How To Fix NordVPN Keeps Disconnecting Issue In 2023?

How to Fix NordVPN Keeps Disconnecting

It might be frustrating when NordVPN Keeps Disconnecting with internet connection. Find a solution & get fixed NordVPN disconnect issue by following a few methods.

In this post, we will discuss how to fix NordVPN keeps disconnecting and also mentioned the reason why NordVPN disconnecting issue happens. If you want to solve this issue then connect with us at the end of the blog we give you a complete solution that is helpful for you.

Why Does NordVPN keep Disconnecting My internet?

NordVPN disconnects because the data packet is not being sent or received. Sometimes NordVPN servers might be overloaded and might be not capable to handle the traffic. It only happens during the weekend or holidays. 

It is also possible that your internet connection is unstable ad it can be caused by various factors like problems with your modern router.

I am happy because I know the solution to fix NordVPN disconnecting issue without taking much time. Which is quick and simple for all of you.

If you find that NordVPN is repeatedly disconnecting, it is suggested that you contact customer support for assistance.

Reason Behind Why NordVPN Keeps Disconnecting

Reason Behind Why NordVPN Keeps Disconnecting

Here you get the all reasons behind the NordVPN keeps disconnecting issue. Read the all causes carefully and find the perfect solution for NordVPN disconnecting issue 2023.

  • Your connection has too much delay
  • Other Network connection issues
  • You complete your NordVPN device limits
  • Your ISPs is Blocking NordVPN traffic
  • Server is congested

Your Connection has too much Delay

As you know NordVPN makes an encrypted tunnel between your devices and a remote VPN server.

Every ten seconds, your device sends a message to the VPN server to maintain connectivity continuously. If the servers take more than 120 seconds to react so your VPN tunnel closes and your client will disconnect.

In that situation, the latency of the internet connection can cause your NordVPN disconnecting issue. 

Other Network Connection Issues

Your internet connection connects to a series of devices in a long chain so any one of them failing could result in your NordVPN keeps disconnecting. 

There could be an issue with your WiFi network, and the broadband connection you are using to connect to it. If you have a weak WiFi network or mobile data signal then there is a chance of NordVPN keeps disconnecting.

If you ever shared your connection with lots of people and you don’t have unlimited bandwidth to sustain it. In that situation, you can make your NordVPN connection or other VPN connection less stable.

You Complete Your NordVPN Device Limits

Many VPN company including NordVPN allows you to connect with up to 5 devices at a time. So if you are trying to use a VPN on an additional device then VPN may disconnect or fail to connect.

Your ISPs is Blocking NordVPN traffic

The usage of a VPN is restricted by laws and regulations in many countries. Countries like Belarus, Iraq, and North Korea have fully banned VPN use. Russia and China among other nations restrict their use.

If you try to access NordVPN in a highly restricted country like China then it might be possible that your ISP will block VPN traffic.

Server Is Congested

VPN with small server networks are often less reliable so if there are many users connected to a single server so your NordVPN connection may drop down unexpectedly.

Different Methods To Fix NordVPN Keeps Disconnecting Issue

Here we mentioned some methods which is 100% useful to fix NordVPN from disconnecting. You just need to follow the all instruction carefully without making any mistakes.

Reset NordVPN

To reset your NordVPN setting here we noted the simple and easy steps that can help you to perform it easily. 

  • Open NordVPN, then open its “settings” menu by clicking the “Cog” idol.
  • Press on “General” & then choose “Run diagnostic” under diagnostics.
  • Press “Reset app” Under the “NordVPN diagnostic tool”.
  • You reset your NordVPN, relaunch it and check if you still disconnecting.

Change The VPN Protocol

If your NordVPN keeps disconnecting then you can change the VPN protocol. Right below I have written the simple steps which guide you to change the VPN protocol.

  • Launch NordVPN and open the “Settings” page by pressing the “Gear” icon at top of the right corner.
  • On the right side “Press the “Connection” and choose “VPN Protocol”.
  • Under “VPN Protocol” choose another protocol.

If this is not helpful for you then you can try our next solution to fix NordVPN from disconnecting.

Change The NordVPN Server Location

If you are trying to change the VPN protocol then try to use NordVPN to change location maybe it is the reason for the NordVPN disconnecting issue. 

  • To fix the NordVPN keeps disconnecting issue you should follow the below-mentioned steps.
  • Open the NordVPN software and expand the “servers” list.
  • Now Press on different servers
  • If NordVPN keeps disconnecting in spite of changing the servers, Change the server again.

Temporarily Disable Firewall and Antivirus To Fix NordVPN Disconnecting Issue

Sometimes your antivirus software or firewall settings can stop an application from functioning properly or even block the internet connection. You can launch your NordVPN client after temporarily disabling them.

To disable your firewall you must follow the steps.

  • Press on the “Start” menu & search for “control panel”.
  • Press on “System & Security” and select “Windows Defenders Firewall”.
  • Press on “Turn On & Off Windows Firewall” on the left side.
  • Choose “Turn Off Windows Firewall (Not consider)” under both private or public Network settings.
  • Now press “OK” to save the changes.

Follow the steps to Disable your antivirus to fix disconnecting NordVPN issue

  • Open the “Start” menu and search for Windows security settings.
  • On the right-side menu press on “virus and threat protection”.
  • Under the virus & threat protection setting click on “Manage Settings
  • Press the toggle under “Real-time protection” to shut off the Windows Defender antivirus.

After that, your NordVPN stop disconnecting automatically.

Fix NordVPN By Reset Network Stack

  • Hit on the “start” menu and search for “command prompt”.
  • Click on “Run as administrator” to open it as an administrator.
  • Now, enter the below commands one by one and click the “Enter” key after each command.
  • After that close the command prompt & launch NordVPN. Press if you are still disconnecting.

Use LAN and Connect to Another Network

Connect your PC to a wired connection and then start NordVPN if you are using Wi-Fi and NordVPN keeps disconnecting.

In general, WiFi networks are unreliable, and if you are distant from the router, then you may suffer because sometimes NordVPN slow down internet speed. You can gain a full internet connection by using an Ethernet cable to connect your PC.

Turn on your mobile device’s hotspot if it is not useful to you.

To check if it helps, connect your PC to the mobile hotspot and use the mobile data connection.

Reinstalling NordVPN To Solve Internet Disconnection

Uninstalling and reinstalling your NordVPN app will solve the issue.

How to reinstall NordVPN is as follows:

  • Click “Uninstall NordVPN software” in the “Control Panel” after opening it.
  • After the indexing is complete, look for “NordVPN” and select the “Uninstall” option.
  • The uninstaller for NordVPN will launch. To uninstall it, select “Yes.”
  • To access the junk files folder, click the “Start” button, input “%tmp%,” and hit “Enter.
  • On your keyboard, find the “NordVPN” folder, then concurrently click Ctrl, Shift, and Del.
  • Restart your computer right now.
  • For your PC, visit the NordVPN website and download it once more.
  • A setup window will appear when you open the downloaded file.
  • Accepting the terms and agreement, selecting a location to save the files, and confirming your choice will finish the setup procedure.

Contact Customer Support

The only last option if you’ve tried all the suggestions we made and your NordVPN keeps disconnecting is to get in touch with customer service.

The customer support staff at NordVPN is outstanding and responsive.

They can assist you in troubleshooting the problem and provide a better understanding of what is causing the NordVPN connection to drop at random.

Fix – NordVPN Keeps Disconnecting On iPhone

  • Update your NordVPN software
  • Reinstall your NordVPN software
  • Disable the power savings setting
  • Clear the NordVPN app cache
  • Reset your Device Network settings.

How To Fix NordVPN keeps disconnecting Android?

  • Update your NordVPN software
  • Reinstall your NordVPN app
  • Disable power saving setting
  • Clear the VPN application cache
  • Reset your device Network setting

How To Stop NordVPN Keeps Disconnecting In Windows Pc Or Laptop?

  • Reinstall your NordVPN software
  • Disable power savings setting
  • Manually update your NordVPN network driver

What Should I Do If NordVPN Is Unable To Connect?

There are a few things you need to try to fix if NordVPN is unable to connect. First, you make sure that you are utilizing the correct VPN protocols

VPN protocols are the methods by which your device connects to a VPN server. In VPN protocols, there are some major protocols are PPTP and OpenVPN. If your VPN software is not working then try to change your different protocols. If none of the protocols work then you can make use of the second option.

The second is to check your internet connection to make sure that it is stable and working properly. 

While using NordVPN you need to make sure that your internet connection is stable and working properly. Remember one thing when your VPN app is not working then check your internet connection which can help you to solve the problem. 

Another thing to do is to make sure your router is fully configured. Ensure that the traffic coming from the VPN software is not being blocked by your firewall settings.

How Do I Stop My NordVPN From Automatically Disconnecting?

If your NordVPN keeps disconnecting then you need to try the below-noted methods which might be helpful for you to stop NordVPN from automatically disconnecting.

  • Force Restart your phone
  • Uninstall and reinstall the NordVPN App
  • Restart your WiFi network settings
  • Select a Different region
  • Update the NordVPN software
  • Restart the router
  • Use Alternative to NordVPN (Recommend IPVanish 2 Year Deal)

Is It Safe To Leave NordVPN Connected All The Time?

Yes, leaving NordVPN connected constantly is generally completely secure. The only caution is that the NordVPN connection will be lost if you put your computer to sleep or turn it off.
However, generally speaking, you can remain NordVPN connected for as long as you need to.

Why Does NordVPN Keep Disconnecting?

The reason behind your NordVPN disconnecting issue is that your app/operating system needs to be updated. Ensure that your app or operating system is up to date. Battery optimization feature impacts NordVPN functionality.


In the above-mentioned part we discussed about how to fix NordVPN keeps disconnecting in 2023. Even we mentioned the causes of issues or the solution that makes you aware so you can simply solve the NordVPN disconnecting issue in just a second without any problems.

I hope you are satisfied with the given mentioned information but if you have any other queries or issue related to this information then you can send a message in our vpnblade comment section.