Does NordVPN Slows Down Internet Speed? [Updated 2024]

You may have a slow internet connection speed when connected to NordVPN on Windows. Why does NordVPN slow down internet speed? These problems occur while restarting the device, restarting the router, or restarting the modem. 

Basically, NordVPN degrades the connection speed if too many users are connected to the server. It’s not uncommon to crash VPN servers due to an overload of users. NordVPN tries to offer free software to the users which lead to server crashes. 

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What Affects NordVPN Internet Speed?  

What is the role of a VPN? To encrypt your connection with complete privacy and send it through a secure VPN server. You know, VPN adds extra layers between you and the internet, therefore it bounds to slow down your internet connection. 

However, in this article, I’ve mentioned the tips to improve your internet connection and how you can reduce the impact of internet speed later. 

How To Fix Slow NordVPN Connection Speed? 

If you want to fix why NordVPN slows down internet speed, then follow some tips which have been listed below. 

  • Securely switch off and on your router. 
  • Restart your PC or other devices.
  • Turn off resource-hogging programs and software.
  • Connect to the VPN server with less distance.
  • I would recommend you switch to a wired connection rather than Wifi.
  • Switch to a VPN server with less server load.
  • If you are using P2P based program, then make sure to connect to P2P optimized server.
  • You can try some different connection protocols.

These are the list of comprehensive workarounds you can try to fix your internet connection speed. Remember, a stable and fast connection Internet is crucial for smooth browsing, streaming, and online activities.

However, if you are not satisfied with the speed simply contact the NordVPN helpline number to help in resolving the issues.

Can a NordVPN Improve Internet Speed? 

Can NordVPN Improve Internet Speed

Yeah, In some cases any VPN makes your internet connection faster, but NordVPN helps you evade bandwidth throttling. You’ve faced that sometimes your ISP (Internet service provider) will limit the speed of the internet cause of heavy usage of the internet at the same time. 

Here VPN company targets you with bandwidth throttling so that you can buy the VPN service. Companies like NordVPN come at the top position to provide affordable pricing through NordVPN 3-year plan and improve your internet connection speed at that time. 

Along with this company also offers a NordVPN coupon code for a discount so that users buy their plans. You know that your ISP won’t always route your data through the fastest channel. But if you use NordVPN you can easily bypass these limitations and get the fastest channels. 

Alternatively, Improve Your Connection Speed 

If you weren’t able to improve the internet connection speed by using the above method, You can try the following methods.

  • Install or download the latest drivers and software on your computer. 
  • You can Clear temp files to boost your browsing speed. 
  • Make sure you’re flushing DNS cache regularly, for the smoothest internet connection. 
  • Disable unwanted Windows services 
  • You can try switching the DNS setting, to open DNS and boost your device’s internet connection speed. 
  • Give it a try with internet accelerator software. 

Does NordVPN Slows Down Connection Permanently? 

My internet connection speed is slow by using NordVPN. But sometimes it boosts my internet speed also. So, You can’t say that NordVPN slows down internet speed permanently. 

NordVPN smart features connections help you by improving your connection speed & provide the fastest speed possible. 

Which Country Has The Fastest NordVPN Connection speed?

I would like to say that South Korea has the fastest internet connection speed which is 26.5 Mbps when compared to a global average speed of 5.5 Mbps

Sweden ranks second at 19.5 Mbps followed by Norway at 18.5 Mbps, Japan at 17.5 Mbps, and the Netherlands at 17 Mbps

Does NordVPN Reduce Speed?

After too much testing, I’ve come to the result that NordVPN slows down internet speed in some way. If you use an existing server by OpenVPN UDP protocol, then you’ll see a drop in performance of about 30%

For many users, the NordLynx protocol helps in improving connection speed also. 

Why Does NordVPN Make My Internet So Slow?

The answer is pretty simple, NordVPN job is to encrypt your internet connection and provides you secure tunnel while surfing. Because NordVPN adds some extra steps between you and the internet so, it becomes obvious that your internet speed connection will be slow somewhat. 

Does NordVPN Stop Internet Throttling?

Yes, in fact, NordVPN is the best choice to decrease internet throttling based on your online actions. NordVPN offers a ton of ultra-fast servers to provide you with great connection speed whatever you do. 

How To Improve Internet connection speed?

To improve NordVPN slows down internet speed you can follow some steps, Restart your device> Close unnecessary apps> Connect nearest VPN server. You can also try some different protocols. 

Does NordVPN Increase Internet Speed?

You can’t say that NordVPN increases or decrease your internet speed. It actually depends on the server location but most of the time VPN does slow down the internet speed.

 And, for your information, NordVPN doesn’t apply any speed or bandwidth limit no matter how many devices you can use with the same account. 

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