How To Get Unbanned From Airbnb In 2023? [Unban Airbnb]

How To Get Unbanned From Airbnb

Wondering how to get unbanned from Airbnb as a guest? Here you will get tips to unban Airbnb account if you are suspended from Airbnb platform.

Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows people to rent their vacant homes, rooms, or apartment to tourists or travelers who are looking for accommodation. Many guests & hosts face the issue of having their accounts banned from Airbnb due to unexpected reasons.

If your Airbnb account banned then you are on the right blog. Here you will know how to make Airbnb ban appeal if your Airbnb account suspended due to any unknown reasons.

Why Was I Banned From Airbnb Without Explanation?

If you violate the rules & regulations of Airbnb then your chances to get banned from Airbnb will increase. Airbnb will ban your guest account & host account if you keep breaking their terms & conditions. With repeated violations, your account will be permanently banned & can’t get unbanned from Airbnb for a lifetime.

For How Long Does Airbnb Ban Last?

If your Airbnb account temporarily suspended then the ban will end after a certain period of time. When your Airbnb account is permanently banned then it is irreversible and this kind of ban will last for a lifetime.

How To Get Unbanned From Airbnb As A Guest?

Methods to Unban Airbnb Account

You can try the following methods to unban Airbnb account as a guest:

  • Submit Airbnb Ban Appeal
  • Provide Additional Evidence To Airbnb
  • Contact Airbnb Customer Support

Submit Airbnb Ban Appeal

When you are writing a ban appeal to Airbnb make sure to tell them everything in detail. Before you appeal for Airbnb ban, you need to understand the Airbnb community standards to determine if you are wrongfully banned.

While appealing Airbnb ban, you can include the following things in your appeal to quickly unban your Airbnb account:

  • Elaborate why you think you are banned wrongfully
  • Mention additional information in favor of your claim
  • Take responsibility & ensure to not repeat it again
  • Apologize for your mistakes

If you mention all these points in your appeal then Airbnb will reinstate your guest account after reviewing your case.

Provide Additional Evidence To Airbnb

When you contact Airbnb via email to get unbanned from Airbnb, make sure to provide evidence for your wrongful account suspension. While explaining your issue to Airbnb, providing extra evidence can favor your chances to unban Airbnb guest account easily.

If Airbnb has banned your account stating that you have violated their community standards then you can provide evidence that you have always followed the rules. This evidence could be your communication with hosts, past receipts, or any other detail that might clarify the issue.

Contact Airbnb Customer Support

If you are banned from Airbnb then you can contact their customer support by visiting the official website. By explaining your ban situation to a customer support executive, you can convenience them to look into your case. After providing them with information, you can ask if it is possible to get unbanned from Airbnb or not.

How To Ban Appeal To Airbnb As A Guest?

Steps to ban Appeal To Airbnb

The steps to appeal for Airbnb ban are given below:

  • Visit the official Airbnb website in your browser.
  • Login to your Airbnb account & visit Help Centre.
  • Then tap “Contact Us” button on this page.
  • After clicking, the Airbnb support window will open.
  • Now select “I need help with something else”.
  • Then type in “My account is banned”.
  • Four options will appear & pick “Appealing an account suspension”.
  • Now tap on “No, connect me with a person”.
  • Then submit a ban appeal to get unbanned from Airbnb.

After you get connected to a person from the Airbnb support center, start explaining how you get banned unfairly. You can provide each & every detail of what happened & the Airbnb Trust & Safety team will look into it.

Top 9 Reasons Why Am I Banned From Airbnb

Here is the list of six reasons why Airbnb suspended my account as a guest or host:

  • Criminal History: If Airbnb detects that you have a criminal record then Airbnb suspend account related to you. If you commit any crime your Airbnb account gets banned permanently.
  • Identity Theft: If someone hacks into your Airbnb account & rents a room by stealing your identity, your account will be banned. Airbnb’s anti-fraud system bans an account if it detects anomalies & you can’t get unbanned from Airbnb until full inspection. 
  • Negative Host or Guest Reviews: When guests stay in a room, they can rate the host after the stay & the hosts can also rate their guests. If the accumulated rating of guests or hosts gets lower & lower, they are likely to get banned from Airbnb.
  • High-Priced Damage: Your Airbnb account suspended if you cause expensive damage to hosts. By banning your Airbnb account, it makes sure you won’t cause more damage to other hosts.
  • Renting Room For Others: Airbnb bans your account if you are caught booking for another person as it is against their policy. As Airbnb doesn’t have a record of the person for whom you have booked, Airbnb suspend account that is used for booking.
  • Racial Discrimination: According to Airbnb’s policies, guests or hosts can’t be racially discriminated. Your account won’t get unbanned from Airbnb if guests or hosts are reported for conducting discrimination based on their identity.
  • Incorrect Listings: While listing rentals on Airbnb if you used fake pictures, misrepresents anything, or list a property you don’t own then you will be permanently banned.
  • Repeated Policy Violation: If you keep breaking the Airbnb community rules then you will get permanently banned from the Airbnb platform.
  • Circumventing Airbnb Bookings: If you try to circumvent room charges for Airbnb bookings to save money, your account can get banned.
Avoid Airbnb Ban From Identity Theft - ExpressVPN
Use ExpressVPN while booking at Airbnb to protect your crendetinals from getting hacked & prevent ban.
Use ExpressVPN while booking at Airbnb to protect your crendetinals from getting hacked & prevent ban. Show Less

Can You Make A New Airbnb Account After Being Banned?

Yes, you can create a new account by using a different email or phone number. After creating a new account when you will provide your identification details, you will get detected. So the new Airbnb account that you tried to create will also get banned or suspended.

The only way to get around the ban is to appeal to get unbanned from Airbnb. Once your account is reinstated, you can reactivate it & recover your Airbnb data.

Can Airbnb Deactivate My Account?

Yes, Airbnb can deactivate or ban your guest or host account if you break their community guidelines. The owner of the deactivated account can appeal to Airbnb to look into the case and reactivate the account.

How To Avoid Getting Banned From Airbnb?

If your account is banned, it is quite troubling to get unbanned from Airbnb due to strict Trust & Safety policies. That’s why hosts & guests should follow these things to avoid getting banned from Airbnb:

  • Never Ignore Messages From Guests: As a host, make sure to reply to guests’ messages within 24 hours timeline. If you don’t reply to messages then guests might get frustrated and leave bad reviews about you which leads to a ban.
  • Keep An Eye On Your Ratings: Whenever you get a negative review it lowers your rating so take steps to avoid that. Also, replying to negative reviews with corrections improves your impression so other guests won’t review you badly.
  • Don’t Cancel Bookings Much Often: If you cancel Airbnb rentals again and again then it will negatively impact your listing. Your host account can get banned when you cancel a reserved Airbnb room.
  • Accept All Rentals: When guests keep renting your rooms more often and you keep rejecting them, it will lead to a ban. If you don’t want to go through a complex procedure to get unbanned from Airbnb then start accepting requests.
  • Keep Essential Supplies Stocked: Make sure you have all the essentials that are needed by guests such as toilet paper, soap, towels, bedsheets, etc. Not having them might upset guests & they raise a complaint that can cause an Airbnb account ban.

How VPN Can Prevent Airbnb Account Ban?

Most Airbnb accounts are banned due to identity theft and VPN prevents hackers from stealing your identity. When you use public Wi-Fi to login to your Airbnb account it gets easier for hackers to track your account details. Using a VPN will encrypt your credentials which can prevent identity theft.

If your account gets banned from Airbnb because of identity theft then you can’t access it anymore. You will have to wait for too long to get unbanned from Airbnb because your account will be reviewed deeply. If you use a VPN service you won’t lose your account due to identity theft ever.

There are many other benefits having a VPN as it can also help in unbanning your accounts on other platforms. For example, you can get unbanned from Snapchat if you use a robust VPN service provider. So VPN is not only helpful in preventing your Airbnb ban due to identity theft but also used Get Unbanned From OfferUp.

How To Use VPN To Avoid Airbnb Ban By Identity Theft?

Use VPN to Prevent Identity Theft Ban By Airbnb

Here are the steps to use VPN to prevent identity theft which leads to an account ban:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service(Get ExpressVPN 12 months plan).
  • Install VPN on your device & initiate log in.
  • Launch VPN & connect to the VPN server.
  • Now open Airbnb in the browser or use the Airbnb app.
  • Login to your Airbnb account with security!

With VPN your Airbnb login data will be encrypted so no one can track your details. We recommend using ExpressVPN for this as it offers top-grade encryption with 256-bit AES technology. With hundreds of ExpressVPN server locations in 94 countries so you get Airbnb identity theft protection everywhere.

Avoid Airbnb Ban From Identity Theft - ExpressVPN
Use ExpressVPN while booking at Airbnb to protect your crendetinals from getting hacked & prevent ban.
Use ExpressVPN while booking at Airbnb to protect your crendetinals from getting hacked & prevent ban. Show Less

After you log in ExpressVPN, you can access your Airbnb account on any device. As you can use ExpressVPN for multiple devices, you can also safely log in Airbnb account on your phone, PC or iPad.

Why Do Airbnb Suspended Account & Banned Hosts?

Airbnb keeps inspecting hosts who are listed on its platform & if the hosts fail to keep up with Airbnb standards then they are banned or suspended. Airbnb banned account of hosts with the following issues:

  • Low overall rating
  • Delayed response time
  • Fewer accepted reservations
  • Lots of cancellations
  • Lack of essential supplies

Once your Airbnb account is suspended, you will have to appeal to get unbanned from Airbnb. After a successful appeal, your host account will be monitored for some time if it meets the Airbnb community standards. If hosts failed to maintain a good standard, Airbnb bans them permanently.

How Do I Use Airbnb After Being Banned?

If you want to use Airbnb after getting banned then you do two things:

  • Ban appeal to Airbnb with evidence so your account is unbanned.
  • Provide evidence that you are not related to a banned acquaintance so Airbnb doesn’t ban you also.

What Happens If Airbnb Bans Host?

If Airbnb bans the account of hosts then guests can’t book those hosts. If guests have already booked with a banned host for the current week they will stay with the same host. The guests that are booked with the banned host later than a week will be recommended alternative hosts by Airbnb.

If the hosts want to reinstate their account then they need to appeal ban to Airbnb. After successfully reviewing the hosts, their accounts will get unbanned from Airbnb after a short time.

Can I Reinstate My Guest Account After Airbnb Banned It?

Yes, if your Airbnb guest account suspended or banned, you can reinstate it by contacting Airbnb customer support. After a successful ban appeal to Airbnb, guests can reactive their accounts.

What Could Cause A Guest To Get Banned From Airbnb?

A guest will be banned from Airbnb for the following reasons:

Reasons to Ban A Guest From Airbnb
  • Closely related to banned person
  • Breaking Airbnb guidelines
  • Causing property damage to host
  • Bad behavior
  • Negative reviews from hosts

A guest with multiple complaints can be banned from Airbnb temporarily or permanently. Once your Airbnb guest account suspended, you have to get unbanned from Airbnb to use your account again.

What A Guest Can Do When Banned From Airbnb?

The banned guest should contact Airbnb customer support to discuss the ban. As a guest, you can explain the whole incident to Airbnb & provide evidence that how you are unjustly banned. The Airbnb team will inspect your case & provide you with information to get unbanned.

How Can Guests Provide Evidence To Airbnb?

Guests can give evidence to Airbnb by providing valid identification, proof of not breaking Airbnb’s rules & any other documents to favor your claims. As a guest, you might need to provide any additional documents or information so keep everything ready.

What To Do If Your Account Is Not Reinstated By Airbnb?

If Airbnb doesn’t reinstate your account then contact its customer support to review your ban appeal again. Also, they will provide you with further steps to get unbanned from Airbnb after reviewing your case.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Airbnb Account?

When your temporary ban period is over, login to your Airbnb account & you will be provided with a guide to reactivate your account.

Final Verdict

Getting banned from Airbnb would be frustrating for both guests & hosts. That’s why we have some ways to get you unbanned from Airbnb so you can use its platform again. By following the methods mentioned above, you can reinstate your suspended or banned Airbnb account.

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