that help you to bypass the geo-restrictions. It allows you to change your real IP address from the ISPs. It helps you to get secure browsing so nobody can see what you browse on your web. 

No.1 Choice NordVPN
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Use NordVPN to access Discord ban account again with wide range of servers and secure features. Show Less

NordVPN Multiple devices allow you to connect with up to 6 devices simultaneously like Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, and furthermore devices.

Why Can’t I Get My Discord Banned Account Back?

There might be various reasons when you can’t back your Discord account back.

  • Forgotten login credentials – If you forget your Discord login credentials then you can meet some difficulty while login Discord.
    But you don’t need to be worried because Discord gives you the chance to reset your password or username by using the email address that is connected to your account.
  • Account security issues – If your account has been hacked then it might be difficult for you to recover your Discord account. Before allowing you access to your account, Discord could ask you for more details or to prove your identity.
  • Account suspension – When your account is suspended by Discord then it is not easy for you to get back your Discord account access.

Can You Appeal A Ban On Discord?

Yes, every user can appeal action against their account. We take great care during our investigation process to make sure that we only act when it is necessary.

How To Appeal Discord Ban In 2024?

Just follow the instruction to appeal Discord Ban.

  • Visit the Discord support page. 
  • Select Submit a request.
  • Choose Trust & Safety as the category. 
  • Fill in your needed credentials including emails, Discord username, and tag
  • Describe the situation in detail.
  • If you have any evidence, then attach it with your request to support your appeal.
  • Submit the appeal or request.
  • Wait for the response.

How To Get Unbanned From Discord Server Without VPN?

The simplest method to get you unbanned from a server after being banned is frequently to get in contact with the server administrator. You can engage with the Customer Support team to have your ban lifted after you have a better understanding of why you were banned.

How Long Does A Discord Ban Last?

Discord-disabled accounts are deleted after 14 days. After that, there would be no chance of an account existing.

How To Request For Unban Discord Account?

You can simply unban your Discord account by contacting the Customer service team to request to unban Discord account. In the alternative, you can use a VPN to get your Discord account and even you can also use another device to access Discord.

How Do I Contact Discord To Unbanned My Account In 2024?

Just follow the few noted steps to contact Discord to unban your account. 

Contact Discord Customer Services.

  • Discord Email Support support.discord.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.
  • Discord Live Chat Support. N/A.
  • Discord Call Center Support. N/A.
  • Discord Knowledge Base. support.discord.com/hc/en-us.
  • Discord Forum support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/topics.


In the above-mentioned part, we discussed about Discord IP Banned. Even we mentioned the methods that help you to get unbanned from Discord. 

We also recommend NordVPN in this post which helps you to unblock your Discord account. It also helps you to access Discord in a restricted country because of its unlimited servers. 

Hopefully, you are satisfied with the mentioned details and if you have any queries with this information then you can send your queries in our comment section.