Does ExpressVPN Work In Japan? [Recently Tested In 2024]

Are you looking for working ExpressVPN Japan servers to access Japanese content? Know how does ExpressVPN work in Japan to unblock restricted sites.

Those who are residents of Japan but currently not in Japan would find it difficult to access their homeland content. One solution for that is to use ExpressVPN for Japan to unblock regional content & watch Japanese movies in your country.

In this article, we are sharing how ExpressVPN in Japan works so everyone in Japan can access geo-restricted websites. Also, we will discuss which Express VPN Japan servers you can connect from your country.

Buy ExpressVPN For Japan
Access ExpressVPN Japan servers at $6.67/mo & stream Japanese movies/TV shows from anywhere.Show More
Access ExpressVPN Japan servers at $6.67/mo & stream Japanese movies/TV shows from anywhere. Show Less

Do ExpressVPN Japan Servers Still Work In 2024?

Yes, ExpressVPN work in Japan, and also its server in Japan are still working. You can connect to an ExpressVPN server in Japan from any country without facing any trouble.

Whether you are in the office, at school, or traveling, you can connect to the ExpressVPN server & access your favorite content. For example, you can watch Iranian movies on Netflix in Japan by connecting to ExpressVPN servers from other countries.

Why Should I Use ExpressVPN For Japan? Top 5 Benefits!

You get countless benefits by connecting to ExpressVPN Japan servers. Users will not only get online VPN privacy but also stay protected from cyberattacks after knowing how does ExpressVPN work in Japan. So, they can get the following advantages when using Express VPN Japan:

  • Stream Geo-Blocked Content: You can watch content from other countries while sitting in Japan or you can watch Japanese content while sitting in other countries.
  • Robust Online Privacy: All of your online activities will be kept hidden from ISP or any data snoopers whether you are in Japan or anywhere.
  • Provides Data Security: Your web traffic will be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption keys when you browse websites from Japan.
  • Low-Ping Connection: While gaming you will not face any connection delay or lag because ExpressVPN offers low-latency servers.
  • Bypasses ISP Throttling: When you stream any movie or download torrents in Japan, your connection speed will stay high & stable.
Buy ExpressVPN For Japan
Access ExpressVPN Japan servers at $6.67/mo & stream Japanese movies/TV shows from anywhere.Show More
Access ExpressVPN Japan servers at $6.67/mo & stream Japanese movies/TV shows from anywhere. Show Less

How Does ExpressVPN Work In Japan In 2024?

When you use ExpressVPN in Japan, it works by hiding your actual IP address & replacing it with its server’s IP address. This helps users connect to ExpressVPN servers in another country & bypass censorship in Japan to access geo-blocked content.

When users outside Japan connect to ExpressVPN Japan servers, their virtual location gets changed to Japan. It lets worldwide users get access to restricted Japanese content in their country without actually traveling to Japan.

Express VPN Japan also has special DNS servers that resolve domains of websites whose IP is blocked in Japan. With ExpressVPN DNS server, you can easily bypass IP restrictions & securely unblock websites banned by government authorities.

ExpressVPN is not only beneficial for individuals in Japan. But it can also be advantageous for those located in other countries that impose internet access limitations through geo-restrictions like Turkey. By doing so, users also can use ExpressVPN Turkey to access the desired content without any hindrances.

How To Connect ExpressVPN In Japan To Bypass Censorship?

Steps to use ExpressVPN In Japan

Follow these steps to make ExpressVPN work in Japan on your devices:

  • Purchase an ExpressVPN plan(Use ExpressVPN discount code).
  • Install & sign in ExpressVPN app on your device.
  • Open ExpressVPN & choose a country.
  • Now choose a server from the ExpressVPN server list.
  • Click “Connect” to create connection to VPN server.
  • Finally, you can unblock banned websites in Japan.

Using this method, you can take advantage of ExpressVPN Japan servers & hide your location from cyber spies. So you can use this streaming VPN for Disney+, Hotstar, Netflix, or HBO Max in Japan by connecting to ExpressVPN servers.

If in any case you encounter issues with ExpressVPN not working with Hotstar, there are fixes available to resolve the problem.

Access ExpressVPN Japan Servers At $6.67/mo
Watch geo-restricted Japanese content in your country with ExpressVPN for just $6.67/mo.
Watch geo-restricted Japanese content in your country with ExpressVPN for just $6.67/mo. Show Less

Is Using ExpressVPN For Japan Legal?

Yes, ExpressVPN work in Japan legally & you can use it to hide your online activities from ISP or cyber criminals. But you must keep in mind that using ExpressVPN in Japan for activities against the law is not legal. Such as using VPN to download pirated content or software will be considered illegal.

Does ExpressVPN Work In Japan For Torrenting?

Yes, you can access torrents by using ExpressVPN for Japan because it hides your IP address & encrypts your traffic. This encrypted traffic can’t be monitored by ISP or government authorities thus making torrenting safer & secure in Japan.

Also, the ExpressVPN servers upgraded to 10Gbps & P2P optimized which result in faster downloading of torrents. But always remember that using ExpressVPN for accessing copyrighted content on torrents is illegal and could result in punishment.

Which ExpressVPN Japan Servers Work In Other Countries?

Expressvpn Japan Server

As we know how does ExpressVPN work in Japan and other countries as well. So you will be able to access its Japan servers everywhere & watch Japanese videos online. Here is the list of ExpressVPN servers in Japan that you can use in your location:

  • Japan – Shibuya
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Japan – Tokyo – 2
  • Japan – Yokohama

If you are from Japan & currently living in some other country then Express VPN Japan servers are of great help to you. Connecting to these servers lets you access your homeland videos & TV shows, no matter wherever you are.

Access ExpressVPN Japan Servers At $6.67/mo
Watch geo-restricted Japanese content in your country with ExpressVPN for just $6.67/mo.
Watch geo-restricted Japanese content in your country with ExpressVPN for just $6.67/mo. Show Less

Does Other Country Servers Of ExpressVPN Work In Japan?

Yes, you can access almost all country servers of ExpressVPN in Japan. Servers from other countries let you bypass geo-blocking & access their content in Japan. So if you want to watch Hulu outside US, you can connect to the ExpressVPN USA server & access Hulu in Japan.

Here is the list of a few popular ExpressVPN servers locations that you can use in Japan:

  • Canada – 4 Locations
  • Mexico – 1 Location
  • United States – 24 Locations
  • France – 5 Locations
  • Germany – 3 Locations
  • Switzerland – 2 Locations
  • United Kingdom – 5 Locations
  • Australia – 7 Locations
  • Hong Kong – 2 Locations
  • Singapore – 3 Locations

ExpressVPN has servers in Egypt, Israel, South Africa, South Korea & India also. So you can connect to any of these servers from Japan & unblock their regional content for streaming within Japan.

Does ExpressVPN Work In Japan On Android?

Yes, ExpressVPN for Japan works on all Android devices without any significant issues. All you have to do is to visit the Google Play store and download the ExpressVPN application on your Android device. Then you can easily access ExpressVPN Japan servers on your Android phone without any hassle.

Can I Use ExpressVPN In Japan For iOS Devices?

Yes, You can use ExpressVPN for MacOS and iOS in Japan as it is compatible with all kind of operating systems. By visiting the Apple’s app store, iOS users can access ExpressVPN for Japan on their iPhones. You can also use ExpressVPN for Apple TV to keep hide your personal data while streaming.

Does ExpressVPN Work In Japan On PC?

Yes, ExpressVPN Japan works on PC and if you want to setup VPN on Windows 10 then go for ExpressVPN. Whether you are in Japan or outside Japan, you can install ExpressVPN on your PC by visiting ExpressVPN’s official website.

After installing Express VPN Japan application on your PC, you can easily bypass censorship and access blocked content in Japan.

How Much Does It Cost To Use ExpressVPN In Japan?

ExpressVPN Japan Plans

ExpressVPN will charge you around $6.67/mo to $12.95/mo depending on which plan you bought in Japan. Currently, three plans for ExpressVPN work in Japan as mentioned below:

Does ExpressVPN Work In Japan For Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Netflix by using ExpressVPN Japan on your device. For watching USA Netflix in Japan, you can connect to the USA server and access the Netflix USA library in Japan. With ExpressVPN no log policy, it will be impossible to find out if you are accessing USA Netflix in Japan.

As per ExpressVPN Netflix review, you can unblock content from any country without getting detected by the Netflix firewall. You can also use ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions & access HBO Max, Peacock, etc. in Japan.

Unblock All Content In Japan - ExpressVPN
Get ExpressVPN in Japan to bypass restrictions & watch Netflix, HBO Max on your device.
Get ExpressVPN in Japan to bypass restrictions & watch Netflix, HBO Max on your device. Show Less

Does ExpressVPN Work With Japan Neflix When Watching From USA?

Yes, you watch Japanese Netflix movies and TV shows in USA by connecting to the ExpressVPN Japan servers. There are four ExpressVPN Netflix Japan server locations to connect for unblocking Netflix Japan in your country.

As Japan Netflix is not available in USA. So you can connect Netflix Japan ExpressVPN server and virtually change your location to Japan. Then Netflix will allow you to access Japanese content in USA without any restrictions.

Does ExpressVPN Work In Japan For Gaming?

Yes, you can use ExpressVPN in Japan for lag-free gaming because ExpressVPN has ultra-fast servers optimized for games. With its Lightway protocol, ExpressVPN is considered the best VPN for gaming as it offers low-latency connections.

If you are outside Japan, then you can connect to Express VPN Japan servers to play with your friends in Japan. Those who live in Japan & want to play with friends in other countries can connect with ExpressVPN servers from 94 countries.

Can I Get Dedicated IP Address For ExpressVPN Japan?

No, you can’t get dedicated IP address by ExpressVPN for Japan because ExpressVPN keeps rotating IPs between different users. Though ExpressVPN work in Japan, so if you need a Japanese IP address then connect to its Tokyo, Shibuya, or Yokohama servers.

What If ExpressVPN Japan Not Working? [5 Easy Fixes]

Fix Expressvpn Not Working In Japan

When ExpressVPN not working in Japan, you can try the following solutions:

  • Switch ExpressVPN Server: Change your ExpressVPN server to another server location in Japan if your current server is not working. This can also fix the issue of ExpressVPN Netflix Japan not working by connecting to a new server.
  • Check For ExpressVPN Updates: Visit the official webpage of ExpressVPN to match if you have installed the latest version of ExpressVPN on your device.
  • Use Secondary VPN Protocols: Instead of using the default OpenVPN protocol, try using Lightway, IKEv2, or L2TP/IPSec protocols from ExpressVPN protocol settings.
  • Check For DNS Issue: Sometimes using ExpressVPN on Windows PC could result in a DNS error. So flush your DNS settings & restart your PC to make ExpressVPN work.
  • Check For Firewall Blocks: If any security software is blocking ExpressVPN from connecting to its server, add it to that software’s trust list.

Does ExpressVPN Work With HBO Max In Japan?

Yes, ExpressVPN work for HBO Max in Japan. Just connect to an ExpressVPN server in the United States and you will be able to log in HBO Max in Japan. ExpressVPN will change your location to the US and bypass geo-restrictions to give full access to HBO Max in Japan.

HBO Max doesn’t work in all countries and Japan is one of them. But you can still watch HBO Max in Japan using ExpressVPN. Your location will be shown as US to HBO Max and you can stream full HBO Max library from Japan by connecting to ExpressVPN server.

Is ExpressVPN In Japan Available?

Yes, ExpressVPN is available in Japan as it is legal to use VPNs in Japan for data privacy from cyber threats.

How To Download ExpressVPN For Japan?

Users in Japan can download ExpressVPN from its official website. You can also download ExpressVPN from Google Play store and Apple app store if using an Android or iOS device.

Final Verdict – Should I Use ExpressVPN Japan?

Undoubtedly, ExpressVPN is the right choice for users who live in Japan or outside Japan who want to access Japanese content. In this article, we enlightened how does ExpressVPN work in Japan to provide extreme online security & unrestricted access to blocked content.

If you want to access global content from within Japan without any restrictions, ExpressVPN does that for you. Its servers in 94 countries use 256-bit encryption & Lightway protocol to deliver cybersecurity on 5 devices simultaneously. So yes, you must use ExpressVPN while in Japan.