How Often Does NordVPN Go On Sale? [Big Discount Offer]

NordVPN offers many types of deals on various occasions. There are numerous discounts available like the NordVPN Casey Neistat discount deal, and it is also available at much lower prices. 

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Usually, the holiday season brings the best-discounted deals. Holiday seasons like Cyber Monday, New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, and other major holidays. During these events, NordVPN holiday deal offers huge VPN sales and special discount offers. 

List Of NordVPN Sales Comes In A Year

list of NordVPN sale

NordVPN history is pretty amazing as it comes with different money-saving sales throughout the year. Therefore, we’ve mentioned the list of NordVPN sales for your ease. 

  • NordVPN Cyber Monday Sale [End of November]
  • NordVPN Black Friday Sale [End of November]
  • NordVPN Special June Sale [June]
  • NordVPN Spring Sale [March]
  • NordVPN Christmas Sale [December]
  • NordVPN Winter Sale [December]

This is the list of NordVPN that go on sale throughout the year from January to December. You’ll get a huge discount if you purchase NordVPN plans during these events.  

When Is The NordVPN Next Sale Begin?

When does NordVPN next sale start there is no particular date or time specified by the company. Because it all depends on the date of these events every year. 

As we writing this article the NordVPN June sale is going on. And the Next sale is going to be in the month of November, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

 This sale will be a huge amount of savings for you and you can grab upto 80% off on your NordVPN plan purchase. So, don’t let this sale be missed out. 

How Much Does NordVPN Cost Money?

When NordVPN goes on sale it offers huge or money-saving discounts, by which you can save upto 60-80%. 

Basically, NordVPN offers three different plans with various features and pricing. Let’s discuss each plan.

NordVPN monthly plan 

This one is costlier than the other two which are around $13.99 per month. It is a Complete plan and you’ll get all the features. 

NordVPN 1 year plan

This 1-year plan will cost you  $6.99 per month for a Complete Plan and $4.99 per month for Standard Plan. Here you can save upto 57% & 39% respectively. If you choose the Complete plan, you’ll get all the features. 

NordVPN 2 Year Plan

If you go for NordVPN 2 year plan then it’ll cost you $5.29 per month and you can save upto 68%. This is for the Complete plan and you’ll get all the features. 

How Do I Get NordVPN Sale Discount Offer?

By following the below-listed steps you can get this plan easily. 

  • Firstly, you’ve to visit ‘’
  • Search “NordVPN deal” and open it.
  • Click on the get deal button 
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the official site of NordVPN
  • Fill in the billing details 
  • Pay the discounted amount and Enjoy!

Final Verdits 

At the present time, the Special June sale is running live.  So, don’t miss the opportunity to grab the deal and save a huge amount of money upto a 68% discount. 

Otherwise, we have already mentioned the list of upcoming NordVPN sales during the year. So, mark the calendar and take benefit of the sale. 

Is There Any Special NordVPN Sale Offer For Students?

Yes, NordVPN offers a special discount for students. NordVPN is one of the top-rated online security software that helps to protect online data from hackers & snoopers. 
By using NordVPN student discount you can get upto 67% discount. So, this will be beneficial for students.  

Who Is Eligible For NordVPN Discount Sale?

Everyone can get the benefits of NordVPN discount sales on holidays and events. VPN is a must now a day to protect all of us from malware, throttling, etc. So, anyone who wants to buy a NordVPN plan can buy a NordVPN plan.

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