ExpressVPN Upgrades Servers To 10Gbps, 40Gbps In The Pipeline

Our highest-rated VPN provider, ExpressVPN, is currently upgrading all of its 1Gbps servers to new ones that will greatly increase throughput at the most possible. ExpressVPN upgrades servers to 10Gbps, 40Gbps in the pipeline.

The top supplier recommended prioritizing the influence of using a server over its availability, declaring that faster speeds and more reliable VPN connections will come as a result.

Through the third quarter, more than 70% of ExpressVPN’s global traffic was rerouted to 10-gigabit servers. By early 2019, all ExpressVPN locations will be covered in upgraded networks.

A number of them are currently having upgrades, and some have been boosted up to 40 gigabits to allow the company to experiment with new, cutting-edge innovations for a future-proof service.

“We are also still exploring ways to better optimize and operate these 40Gbps servers at full capacity,” an ExpressVPN spokesperson told TechRadar. “Users should still be able to enjoy the full benefits of our 10Gbps servers in the meantime.”

What Does ExpressVPN’s Server Change Mean For Customers?

More powerful servers can provide access to a number of VPN users. ExpressVPN upgrades servers to 10Gbps, 40Gbps in the pipeline.

Note that the greater the bandwidth, the quicker the speed on all web servers. That’s why servers can handle greater amounts of traffic without facing congestion. According to the ExpressVPN team, both it is existing and its new customers are noticing substantial speed boosts lately, hence 50% better download speeds.

The processing capacity and bandwidth available in TOR routers have increased significantly. Older devices had between 4 and 8 cores on each machine, and most new ones have between 20 and 32 cores – and the physical memory size of TrustedServer-based appliances will be increased to at least 128 gigabytes. This has improved the stability and reliability of transfers between the device and end-users after ExpressVPN upgrades servers to 10Gbps, 40Gbps in the pipeline. Grab the best VPN for all devices with excellent bandwidth.

The client also asserts that the additional resources and upgraded hardware will allow IT developers to improve the performance of the servers and test for new characteristics in a more efficient method.

ExpressVPN is the latest service to make changes to its older servers, and NordVPN and Surfshark are currently replacing older servers with 10Gbps of bandwidth. However, if Express successfully deploys the new 40Gbps server plans, it may lead the VPN industry to bold new possibilities.