VPNBlade Had A Great Interview At the Website Planet

Last week, VPNBlade got an opportunity of being interviewed at Website Planet, an online review and website services providing platform.

The aim of Website Planet interviewing VPN Blade was to share the success story of VPNBlade.com with their audience to let them know how brands are built.

The key elements that were discussed in that interview are:

The Major Idea Behind VPNBlade & How We Are Different From Our Competitors

We started things by telling the journey of VPNBlade like what hit us to build VPNBlade, what is the primary idea of running it, and how we are making it easy for our users to find the best VPN service for them.

Preferences Of Users Before Choosing A VPN

Next, we were asked about the kind of users that we deal with on a daily basis and why most people look for Most popular VPN services.

We honestly told them that most of the users at this time look for a VPN for entertainment purposes rather than security. The main focus of users remains either to stream the latest movies/shows or get a good gaming experience.

There is a marginal percentage of users who still want to be digitally secure and care about their privacy.

About Technical Infrastructure Of vpnblade.com

Afterward, we were asked about the kind of infrastructure that we use on VPNBlade. In response to this, we told them about the CMS on which our website is made, i.e, WordPress. Also, we told them about the type of server on which we hosted our domain name.

Strategies For New Comers

Strategies For New Comers

As we are the market leaders, we were also asked about the strategies that we would like to suggest to a newcomer willing to set up a new business.

In response to this question, we highlighted some of the key points that a user should look for like:

  • How the market is behaving?
  • How can you improve your availability?
  • In how much time don’t the trends changes in your industry?

Also, we suggested their users focus more on building brands rather than just selling services.

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And Lastly, What Are Going To Be The New VPN Trends?

In the end, while wrapping up things, we were asked about how the VPN industry is going to change in the coming years.

In response to this, we told them about how many brands have already come into the VPN industry there are tons of brands that are yet to come.

In short, the industry is going to be more competitive, and to be on top you need to stand out from others.