Internet Society Data Leak Exposed 80000 Members’ Login Details

ISOC, a non-profit that works to preserve the Internet open and intact, blames a third-party vendor for the unintentional exposure of 80,000 of its members’ personal data.

The Internet Society data leak exposed 80000 members’ login details data, which was publicly available on an unprotected Microsoft Azure cloud repository, including several JSON files containing, among other things, full names, mailing and email addresses, and login information. Learn about data leak vs data breach to understand in detail.

“Based on the size and nature of the exposed repository, we can assume that all of the members’ login and adjacent information was open to the public internet for an undefined period of time,” said cybersecurity firm Clario.

Based on research conducted by independent researcher Bob Diachenko, Sony CyberSecurity researchers discovered the vulnerability on December 8, 2021, and got the site secured on December 15.

Vladimir Diachenko, editor-in-chief of The Daily Swig, told the publication that the Internet Society data leak exposed 80000 members’ login details data was probably exposed for one month.


“We take data security seriously, and launched an investigation as soon as we learned of the issue,” ISOC told The Daily Swig this week. “In addition, third-party forensics experts were retained to assist.

We had inadvertently configured our association management system incorrectly despite a supplier’s assistance. This exposed member information to the public, but we have since fixed the matter.

Fortunately, there has not been any actionable malicious data intrusion connected with our memberships, and we’re continuing to monitor the Internet Society data leak exposed 80000 members’ login details. The users can get the premium services of best Android VPN to protect the confidential data and passwords.

The Internet Is Making It Stronger

Almaz Clario explained, “Some endangered individuals and companies could have been victims of breaches due to cyber criminals having acquired access to confidential or private data.”

“The breach suggests ISOC needs to do more to enhance their security infrastructure and adhere to the best practices they champion around making the internet stronger and more secure,” said the researchers.

The International Organization for Standardization, founded in 1992, has chapters around the world and advocates an open and resilient internet, to which 37 percent of the world’s population is currently connected.

Clarified potentially vulnerable account holders to change their IP addresses, and be wary about suspicious emails and emails.

This is the second incident Clario has declared this month in which a third-party supplier has been blamed for sensitive customer data being exposed in an unprotected Microsoft Azure blob repository.

According to The Journal of The Washington Post, the previously compromised data breach happened involving information pertaining to British students and romantic relationships with a person.