Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix? [ExpressVPN Netflix]

Are you seeking details on whether does ExpressVPN work with Netflix? Here you will know how to use ExpressVPN Netflix to stream regional content.

Netflix provides the largest content library to stream unlimited movies & TV shows from every region. If you want to watch Netflix content from other countries then it is strictly forbidden. Also, you can’t access Netflix in countries like China, Russia, and Syria without using ExpressVPN.

We have tested every server location of ExpressVPN for Netflix to see their streaming performance. In this article, we have shared how to use ExpressVPN with Netflix & which server is best for watching Netflix.

Does ExpressVPN Still Work With Netflix In 2023?

Yes, ExpressVPN work with Netflix as we have tested it currently this year. ExpressVPN has the strong ability to bypass geo-restrictions that let you unblock Netflix in any location. Despite countless VPN blocking efforts, ExpressVPN Netflix still breaches all barriers and lets you access Netflix in your country.

ExpressVPN is available in various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows versions while maintaining its compatibility with Netflix. That’s why many users consider ExpressVPN as the best VPN for Netflix to stream content from other regions.

Stream Netflix With ExpressVPN
Use ExpressVPN with Netflix to watch geo-blocked Netflix content in your country at $6.67/mo.
Use ExpressVPN with Netflix to watch geo-blocked Netflix content in your country at $6.67/mo. Show Less

How Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix?

When you use ExpressVPN Netflix, all of your data is re-routed via a secure tunnel through its server in another country. Doing this will bypass geo-restrictions on the Netflix content of other countries & you can stream them easily from your location.

Though there are various steps included when ExpressVPN for Netflix works. After establishing a connection to the server in an outside country, your location will be changed to that country. Then you can watch the local Netflix library of that country without being physically there.

Why Use ExpressVPN Netflix For Streaming?

Benefit of ExpressVPN For Netflix streaming

There are many benefits when you stream using ExpressVPN with Netflix as mentioned below:

  • Global Content Access: ExpressVPN allows you to watch worldwide content by connecting to its server in different countries. For example, you can watch anime like Naruto Shippuden on Netflix by connecting to ExpressVPN Japan server.
  • Geo-Restriction Bypassing: There are many countries where access to Netflix is blocked. ExpressVPN work with Netflix to remove censorship barrier in those countries so you can watch Netflix from everywhere.
  • Enhanced Privacy & Security: Using Netflix ExpressVPN also keeps your data secure with 256-bit AES encryption while streaming videos. So ISP will not be able to track your Netflix streaming sessions.
  • Removes ISP Throttling: Sometimes ISP limits your bandwidth when you use streaming services regularly. When you watch Netflix with ExpressVPN, ISP won’t throttle your speed as it can’t detect your streaming session.
  • Secure Streaming On Public Wi-Fi: When you use public Wi-Fi hotspots to watch Netflix, there are high chances of cyber attacks. Using Express VPN Netflix can hide your identity and IP address which can prevent your personal information from such attacks.
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How To Download & Install ExpressVPN For Netflix?

ExpressVPN work with Netflix after you download it using the steps given below:

  • Launch the web browser & type in ExpressVPN.
  • Click the top result to visit the ExpressVPN official website.
  • Now >> “Download VPN” to open the drag-down menu.
  • Click on the option that suits your device.
  • Then tap the download button to begin ExpressVPN downloading.
  • Click the downloaded ExpressVPN file & start installing.

You can download ExpressVPN for Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, and even Routers from its official website. So you can use any device for ExpressVPN Netflix streaming because it is compatible with all operating systems.

How To Use ExpressVPN With Netflix For Restricted Content?

Steps to Use ExpressVPN For Netflix

The steps to setup & use ExpressVPN for Netflix are given below:

  • Subscribe to an ExpressVPN plan.
  • Then login ExpressVPN app on your device.
  • Click on the country name to check server locations.
  • Choose a server location & tap “Connect”.
  • Now enjoy unrestricted Netflix streaming.
Unblock Regional Netflix With ExpressVPN
Enhance your Netflix streaming experience with ExpressVPN & get your hands on worldwide Netflix libraries.
Enhance your Netflix streaming experience with ExpressVPN & get your hands on worldwide Netflix libraries. Show Less

If you follow this method, you will know how does ExpressVPN work with Netflix on your selected device. We recommend trying ExpressVPN 15 months deal if you want to access global Netflix within your budget. With ExpressVPN plan, you can watch your favorite Prison movie on Netflix anytime.

Is ExpressVPN Netflix Free For Streaming?

No, watching Netflix with ExpressVPN is not free. ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a free version that you can use with Netflix. Though there is ExpressVPN free trial for 3 months that you can get along with purchasing its subscription. You can use its trial period to test if ExpressVPN work with Netflix or not.

How Much Does ExpressVPN For Netflix Cost?

Best ExpressVPN Plan for Netflix

Using ExpressVPN with Netflix will cost you between $6.67/mo – $12.95/mo, depending on the type of subscription. The following plans for ExpressVPN work with Netflix in 2023:

  • ExpressVPN Monthly Plan: It will cost you $12.95 each month and you will have to renew it every month for watching Netflix.
  • ExpressVPN Six Months Plan: The cost of using this plan is $9.99 per month & you can stream Netflix while saving almost $3 each month.
  • ExpressVPN Twelve Months Plan: You will be charged $6.67 each month for up to 12 months and then get 3 months extra for free. It is available for Netflix users at a 49% discount and saves around $6 every month.
Affordable ExpressVPN Plan For Netflix
Grab 12 months plan at $6.67/mo with 49% discount & watch Netflix with ExpressVPN from anywhere.
Grab 12 months plan at $6.67/mo with 49% discount & watch Netflix with ExpressVPN from anywhere. Show Less

Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix On PC?

Yes, it works for PC users. You can use the ExpressVPN Netflix setup on your PC & laptop to access regional content from other countries. While streaming Netflix on your Windows computer, you can also use the ExpressVPN Chrome extension to change your location.

So PC users can take advantage of ExpressVPN for Netflix either by its dedicated app for PC or its Chrome extension. Also, ExpressVPN is preferred as the best VPN for PC by many users because of its strong privacy protection features.

Can I Use ExpressVPN With Netflix On Android?

Yes, ExpressVPN work with Netflix on Android mobile phones. You can connect to the ExpressVPN server in any country & stream its Netflix library without any restrictions. Android users can install ExpressVPN Netflix by visiting the Google Play store and downloading the app.

ExpressVPN work on Android devices and its app is compatible for use with Netflix. So you don’t have to worry about anything because your IP & location stays hidden while you watch Netflix. You can also watch Fubo in Mexico or any other country by using ExpressVPN and get the fastest connection which makes your streaming buffer-free.

Best Servers To Watch Netflix With ExpressVPN

Best ExpressVPN Servers for Netflix

It is important to choose ExpressVPN server locations that offer high-speed connections for a smooth Netflix streaming experience. The following server locations of ExpressVPN work with Netflix for connection stability:

  • United States: Los Angeles, New Jersey, Atlanta
  • United Kingdom: London, Wembley, Docklands
  • Japan: Shibuya, Tokyo, Yokohama
  • Singapore: Marina Bay, Jurong, CBD
  • Germany: Frankfurt, Nuremberg
  • Canada: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver
3000+ Netflix Optimized Servers - ExpressVPN
Watch Netflix in UltraHD with ExpressVPN's 3000+ streaming optimized servers in 94 countries.
Watch Netflix in UltraHD with ExpressVPN's 3000+ streaming optimized servers in 94 countries. Show Less

The above-mentioned list of ExpressVPN servers for Netflix is great for watching American, Asian, and European content from anywhere. These ExpressVPN Netflix optimized servers allow you to watch movies/TV shows in UltraHD without buffering.

Does ExpressVPN Unblock Netflix In Banned Countries?

Yes, users in countries like China, Iran, and Syria can use ExpressVPN to access Netflix. ExpressVPN work with Netflix in all countries because its servers are accessible from everywhere. So you can unblock Netflix even in highly restricted countries without any hassle.

If you are traveling to one of these locations where Netflix is not allowed or available, you can use ExpressVPN. By using ExpressVPN for Netflix you can change your location and get anonymous access to Netflix without getting monitored by ISP.

Did Netflix Block ExpressVPN?

If Netflix detects your VPN service like ExpressVPN then it will block your access. It is possible that some servers of ExpressVPN have been blocked by Netflix for violating streaming guidelines. Using the blacklisted server of ExpressVPN Netflix could increase the chances of getting blocked.

So whenever you face any error like VPN detected while using ExpressVPN for Netflix, change your server location. By doing this, Netflix will not block ExpressVPN because you are using a different IP address now.

Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix UK?

Yes, ExpressVPN with Netflix UK works as it one of the best VPN services in United Kingdom. You can watch UK Netflix content in other countries by connecting to ExpressVPN’s United Kingdom server. You can watch UK movies or TV shows on Netflix only by changing your virtual location using ExpressVPN.

Stream Netflix With ExpressVPN
Use ExpressVPN with Netflix to watch geo-blocked Netflix content in your country at $6.67/mo.
Use ExpressVPN with Netflix to watch geo-blocked Netflix content in your country at $6.67/mo. Show Less

Why Does ExpressVPN Not Work With Netflix?

There are many reasons why ExpressVPN Netflix is not working as mentioned below:

  • VPN Detection: Netflix uses advanced technology to detect VPN and block its access. So ExpressVPN will not work with Netflix if your spoofed IP address is detected.
  • Blacklisted Server: Netflix keeps banning VPN servers whenever it detects them. If you think that the blacklisted server of ExpressVPN work with Netflix then you are wrong because it won’t work.
  • Server Downtime: When the ExpressVPN server is down due to any maintenance or it gets overcrowded due to high usage, it will stop working.
  • Outdated Version: If you are using an old version of ExpressVPN for Netflix then it might not work due to any technical glitches.

ExpressVPN Netflix Not Working! 10 Ways To Fix 

10 Fixes For ExpressVPN Netflix Not Working

When Netflix with ExpressVPN is not working, try these solutions:

  • Use a stable and active internet connection. If you have speed throttling issues then contact your ISP.
  • Disconnect & then reconnect your ExpressVPN to make sure your actual IP address is changed by a virtual IP address.
  • Flush the cache & browsing history so Netflix can’t track the fact that you are changing location. Doing this will make ExpressVPN work with Netflix without any detection.
  • Switch ExpressVPN server & connect to a different server location to resolve server blacklisting by Netflix.
  • Switch ExpressVPN protocol to make sure that you can access Netflix without any protocol issues.
  • Upgrade ExpressVPN app to the latest released version to eliminate compatibility issues with Netflix.
  • Manage Firewall/Antivirus by adding ExpressVPN to its trust list. You can also turn off the antivirus if you want.
  • Delete DNS cache of your device so it doesn’t interfere with VPN’s DNS settings and make it easier for Netflix to track your location.
  • Examine proxy settings on your computer and make sure to change it to “auto” or “don’t detect”.
  • Contact customer support executive of ExpressVPN & share with them about issues you are facing while watching Netflix.

Does Netflix Work With ExpressVPN?

Yes, ExpressVPN work with Netflix on Android, iOS, Windows & all other devices. It changes your location and hides your IP address from Netflix or ISP making it impossible to get detected.

Can I Change Netflix Region Using ExpressVPN?

Yes, you can change the ExpressVPN Netflix region. Just launch the ExpressVPN app & connect to its server in another region. Now login to Netflix & you will see content from other regions.

Final Verdict – Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix In 2023?

If you are looking for a trusted VPN service for Netflix streaming then ExpressVPN should be considered as your first choice. ExpressVPN is the best streaming VPN for Netflix as it unblocks unlimited Netflix libraries without any issues.

You can use ExpressVPN Netflix to access its content in restricted countries like Iran, China, Russia, etc. Its Lightway protocol, 30-day money-back guarantee, and thousands of servers in 94 countries make it a great choice for watching Netflix.