How To Choose A VPN For School? – 9 Things To Consider

How to choose VPN for School

A VPN has become a necessity for a lot of students. It allows you to stay anonymous when using the internet in the classroom and keep your personal data secure. Besides, you can bypass any blocks and restrictions set by your school and enjoy all types of content. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose VPN for School and what to look for in selecting the best VPN services.

Top 9 Things To Consider In Choosing VPN For School

The market is full of various VPN services. The variety might almost seem confusing at first, but here are nine criteria that will help you choose a VPN for Schools you can trust to use in school.

No.1 Choice NordVPN
NordVPN for School
Use NordVPN and safeguard your School Internet and make a secure tunnel for your browsing activity on the school network.
Use NordVPN and safeguard your School Internet and make a secure tunnel for your browsing activity on the school network. Show Less

No-Logging Policy

Reliable VPNs encrypt your activity online without recording any of your data. So, for example, when you visit a paper writing service website to hire a writer to help me write an essay, a VPN shouldn’t record any logs. As a result, the details of your order, communication with the writer, and traffic remain private and unavailable to third parties, such as your school network administrators. 


VPNs use different security protocols. OpenVPN is the most reliable option today, which combines high-level performance and security. However, if you’re looking for a VPN for your mobile devices, you might also pay attention to L2TP/IPsec instead. iOS and Android operating systems support it natively. In contrast, PPTP is rather dated. It lacks speed and may cause security issues.


Choose a VPN provider with a variety of servers in different geographic locations. If you want to access specific content for US users like an online library or entertainment services like Netflix, make sure a VPN provider has servers in this country. 

Kill Switch

Most premium VPNs provide a list of extra features in addition to the essentials. A kill switch system is one of them. If something goes wrong and encryption fails, it will protect your security by disconnecting your session completely. 

This way, nobody will see your activity. Even if a VPN fails, you won’t accidentally use an open internet connection without even knowing about it. A VPN kill switch feature protects your anonymity when you hire an online paper writer from a writing service or access content restricted by your school. It gives you an extra security layer and ensures anonymous web browsing. 


VPN software can be free or paid. The first option is great for students who live on a budget. However, free VPNs often have limited speed, bandwidth, and servers. Besides, you should double-check their security guarantees. In the worst-case scenario, the tool that is supposed to protect your privacy might collect and store your information. 

Paid VPNs are more reliable in terms of security. They are usually subscription-based and offer a wider range of benefits for everyone. Besides, some companies offer discounts to students and have saving options for long-term subscriptions.


Compatibility is an important factor when you use several devices to access the internet. Make sure a VPN tool of your choice supports them so you can have a seamless experience on different platforms without needing to pay twice. 

Usually, most VPN providers support all popular platforms. But it won’t hurt to check. If you plan to use a VPN on your mobile phone and computer, aside from compatibility, look at the possibility of multiple concurrent connections. 

Easy Interface

Some VPNs are packed with various features and customization options. If you are an experienced user, this is definitely an advantage for you. Yet, most students need their VPN to be fast and automatic. Therefore, extra features might only be confusing. 


Speed is an important factor to consider. Unfortunately, free VPNs usually can’t offer fast speeds. You have to wait a long time to access the necessary content. If you don’t want to stare at a loading screen all the time, double-check the speed criteria when choosing your VPN.


Finally, take bandwidth into account. Some companies limit you to a certain number of monthly GBs or TBs. If you need a VPN only for occasional use, bandwidth limits are unlikely to affect you. But it becomes a decisive factor if you are into streaming and downloading a lot of content. 

Which is the Best VPN for School?

NordVPN is right to choose the school, Nord offers you highly secure encryption and protocols that completely protect your school data and safeguard students browsing while using the internet. So you can purchase NordVPN to get discounted prices you can find the NordVPN deals which are best suited for you(school).

NordVPN for School
Use NordVPN and safeguard your School Internet and make a secure tunnel for your browsing activity on the school network.
Use NordVPN and safeguard your School Internet and make a secure tunnel for your browsing activity on the school network. Show Less

Final Thoughts

A VPN is a must-have for students. It protects your privacy when you use public WiFi, safeguards your anonymity, and allows you to access resources banned by your school. The needs of every student are different, and so are VPN offers. So keep these selection criteria in mind when choosing a VPN to use in school.

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