How To Get Unbanned From Tinder?

How to Get Unbanned From Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular online dating platforms. Tinder is regularly used by millions of people and made thousands of new sign-up every day. If you are having an account then you have to follow all the rules and policy Tinder build for its users. However, users don’t follow any of the rules then there are might be chances of getting banned over tinder. If you don’t want to be in the queue of tinder banned list then first learn the rules before creating an account on Tinder. You don’t follow the protocols of tinder then know about how to get unbanned from Tinder.

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If you create your account and, are banned from tinder then this information will provide you with detail about how to unban Tinder 2023.

The below-mentioned information is furnished below that help you lot.

Reason Why You Get Banned From Tinder?

Reasons Why Tinder Ban Users

There are several reasons from which you will get banned over tinder. Over the year the popularity of tinder increased rapidly. In urban society, tinder is getting very much popular. Here are some reasons for getting an account ban.

  • Fake Profile and Policy Violation
  • Offensive and inappropriate Language
  • Spam Accounts
  • Racist Comment
  • Posting Unsuitable Images
  • Being Homophobic

 Fake Profiles And Policy Violation

Face Profiles are one of the biggest issues for banning Tinder accounts. Many people create fake profiles and use tinder to attack personal data or cyberbullying. And sometimes the Sexual Predators promote bad content on Tinder. The first step to getting banned from tinder is using the information of other users.

If you find any of the fake accounts then you can report them on Tinder. When you notify about the fake account of Tinder, after that it depends on the creator of Tinder whether to block the account or ban it. Tinder is still working on how to handle all the fake Tinder Accounts.

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Offensive and Inappropriate Language

Tinder is an online dating app and it allows to send messages to chat with the persons. If you use inappropriate and offensive language in a conversation with people. If you use offensive language in the conversation then an opposite person has the authority to report your content & chat. Any of the users don’t follow the guidelines and policy of the company then they can block you with a click.

Spam Accounts

When tinder finds any suspicious and spam activity on your account then you can ban it easily. If you constantly send messages to another person and he/she is not interested in you then they can block your account or warn you. If you send the same messages to different tinder contacts then they would be identified and blocked by Tinder. Users find any of the spam activity then click on the Report and choose “Feels Like Spam”.

Racist Comment

One of the biggest issues is the racist comment. Some people use Tinder just for fun or to entertain themselves. Many people do stupid things and send song lyrics on other profiles. The Tinder Team warned the people once if they can’t change their attitude then they have the right to ban the user account.

Posting Unsuitable Images

The Policy of the picture is very stick on Tinder. Posting pictures for skin show-off on your pictures is acceptable. However, if any of the Tinder users post images against the tinder policy then they can ban you to violate the law of tinder. Tinder does not accept those pictures that are not fit to Tinder Policy.

Being Homophobic

Tinder is for all, it includes the LGBTQ Community. So if you are homophobic then get away from Tinder, Because there must be chances of getting banned on Tinder. So, when you create your account then describe your sexual preference or interest to avoid disrespect of the “Sexual Preference”.

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Solution:- How To Get Unbanned From Tinder 2023?

Ways To Back On Tinder After Ban

If you are banned from Tinder and want to unban it figure out it through the content How to get unbanned from Tinder? You can easily figure out multiple ways if you read the below-mentioned details.

  • Make an appeal to Tinder support team
  • Create new account on Tinder
  • Make use of new data and pictures
  • Use new Gmail account & phone number

These are some of the banned Tinder solutions that can help you to overcome the situation.

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What Is Tinder Ban Appeal 2023?

If your account gets banned suddenly then you can appeal to the Tinder Support Team. You can request them to unbanned your account and you can ask why your account is banned.  You can simply appeal to get back your account.

Remember, This does not always work!

Create A New Account On Tinder After Being Banned 2023

Create a New Account on Tinder, If your previous one was banned. There is no need to make any appeal to any Tinder team. You can easily make a new Tinder after being banned in 2023 and start using it.

But, Make sure not to violate the Tinder rules again & again.

Make Use of New Data and Pictures

To make your account more attractive use new photos and profile data. Make sure that you use the latest images and make sure you cannot be identified by the Tinder team.

Use New Gmail Account & Phone Number To Get Unbanned From Tinder

For creating a new just remember to use the new phone number and Gmail account. So, Tinder will not try to block or ban your account again & again.

Use Tinder++ To Unban Your Tinder Account

If you don’t want to follow the above-mentioned rigorous process you can reset your account. You Tinder++ rather than Tinder.

Many of you might be thinking can Tinder ban your IP address, well to be honest yes Tinder may restrict your IP address also. So to avoid this, you can use a good VPN that helps to hide real IP addresses.

Easily download it from google and then choose the Best VPN software get to connect with it. Through this, you can change your IP address to access your Tinder Account without having any kind of trouble.

Make Sure That You Not Get Banned From Tinder Again

Follow all the above-mentioned guidelines if you don’t want to get your Tinder Account Banned. When the users go with the guidance then they can easily be unbanned from Tinder. If you go with the above-mentioned reason why you get banned on Tinder.

How to contact Tinder to get unbanned?

If your Tinder account has been banned then you can contact the customer support team by submitting your request from the official website. Also, you can drop an email to Tinder to get unbanned at and lodge your complaint.

How to get unbanned from Tinder on iPhone?

If you are using the Tinder iPhone app and your account have been banned then you just need to contact the support team or raise a Tinder ban appeal 2023.

How long does it take to get unbanned from Tinder?

There are many different reasons that Tinder may ban you. You can expect around a few hours to 2-3 days to hear back after you have requested from Tinder to unban your account.

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