How To Get Unbanned From Valorant? [Submit Valorant Unban Appeal]

How To Get Unbanned From Valorant

Nowadays, many users are looking for a solution to know how to get Unbanned from Valorant. If you are also one of them then you landed in the right place. In this blog, we also cover the method to get unbanned from Valorant. 

If you are a game lover then you are aware of Valorant. It is a free-to-play game in the FPS genre. According to their regulations or terms and conditions, all first-person shooter games share a similar conception of fairness. 

While playing this game, not all players follow the rules and policies they can face that their account is banned.

If you want to know about the solution and the Valorant ban appeal, then connect with us at the end of the post.

Reasons Why Your Valorant Account Is Banned

There are many reasons to ban your Valorant account. The main reason is when players don’t follow the rule of Valorant while playing it. 

Below I have mentioned the reasons that can help your account secure from getting banned while playing Valorant.

  • Cheating
  • Boosting and Sharing Account
  • Toxicity or Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  • Glitch or Bug Exploitation
  • Excessive Fire, Queue Dodging, And Afk


If you cheat to play Valorant then you can face this issue. No matter whether you are using any forms or third parties apps but it is considered cheating.

Boosting And Sharing Account

Boosting is also not acceptable in Valorant. When high-level players get access to lower-level players’ accounts, they do so to raise the account’s rating to profit financially. 

Even sharing an account is not acceptable and many users are not aware that sharing an account also makes your Valorant account banned.

Toxicity Or Unsportsmanlike Conduct

If you show toxicity then you can get banned in Valorant like another game. A temporary or permanent ban from the game, as well as a ban from in-game communication, are possible penalties for engaging in disruptive, abusive, or discriminating behavior. 

Glitch Or Bug Exploitation

An exploit is when a player uses a bug, glitch, or feature of a gaming system in a way that the game’s makers did not design, giving them a sizable unfair advantage.

Excessive Fire, Queue Dodging, And Afk

It’s doubtful that you will be punished if your record is spotless.

  • Will not always be subject to all penalties. Rather than penalties are determined according to the offenses.
  • You may get multiple penalties.
  • Some Violations carry more penalties than others. You might be automatically suspended for a longer period of time.

Can You Unban Valorant Account?

Yes, you can unban a Valorant account. if you account is banned for violating these terms then you need to appeal to riot games to unban your account.

  • Visit the Valorant Support website.
  • Press on the Contact Us tab.
  • Choose the discuss game bans option
  • Fill out the forms and provide riot games with information about your ban.
  • Ensure to include your Riot ID and the reason for the ban.
  • Press on the Submit tab.

How To Get Unbanned From Valorant 2023?

If you want to get your account unbanned from Valorant then you can follow some below methods.

First, you have to submit a Valorant Ban appeal to get back your account. Below we noted the process that helps you to submit a Valorant Unban appeal. 

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Another method is VPN because VPN is also the best method that helps you to get unbanned from Valorant. By using NordVPN servers, you can be able to connect with the different servers to play it unrestrictedly.  NordVPN is the best choice, and you can take use of NordVPN 1 month plan if you are a newbie.

How To Submit Valorant Ban Appeal?

Submit Valorant Ban Appeal

By following the few steps you can able to submit valorant ban appeal without taking much time. 

Visit the Riot Games official website

  • Press Support on top of the website.
  • Click on the Submit a Ticket button from the support center.
  • Login using your Riot account before continuing to another step fill out the Valorant unban appeal form.
  • Press on Discuss personal suspension or restriction.
  • Under the Subject field, input something short like Valorant Ban Appeal.
  • Enter your Riot ID on the given field.
  • To increase your chances of being unbanned, attempt to elaborate and support your case in the Description area.
  • Please select Discuss Game Bans under Inquiry.
  • If you are banned, select the duration of the penalty and select 31+ days.

Select the appropriate option based on the sort of Valorant ban you have got.

  • Toxicity bans: Unsuitable game behavior and improper Chat communication.
  • Cheating using other software: Third-party programs.
  • If your Valorant account is hacked: Hacked/Compromised account.
  • If you are not sure why you are banned.
  • Connect any file to support your plea.

How To Recover Banned Valorant Account In 2023?

By following the quick instructions, you can be able to recover ban Valorant account. You only have to follow all points sincerely.

  • Go to their Support Center In Valorant and login into your Riot account. If you are not able to log in altogether select “Recover my account” instead.
  • Choose discussion personal restrictions. Once you have done it, the Valorant suspension recovery form will appear after the page has been refreshed.
  • Write a Subject just like the Banned Valorant account. According to your circumstance, you can also put “Ban appeal,” “Login issue,” or “Hacked account“.
  • Input your riot ID. Your Riot ID and in-game name are the same in Valorant.
  • Select Discuss game bans for your inquiry. If you have been suspended from Valorant due to toxicity, you may also select “Discuss Chat Restriction” depending on your problem.
  • Choose the duration of your Valorant account. Select 31+ days if the account is permanently banned. Select the appropriate number of days (between 1 and 30) for any other less severe suspension.
  • Take the appropriate ban reason. Select “Unsure” if the reason for your ban is unclear. Choose “Chat Communication” or “In-Game Behaviour” for toxicity. Choose “Third-party programs” if you want to cheat.
  • Write your description. If you need our specialized, professional unban service to assist you regain access to your banned Valorant account, Unbanster is here to help.

What Penalties Do Valorant Players Face For Bad Behaviour?

Below have drawn a table that can explain about the penalties you could face for bad behavior.

Penalties Details Duration
WarningsWarnings tell you that you have triggered our AFK system. Other violations come in hard penalties.n/a
Rank Rating DeductionIf you queue dodge or AFK during a competitive match, you could cross the -30 RR loss threshold (shown on the post-match results screen).1 match
XP DenialYou will not receive any XP from the game that resulted in this penalty.1 match
Queue Restriction TimerYou are not able to join a non-Custom game until the timer display runs out3-240 min
Valorant Game banAfter the Valorant Game ban you won’t be able to play Valorant until the date7 days permanent

How Do I Ask Riot To Unban My Account?

There is only one way to unban your account by submitting a Valorant Unban Appeal appeal to Riot Games. You can get the opportunity to submit a ticket from any support page in the middle.

How Many Bans Does It Take To Be Permanently Banned From Valorant?

You can get 3 ban before you get a permanent Valorant banned.

Can You Get Banned For Using VPN On Valorant?

No, you won’t be banned for using VPN on Valorant. As using VPN for Valorant is legal because it gives you privacy and security from anonymous or third-parties attacks.
But if you are not confirmed with the use of a VPN then read their terms of service.

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