Can’t Change Display Name 2021 – How to Change Twitter Handle Or Username

Change Twitter Handle or username

Bored with your old Twitter username so it’s time to change Twitter Handle or Username. But the question arises can I change my Twitter handle without losing the followers? Yes, you can change your Display Name, Username & also Twitter handle 2021.

Best Solution Can’t Change Display Name 2021

So, hang out with us because with this article we are going to tell you if you can’t change your Twitter username name or display name in 2021 within 5 minutes.

Users update their profile bio, picture and even change the username & display name for many different reasons. There are sometimes when the name of your Twitter handle does not represent the nature of your business, profession, or your personality.

These days Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms with over 190 million daily active users. Businesses & professions often use Twitter for their marketing purpose to target millions of users.

How To Change Twitter Username or Handle In 2021?

You might be thinking how can I change my Twitter Handle then follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully.

How To Change Twitter Handle On Desktop In Simple Steps

  • Log in to your Twitter account from the username you want to change.
  • Now as you logged in, click on the three dots (…) i.e., More options from the left side panel.
Twitter Account
  • Now select the Settings & privacy option.
Twitter Setting & Privacy
  • You can see the setting of your account after you click on Account information from the panel on the right side.
Twitter Account Settings
  • Here you have to confirm the ownership by entering your password and click hit.
Confirm Twitter ownership
  • As you are done with it you will see all your account-related information and at the top, you have to click Username for Twitter.
Twitter Account Information
  • Change the username whichever you want based on the availability and click save.
Change Twitter username

This is how you can remove name on Twitter with a new username.

If Can’t Change @Name On Twitter App or Desktop- Follow These Steps?

Here are the instructions to change your username on mobile Twitter.

  • The first step again you have to log in from your iPhone or Android to your account for which you want to change the Twitter username.
  • Now, click on your profile picture from the top left corner of your screen.
  • After a new window will appear, select the Settings & Privacy option.
  • Now, click on the Account option and then the Username option.
  • From here you can select or enter any of the available usernames that you want to use in the future.
  • After you are done, hit save and start using your new @name on the Twitter app.

This is how to change name on Twitter mobile easily without losing your existing followers until you have a verified badge.

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How To Change Display Name In Twitter 2021?

Before we tell you how to change Twitter name it’s important to know the difference between the Display name & username.

Display name – Twitter display name is your personal identification that is displayed in your profile. It can be your name, company name, or anything. The display name can be similar and the same as other Twitter users.

Username – Twitter username is that which is unique to every account and can’t be the same. It is used for logging in, sending messages, and for tweets. The username is starting with @name like @Twitterusername2021.

You can easily change display name on Twitter by following these simple steps.

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • Click on profile from the left side panel of the desktop.
Twitter Profile
  • From the Twitter Edit profile window, you can change the display name up to 50 characters.
Change Twitter Display Name
  • Now change Twitter name that you want to use and then hit the save button at the top.

Finally, you have changed the Twitter Display name, this was as simple as it was.

What Characters Can Be Used In a Twitter Username or Handle?

Twitter allows a user to add alphanumeric characters to make the usernames unique. You can use letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9 while using underscores. However, you can’t use dashes, spaces, special symbols while creating the username.

You can use up to 15 characters to create or change Twitter handle.

An example of @name on Twitter with allowed characters – @myusername_01

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Where Can I Find My Twitter Username?

You can find your Twitter username from your Twitter account after you have logged in. Navigate to the Profile from the left side of the windows and at the bottom of your profile pic, you will see your Twitter Display name & username that begins with @____. You can also change your Twitter handle or username.

Twitter Profile

Remember the username is the unique identity of your profile and is used to log in to your account.

Does Twitter Work With VPN?

Twitter is not the only single social media platform that blocked content based on the IP address. Whenever you connect with the internet the apps can track your locations and provides you with regional content.

By using the top VPN service providers for Twitter, you can access the regional-blocked websites easily. There are some of the cheapest VPN yearly plans that you can use to enjoy unlimited restricted content.

If I change my Twitter username, can users still find me by my old username?

When you will change your existing Twitter username to a new username your followers and the people you follow will see your new username. Twitter users can find you on Twitter from your new username that you have changed.

However, your old username will be available for other users who want to use it.

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Change Twitter Handle or Username 2021 – FAQs

Can you change Twitter handle without losing followers?

You can easily change your Twitter @name from the settings of your account. As you will change your username from the old to the new username, your existing followers will now see your new username. This won’t result in the loss of your follower until you have a verified account.

Can verified Twitter account change username or handle?

A verified Twitter account can also change their username whenever they want to. However, this can result in loss of the verified badge of the account as your identity will mismatch from the Twitter database and the account may even lose followers.

How to delete Twitter account?

Just go to the setting and privacy and from your account tab click Deactivate your account. Deactivating your Twitter account will temporarily delete your account, you can again reactivate it.
However, you can reactivate it within 30-days after deactivating your Twitter account as after that your account will be deleted permanently.

What happens when you change your Twitter handle?

After you change your Twitter handle with the new username and avatar, the users will see your new Twitter handle or @name. It can’t affect your Twitter account until & unless you have a verified badge.

How many times can I change my Twitter username or handle?

One of the best things about Twitter is that you can change your username as many times as you want without any limitations. But changing the username can result in losing your verified badge and followers.