Why VPN is Important? – Pros and Cons of VPN

Why VPN is Important?

A VPN is necessary for online security, privacy, safe digital payments, accessing geo-restricted content on the web, etc. The Internet is the thing right now. Everything from individual connections, to business, are all dependent on the internet. We receive and share data online, make payments, transfer money, log in to social media accounts, and more. But hackers and advanced malware have made digital platforms very risky. This is why you must need to know why is VPN so important?

Whenever you are using a network be it shared or dedicated you are vulnerable to cybercrimes. This is why a VPN is important nowadays to be protected online. 

How Does a VPN work?

A VPN masks the IP address of your computer and changes it with different IP addresses. You can choose the server of any country and your IP address would change. This is how hackers and online trackers can not track your data. Or this is how you can access all the content that is banned or not available in your country due to copyright or some other issues. 

A VPN uses an encrypted tunnel for your online data. All the data that you share is encrypted so that no malware software could read it. This encrypted tunnel makes safe and secure online data from all types of cybercrimes. This is how a VPN works and protects your online life. Now let’s check out the significance of the VPN. 

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What is the Importance of a VPN? 

Now we are going to discuss the main point of this article, the relevance of the VPN. What are the uses of a VPN? What does a VPN do? And, What can you do with a VPN? The answers to all these questions are going to be answered. 

importance of a vpn

Be safe on the web

Nowadays the Internet is the favorite place for everyone but it is not the safest place, to be honest. There are a lot of factors that you have to be beware of while using the internet. For example, ads, cookies, hackers, malware, etc. All these things can follow you all around the web whatever you do. They can steal your personal details and breach your privacy. Not to mention how annoying are these ads when they follow you all around the internet.

You can get rid of all of these cyber threats by using a secure VPN. That is what increases the importance of a VPN in our day-to-day life to be safe and secure on the web. 

what does a vpn do

Protects your privacy

When you are connected to a VPN, your privacy is safe and protected. If you do not use a VPN while using the internet then there are people/hackers out there with their malicious codes and software. They can track the IP address of your computer and get into1e your system. This is how they can breach your privacy and steal valuable information about you like social media account details, bank details, etc. This is how a high-quality VPN secures your digital privacy. 

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how a vpn protects you

Protects you from Cybercriminals

A VPN can make sure that you are totally protected from online criminals and hackers. When you use a VPN it changes the IP of your PC or mobile phone and encrypts the web data. This is how no hackers or cyber-criminal can track and trace you back on the internet. They can not get into your system. Thus they can not use anything against you. But when you have strong internet security with you then you do not have to worry about anything. Data Encryption and masking your IP address can protect you from all types of online threats. 

relevance of a virtual private network

Access Geo-Restricted Contents

There is a lot of content like documents, articles, images, videos, movies, etc on the internet that you can not access due to your geo-location. Netflix movies and TV shows are also things that people can not enjoy due to copyright issues. However, the solution to all these is a powerful and high-quality VPN provider. VPNs offer you servers all across the world. Thus you can connect to the US server or any country’s server for accessing all of this content for entertainment and other reasons. But the quality of VPN service is what matters when it comes to the performance of servers. So always choose the best like Cyberlink, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, PureVPN, etc. 

use public wifi with no worry

Safe Shared Networks

Whenever you are using a shared network or wifi in clubs, coffee shops, pizza shops, etc, you can get hacked very easily. Hackers wait for people to use public wifi and shared networks. Because this is the easiest way to hack the account of people and steal their personal details and then later misuse them to their advantage. 

The only solution is a secure VPN connection. With a strong VPN, you can avoid all the hackers when using a shared internet network. 

relevance of a VPN

Easy & Safe Digital Payments

Nowadays you can’t even make a safe online payment on the internet if you are not using a VPN. Many people make online transactions using incognito mode. But what they don’t know is that they are still vulnerable to cybercriminals. With a strong VPN, all of your web browsings are encrypted so that no malicious code and software can hack your bank details and misuse them against you. 

Pros of a VPN

–  You are always safe and secure online and protected from hackers and cybercriminals. 

– You can access unlimited movies, TV shows, Netflix, etc on the internet from anywhere in the world with a good VPN service/provider. 

– Your private details like social media account details are always safe with you. 

– With a secure VPN you can make online payments without worrying about getting hacked. 

– Unnecessary ads and cookies won’t annoy you anymore on the internet anymore with a secure VPN. 

Cons of a VPN

Where we got some positives there we also got some downsides also –

– One of the key downsides of a VPN is that it may share your personal data with other or third parties. So always make sure that the VPN provider you choose has a strong customer privacy policy. 

– The second con is that sometimes the server and connection of VPN crash. If you get disconnected while doing some important work then you are vulnerable to online threats. 

– There are a lot of advanced features that sometimes you might not understand or come across any kind of technical issue. 

– There are a lot of the best VPN providers in the market that provide poor customer support. So if you need any kind of help you might face a hard time. 

Final Thoughts- (Importance of a VPN)

Thus, we can say that a VPN is important in our lives especially when we perform the majority of our day-to-day work online. And at this time right now when everything has been shut down due to Covid19 the importance of VPN has also increased significantly. Everybody’s working from home and usage of the internet has also increased. Professionals are using it for their business. Kids are using the internet for entertainment. So if you are not in the US then you might need a VPN for accessing amazing and popular TV shows on Netflix. 

The bottom line is that a VPN is very important nowadays due to the high usage of the internet by people and increasing cybercrimes. 

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