What are The Best Features of Hola VPN Chrome Premium Extension Version?

Many VPN users enjoy the services of the Hola VPN free extension. But, have you ever thought to use the services of the Hola VPN Premium Version Extension. Its free version has limited features but in the premium version, customers will get unlimited features. The Hola VPN Extension is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone.  We have used the Hola VPN Premium Extension and are glad for its performance. In this, we have found the Best Features of the Hola VPN Chrome Premium Extension Version.

In this, you will get to know about each of them. We promise that you will fall for its services and wants to use it once.

If you are looking for the premium version of the Hola VPN Extension then get to know about it. Read the post and learn about each brilliant feature.

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What is Hola VPN Chrome Extension?

Hola VPN Extension

Hola VPN chrome extension is one of the best and most popular extensions. The Hola VPN extension is found by Derry Shribman and Ofer Vilenski. When the extension is launched it is used by more than 8 million users. And now the extension is owned by 200 million users.  The company provides you with both Hola VPN Free and Premium services. The free version carries limited features but the premium version is loading with extraordinary VPN qualities.

Here we are going to discuss the top-rated features of the Hola VPN. The Premium plan is a valuable and reasonable choice for you.

Here you will get to know the best features and how to add Hola VPN extension in windows, android, mac, etc devices.

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Top 10 features of Hola VPN Chrome Extension

Here you will get to know the features of all the premium features of the Hola VPN extension.

Hola VPN Extension Features

VPN Time

Hola VPN has three plans free, premium, and ultra. The Free plan is only valid for a limited time and period. You can only use this plan for 3 days with an hour of access per day.

But, In the Premium version, you will get unlimited access time per day. When you compare the Hola VPN Free and Premium plans you will get numerous features in it. The Premium services are reasonable for the user and trustworthy too. Once, you can’t be trusted the quality of the Hola VPN free Version. But Hola VPN Premium is the best over the free one.

Number Of Device Connection

Hola VPN free version allows you to connect a single device at a time. But if you want to connect more than 5 devices at a time. Then you can connect 10 devices simultaneously with the Hola VPN Plus Plan. This plan is best for family, friends, and for business users.

Hola VPN Ultra Plan provides you with the compatibility of 20 device connections at a time. This one is the most reliable plan for the users.

Ultra-Fast Servers

In the free version list of the Hola VPN servers list, the user will get 500+ Servers. But in the Premium and Ultra Plan of the Hola VPN, you will get 1000 to 1500 + servers. The servers are located in 93+ countries.

Excellent Online Video Streaming Quality

The free version doesn’t allow you online video streaming. But, with the Hola VPN Premium And Ultra Version, you can easily access multiple streaming platforms. With this software, you can easily browse Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and other online streaming platforms. Watch the high-quality HD and 4K videos. Hola VPN is Good For Netflix the most popular streaming platform.

Best Security Features

If you are concerned about your security don’t go for the free plan. In the Hola VPN Premium and ultra-security, you will get the best privacy and security. In this software, you will get the no-logs policy, encryption, IKEv2, 256-bit encryption, etc.

Hola VPN Premium Extension

Support Services

Hola VPN provides you with excellent support services. You can find out answers to all the queries through its blog section, Faqs, email, and knowledge base.  They revert in a very short time and answer all your queries.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with its services then you will get Hola VPN 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. So, you can easily refund it.

Easy to use Interface

The interface of the Hola VPN is very easy to manage. With a single click, you can connect with any of the IP addresses you want.

Unblock any website

Hola VPN Premium and ultra VPN unblock any of the websites and content easily. With a click, you can connect with any of the IP addresses. Through this software, you can easily unblock the streaming content and website.


In the Hola VPN Premium Plan, you will not get Smart DNS quality. But in the Ultra Plan, you will get the Smart DNS Quality.

How to use Hola VPN Chrome Extension?

Enjoyers can use the Hola VPN extension or any other in a few clicks. You only need to follow the guidelines mentioned below. Through this, you can easily learn how to use the Hola VPN extension.

  • You can download Hola VPN from the Hola.exe file from the official account of the website for the laptops. If you want to use the software on android and iPhone then you can download this software from Play Store and app store.
  • Then click on the download button and ad this software to your device. The user rated this software 4.8 out of 5.
  • When you download Hola VPN you only need to click on the right top corner to start the application.

Why you need VPN software?

When you do the online activities or search over google, yahoo, and any other search engine you will find many blocked content and website. To get access to blocked websites you can use VPN software. This will help you to browse, stream and do anything you want. It hides your IP address and makes your online browsing safe.

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How much does Hola VPN Premium Plan Cost?

The Hola VPN Premium Plan is very reasonable for buyers. And Customers will receive a massive 80% with Hola VPN Discount Code.

  • Premium Plan Per Mont Purchase cost $2.29/mo* with a great saving discount deal. You can add this excellent security for 3 year with a great saving Hola VPN 3 Year Discount Deal.
  • Hola VPN Premium 1 Year Plan Cost $7.69/mo* with a saving of up to 49% you can add this software for a year at $92.69 every year.
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Which plan is best for the Hola VPN daily users?

Hola VPN 3-Year Plan is the best choice for all users.  This will make your online activities safe for the long term.
If you are making a decision to purchase Hola VPN then you kindly suggest using NordVPN instead of this. You can use NordVPN coupon code or deals to make an affordable purchase of quality VPN services.