6 Best Internet Browser On Roku [2024]

Many users of Roku have no idea about the internet browser on Roku and how can they access Roku with more internet browsing. There are many methods or ways by which they can easily access the Roku. But first, you have to know the basic services of internet

Let’s clear all the doubts regarding Roku and take a deeper look at these ways or methods in this post. 

Is There An Internet Browser On Roku?

There are many internet browsers on Roku that are given like web browser X, Poprism Web browser, Chrome, Screencast, etc. let’s understand them one by one.

Poprism Web Browser

This is the first best option for you, by which you can easily access Roku and enjoy reading. Poprism Web browser lets you read text means there will be no images, advertisements, no javascript, no GUI, and nothing else so that you may not have any trouble while accessing Roku. If you use VPN also then you’ll get more security on the browser & there are many VPN for Roku available which can give you a high-quality browsing experience.

Web Browser X

Web browser X is another best option for you to browse the internet on Roku tv. If you are using Web browser X you can do a lot of activities such as navigating through web pages simply with this web browser and much more activity that gives you a great experience. 

 In this browser, you have an option to add your favorite sites, can visit any website just by using the URL. You can also watch the pre-saved channels like ABC News, CNN, and Google News. This browser is free in many countries but in some countries, users have to take membership of it. 

Chrome And Screencast

This is the most wonderful way for streaming videos and movies means with the help of chrome and screencast you can easily access your favorite streaming. Chrome and Screencast let you mirror your screen on your device and start streaming and surfing on that. It is the best internet Browser on Roku and totally free for everybody. 

So if you are a user of Roku you can choose this amazing option. 

Media Browser

It is one of the best ways to have ab amazement on Roku tv. This is the best internet browser on Roku Tv. It can help you to handle large and heavy websites. With the help of a media browser, you can easily deal with audio, video, or images and media files. There are many features that are wonderful such as the slideshow option, Live streaming, and remote control of the media browsing apps from the same publisher.



It is a strong powerful web browser and provides many amazing features to take a benefit of it. There are many options to stream videos, songs, and movies of your choice. If you are using  Xfinity you can add more channels into your collection by sending a few bucks. 

Web Video Cast App

This is also one of the best ways to access Roku. It is available in both stores – the play store and apple app store so both users iOS or android can easily download this web video cast app from the stores. You can watch TV shows, and live streams of news & you can use a VPN for BT sports. It also helps you to boast smooth navigation in comparison to the screen mirroring option. 

Internet Browser App Or Channel For Roku 

Channel for roku

Roku tv has a Roku channel store just like other apps or application programs. By using the Roku you can add new channels to your Roku streaming device like Netflix, Showtime, Hulu tv, and many more. It allows you to stream music and video from the internet. 

It also provides you assistance or agent support for resolving certain issues and devices. This is not only one thing but there are other many features and options are thereby which it makes easy for you. 

How To Get An Internet Browser On Roku?

There are simple steps you have to follow for casting a web browser to Roku that will help you a lot. 

Web browser to Roku via Android  

  • Open the android setting. 
  • Click pair new devices.
  • Find Roku box or streaming stick.
  • Tap the name of your Roku device and wait for the connection.
  • As soon as it is done open the web browser you desire to use on Roku.

Web browser to Roku via Windows 

  • Check the latest version of the operating system.
  • Then Connect tile 
  • Allow Windows to scan Roku
  • Click on the Roku device and connect it.
  • Open web browser 
  • Start surfing the internet 


These are the different internet browsers on Roku that can be useful for every user to stream music and video from the internet. These are the best internet browsers on Roku but others too by which you can have an amazing experience of Roku and enjoy Roku TV. 

Is there a way to get a web browser on Roku without hacking it?

Yes, you can choose the above methods or ways by which you can get a web browser on Roku without hacking it. 

What is the main difference between streaming and casting on Roku?

The main difference between them is streaming lets you do what we normally do on Roku. On the other side if we see so with casting it works as a remote controller for your laptop, tablet, and other devices.