Free VPN for Dark Web 2023 – Use Best Free Dark Web VPN for Surfing

Free VPN For Dark Web

Are you also looking for ways to access the dark web, if yes then VPN is the best solution for it? There are lots of free and paid VPN available in the market. You can easily use these free VPN for dark web. Nowadays, the demands of people to access the dark web are increasing rapidly. But there are lots of countries where the Dark Web is restricted by their governments and surfing the dark web is considered suspicious activity.

Why We Need Free VPN for Dark Web?

In today’s world, surfing the dark web is not the COOL thing you are doing, because it is associated with various criminal activities. You always take care of your privacy and your digital identity while surfing the dark web.  

We always need to use a VPN for these reasons, First is that there are some countries where Tor browsers are restricted to use so without using VPN you can not be able to access the Tor browser. Second is you need to hide your IP address from hackers, online attackers, snoopers, Even from your ISP and your government.

Here VPN plays an important role for you, it can provide you worldwide access to Tor browsers and hide your digital identity from being tracked by anyone. There are some paid as well as some free VPN for dark web available in the market that you can use for this work.

Which Is The Best Free Dark Web VPN To Use In 2023?

best VPN for Dark Web

These are some free VPN available in the market for surfing Dark Web. Each of the VPN has its specialty, so you can choose any of them to access the dark web according to your budget and needs.

Windscribe (Supports Multiple Free VPN Connections for Dark Web)

This is the most popular free VPN service provider. Windscribe has both free and paid services, where its paid service will be a better option if you want to access the dark web. It works well with all types of platforms, which means it is the best VPN for games, content streaming, torrenting, etc.

If we talk about the dark web then windscribe is the best free VPN for dark web that allows you to hide your identity. It supports unlimited parallel connections, which means you can surf the dark web on multiple devices at the same time.

On the dark web, there are lots of hackers and attackers available, who are ready to attack you and steal your important information. But with the use of windscribe, you can easily protect your information and digital identity even from your ISP. So here we can say Windscribe is one of the best free VPN available in the market.

Pros of Windscribe

  • Multiple connections
  • Data Limit up to 10GB

Cons of Windscribe

  • Sometimes it feels a little bit slow

ProtonVPN (Best Free VPN for Surfing Dark Web)

This is the best free VPN for dark web if you want to surf the dark web from different locations. ProtonVPN is also a free VPN which has currently 24 servers in 3 countries. It has various features that will help it to make a trustworthy relationship with its customers like you don’t need to sign up for ProtonVPN if you already have a ProtonMail account. You just need to log in with your ProtonMail credentials and then you can easily access the free version of ProtonVPN.

This VPN supports all the platforms like Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS. It supports only one connection at a time & Tor traffic of Dark Web but you can not access its features for free. So if you are planning to buy its subscritption plan, then use this ProtonVPN coupon code. It will save some extra bucks for you.

Pros of ProtonVPN

  • Unlimited data access.
  • Wide range of servers.
  • Provides complete transparency.

Cons of ProtonVPN

  • Can not use complete features for free.
  • Supports only 1 connection at a time.

Speedify (Most Popular Free VPN for Dark Web) 

This is the most popular free dark web VPN. In our testing, we found some amazing features of Speedify VPN. It provides 2GB of free data access per month and supports a no-log policy so that your dark web surfing can’t be traceable. If we talk about a free VPN that is accessible all around the world, then Speedify VPN for dark web is the best pick for you. It has 200 plus servers in 35 countries and also takes care of user experience that’s why it doesn’t show ads.

But as you know, Speedify VPN is safe and a free VPN but it has some limitations. Its speed is not so good, and its app is also very outdated even sometimes it feels laggy. Speedify VPN supports a single connection at a time. 

But as a free VPN for dark web, it is not a perfect choice especially for surfing the dark web, if you want to use the best VPN for dark web, then there are some paid VPN available in the market. You should also look at those at least once. It is also the best VPN for android, windows & IOS.

Pros of Speedify VPN

  • 2GB data limit per month.
  • Strictly follows a no-log policy.
  • Doesn’t show ads.

Cons of Speedify VPN

  • App UI is outdated.
  • Sometimes feels laggy.

NordVPN (Superfast Speed VPN for Dark Web)

NordVPN is known for its highest speed and server response time. If you don’t want to ruin your surfing experience, then NordVPN is the best VPN for accessing the dark web. It provides 6 connections simultaneously.

NordVPN is a multipurpose VPN, it works well with all the domains like Surfing, Content Streaming, Gaming, and Torrenting. NordVPN offers a customizable kill switch, automatic ad-blocking, and protection against WebRTC. It can easily unblock geo-restrictions so that you can access the dark web easily. for other use you can also setup NordVPN on Samsung smart TV which enable multiple streaming content on your devices.

If you want to know every single detail about NordVPN film theorist offer then check out this NordVPN, here we describe the complete information in detail of the plan.

NordVPN is not a free VPN for dark web, but it makes sure that you won’t regret your spending on buying a NordVPN subscription. It will add some value to your surfing experience. NordVPN also offers a 7 days trial option, you can check its trial version, If you are satisfied, then buy its subscription with NordVPN coupon code and do some extra savings.

Pros of NordVPN

  • High-speed server.
  • Supports 6 connections simultaneously.
  • Has customized kill switch.

Cons of NordVPN

  • Provides only 7 days trial.
  • No router app.

ExpressVPN (Most Reliable VPN for Dark Web)

It is not a free VPN, but if you want the best VPN for dark web, then this is the best pick for you. ExpressVPN helps you to become anonymous on the dark web. It will hide your digital identity not just from hackers or snoopers, it will also hide it from your ISP and your government. ExpressVPN has the best AES 256-bit encryption mechanism, that can protect your data against various malicious scripts and attacks. It provides the best speed in its segment so that your experience of surfing the dark web becomes very smooth.

You can also try this free VPN for dark web for 30 days where you will have to pay any kind of charge. If you are not satisfied with its services, then you can easily claim your refund within 30 days, otherwise you can continue with its subscription using ExpressVPN coupon code. This can not make you rich, but yes these small savings make huge impact on long term.

Pros of ExpressVPN

  • Best unblocking capabilities.
  • Has AES 256-bit. 
  • Doesn’t show ads.

Cons of ExpressVPN

  • Not provides too many configurations.
  • Not a Free VPN.

Which Free VPN Is Best For Dark Web? – Final Conclusion

Windscribe is the best free dark web VPN service that you can use without having any problem. Yes, there are some free VPN available for dark web, but free VPN has some limitations like slower speeds, limited servers, a single connection at a time, etc. But if you want to experience superfast speed, multiple connections, and strong security mechanisms then paid VPN is the best choice for you. 


The most common questions that come on user’s mind related to Dark Web.

What VPN To Use For The Dark Web?

NordVPN is the best-suited VPN for dark web. Because of its high speed and unblocking capabilities, it is one of the best VPN for the dark web. It has thousands of active users and the company is still growing with a good rate of new customers in the market. So if you choose it for accessing the dark web then you will be fully anonymous all the time.

Can You Be Tracked On The Dark Web While Using VPN?

No, there is no chance to track a person on the dark web because all the requests and responses are encrypted. But for extra security, you can use paid or free VPN for dark web for being anonymous.

Is VPN Better Than Tor For Dark Web?

Yes, here we can say VPN is faster than Tor because in Tor the request is going through multiple nodes because of that the whole process becomes time-consuming. Whereas in VPN the request is going through only the VPN server, which saves so much time of a request.