Does NordVPN Work With Amazon Prime? [Updated 2022]

Does NordVPN work with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is available in almost every country around the globe. However, Prime videos are not the same everywhere. Some exclusive content is only available in specific regions. But using a VPN service like the best undetectable VPN, NordVPN work with Amazon Prime fluently. 

With the help of a VPN, you can change your IP location and make all content from different regions available to you. 

In this article, I’ll answer your question Does NordVPN work with prime video? To know more about this question, Keep Reading!

Does NordVPN Work With Amazon Prime Abroad?

Amazon Prime is a pretty different platform when compared with Netflix. You can browse any country or region library from anywhere in the world. However, you can’t be able to watch anything without using VPN if that content isn’t included in your home country’s library. 

If you try to access it, you’ll see a message saying: “This title is not available in your location”. Currently, NordVPN is able to unblock the UK & US libraries. Other libraries are inaccessible because of Amazon Prime strict geo-restricted policy. 

You know, In UK & US region NordVPN work with Amazon Prime fluently. For Amazon Prime UK, you can connect to any NordVPN server in the UK. And, you can connect to any US NordVPN server except the UK for accessing Amazon Prime US NordVPN.

Why Do You Need A VPN For Amazon Prime?

Basically, VPN is used to access restricted sites & unblock geo-restricted platforms. By using VPN you can simply change the IP address or location of your internet and you can access every region’s content or libraries on Amazon Prime. 

So, the answer to the question does NordVPN work with Amazon Prime is yes, because NordVPN provides you an IP address that will trick Amazon Prime’s system into that you’re in a different place. From that, you can stream any region’s content without any problem. 

NordVPN is the best VPN for Disney+ & even if you want to stream content from other platforms like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, etc. you can unblock it with the help of NordVPN. 

How To Use NordVPN To Unblock Amazon Prime?

Unblocking Amazon prime with NordVPN is very easy than you might think. Follow the below-listed step and make sure your NordVPN work with prime video. 

  • First, Sign up for NordVPN if you haven’t already.
  • Download & Install NordVPN desktop app for your operating system (NordVPN has desktop clients for Windows, macOS & Linux).
  • Now, decide which country’s Amazon Prime library you’d like to browse. Keep in mind NordVPN’s supported regions
  • Connect to the NordVPN server like the US or UK server is damn good.
  • Head towards the Amazon Prime website, and now you can enjoy prime videos for the location you’ve chosen. 

Which NordVPN Server Works With Amazon Prime?

Which NordVPN Server Works With Amazon Prime

NordVPN works with Amazon Prime very effectively but only on a few region servers. Because of an extremely strict geo-restriction policy of Amazon Prime, many VPN fails to unblock Prime Video. In fact, there are very few VPNs that can unblock Amazon Prime in a few locations. 

NordVPN is very effective in unblocking geo-restriction with so many servers in US & UK you can easily stream those regions’ content. 

To watch US Amazon Prime (For desktop users), you can connect to any server of NordVPN except the United Kingdom server. On the other hand, you can connect to any UK NordVPN server to stream Amazon Prime UK

The mobile version of NordVPN is actually not good enough because it’ll allow you to connect to only one server in Germany & two in France to access each country’s version of Prime Videos. 

Do Free VPNs Work With Amazon Prime?

Do Free VPNs Work With Amazon Prime

Many users ask this question earlier & people think it might be an easy way to access geo-restricted content. But in actuality, this is a rare case. Free VPNs provide you very slow speed connection that causes long buffering time, frequent stuttering & may limit you to low-resolution video

Amazon Prime is very good at detecting VPNs, and you know free VPNs are not very good in security. Free VPNs are dangerous and they undermine your privacy rather than protecting it

So, I’d like to recommend you premium VPN like NordVPN that unblock Amazon Prime and provides you military-grade encryption. VPNs like NordVPN work with Amazon Prime very smoothly and you don’t have to worry about your privacy while using NordVPN. 

Why Does NordVPN Not Work With Amazon Prime?

If your NordVPN doesn’t work with Amazon Prime then, it’s probably for one of the following reasons: 

  • The IP address of the VPN that you’re using may have already been blacklisted by Amazon Prime video. 
  • Because of cookies stored in your streaming device, Amazon Prime knows your previous IP address and location.
  • Maybe you’re not connected to a server in the appropriate location. So, make sure the title of your content is available in the country’s server to which you’re connected. 

Do I Have To Create A New Amazon Account?

No, you don’t need to create a new account on Amazon Prime. You can use your existing account. The US Amazon allows you to log in with an Amazon UK account and vice versa. Other countries have their own user database & they will say that your account was not found. Basically, NordVPN work with prime video in unblocking four regions. 

What Region Exclusive Title Can I Watch On Amazon Prime Video?

With NordVPN, You can access all the content like movies & TV shows on Amazon Prime video. NordVPN work with Amazon Prime very smoothly so that your stream would be buffer or lag-free. 

Some of the best movies & TV shows you can watch on Amazon Prime UK & US are the following: 

  • Transformers (US only)
  • Inception (UK only)
  • The Walking Dead (Uk only)
  • The Office (US Only)
  • Your Name (UK only)
  • I, Tonya (UK only)
  • Psych (US only)
  • Hell’s Kitchen (US only)
  • Lady Bird (US only)
  • The Big Sick (UK only)

Is It Legal To Use NordVPN For Amazon Prime?

Yes, It is legal to use in the four versions of Amazon Prime where NordVPN can easily unblock prime videos. If you’re using NordVPN in a certain manner then you’ll not face any problems & you can safely stream Amazon Prime. 


If you’re looking for a reliable VPN along with lots of amazing features to use with Amazon Prime, you can go for NordVPN. NordVPN work with Amazon Prime very well and unblocks geo-restriction policy in a different version of Amazon Prime. 

The pricing & plans of NordVPN is also quite affordable for users. I hope you’ll get all the answers to your question like is NordVPN not working with Amazon Prime or working?