HolaVPN Review 2021 – Is it Best For Hiding IP Address?


HolaVPN is one of the top leading VPN service providers and gives you limitless access to any content anywhere you want. It provides free VPN access and internet freedom for all.   Protecting your browsing activity has become very necessary nowadays as cybercrime has increased. A good VPN can take away all these worries about your privacy and internet security.


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In this article, you will get a complete and unbiased Hola VPN Review 2021.  A VPN (Virtual Private Network) hides your original IP address and protects your browsing activity secure and safe. It also gives you access to geo-restricted content and makes streaming possible. In this HolaVPN Review, you will get to know that Hola VPN is a well-rich featured VPN or not.

About HolaVPN

HolaVPN is a freemium web and mobile application that provides VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. It was found in 2007 by Ofer Vilneski and Derry Shirbman and is headquartered in Israel. It has a worldwide location.

Supported Platforms| Hola VPN Review 2021

HolaVPN works with many platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Android, iOS, Huawei, windows, macOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Consoles, Routers, Apple TV, and Smart TVs.  HolaVPN provides you with fast speed and access to any content anywhere and available in 47 languages.

Hola VPN Review | Features Of Hola VPN


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Trustpilot Rating | 4.6*

HolaVPN provides many features along with fast speed making their customer experience better such as:

  • VPN Time- HolaVPN gives you unlimited VPN time which means you use it as much as you wanted however, it is limited in the free version.
  • Connectivity- HolaVPN can connect up to 20 devices with just one subscription but these numbers are relying on the subscription you have chosen. In its premium plan, it can connect to 10 devices and 1 in its forever free plan.
  • Video Quality- This VPN gives you a nice quality video streaming experience. In its ultra plan, you will get 4k video quality streaming, and in the premium plan, it gives you an HD (High Definition) view.
  • Security and encryption- HolaVPN gives the best in class security and encryption. 7,746,299 people access it.
  • DNS- It also gives its users smart DNS protection though this function is available in its Ultra plan.

In the table below you can find detailed differences in the features provided in all three HolaVPN Plans:

FeaturesHola Free ForeverHola PremiumHola Ultra
Device Connectivity11020
Video QualitySDHD4K
Security and Encryption----YesYes
Servers Worldwide5001,0001500
Smart DNS--------Yes


Hola VPN Download

Hola VPN  is better than other free VPNs. This is another reason it is downloaded by millions of people now. It is very easy to download HolaVPN  follow this tutorial for downloading Hola VPN:

  • Go to their main website click on join hola
  • logging with your email, Facebook account, or google
  • Now you will be on the chrome page and click on add extension
  • Install it and enjoy it.

HolaVPN for PC

HolaVPN gives 100%  free access to VPN services and works smoothly with PCs as well. You can download this from your PC from google chrome and take the advantage of its forever free plan. However, there are limited features available in the free version to get the advanced features you can opt for premium and ultra plan.

Hola VPN Plans

HolaVPN  have 3 plans which are:

  1. Hola Free Forever
  2. Hola Premium
  3. Hola Ultra

All these plans provide you with different functions and features, please refer to the above table for plan differentiation.


UpTo 80% Off On Hola VPN

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Pros And Cons of HolaVPN


  • HolaVPN gives you fast speed.
  • This VPN has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is very inexpensive
  • It helps you to unblock many websites.
  • Downloading and setting is very easy.


  • Netflix streaming is not available.
  • Does not gives a kill switch facility
  • No security and encryption security.

Customer Support


UpTo 80% Off On Hola VPN

Get the exclusive discount of upto 80% on Hola VPN & hide your IP Address now.
On Going Offer

HolaVPN’s customer, the support facility relies on the subscription you have taken. They provide three subscription plan Forever Free Hola in this plan there is no customer support facility, the second one is Hola Premium in this they give email support, and the third and last one is Hola Ulta in this they provide you 24/7 email support all of the queries you can ask them by emailing them.


In this HolaVPN Review, we found this VPN unlocks the many contents for you anytime and anywhere. It has worldwide locations and works with many devices such as iOS, Windows, Android, firefox, chrome, and many more. It gives you 100% free access to VPN services and inexpensive. HolaVPN has got a 4.6 rating from Trustpilot which is a very good point although Netflix streaming is not available. From a security basis, it does not provide that much security that other VPNs providers do but it is quite good for beginners.

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