IPVanish TAP Device Not Installed 2024

Is your IPVanish TAP device not installed in 2024? Don’t worry, In this article, we’ll go over how to successfully install TAP device for IPVanish.

It’s not uncommon for VPN users to experience the “IPVanish TAP device won’t install” issue. If you are facing the same issue, don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back. We will go over all the information in regard to why and how to install the TAP device for IPVanish.

What Is IPVanish Tap Device?

IPVanish TAP Device is essentially a driver that is installed alongside IPVanish. A TAP device is displayed in your Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections once it has been installed. It enables Windows to build an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN server.

In normal cases IPVanish TAP device is automatically installed along with VPN. But there are some rare situations when users face IPVanish TAP device not installed issue. you can face this issue while using IPVanish multiple devices.

How To Install TAP Device For IPVanish In 2024?

How To Install TAP Device For IPVanish

If you’re facing the “IPVanish TAP device not installed” issue, don’t worry; we are here to help. Simply follow the steps outlined to begin using the IPVanish TAP device to safely access the internet.

  • Exit IPVanish application
  • Download the TAP drivers from OpenVPN website
  • Once the IPVanish TAP device download is completed
  • Install the TAP drivers using default setting

Now you should be able to use IPVanish TAP devices easily. If, despite following these steps, the IPVanish TAP device won’t install, then please contact IPVanish customer service. We also have solution for IPVanish not connecting on Firestick in case you are facing this issue.

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IPVanish Won’t Connect After Installing TAP Device

If IPVanish is not working after installing TAP devices, then there is a chance that the issue is caused by the following reasons:

IPVanish Server Is Not Responding

If IPVanish isn’t working properly, it doesn’t always mean that there is a problem with your device or application. There are chances that the server you are trying to connect to has issues.

To check if that’s the case or not, try connecting to other servers. If you are still facing these issues then make sure to check company’s official accounts to see if there have been any announcements about server problems.

IPVanish Connection is blocked by User Account Control

This is rare, but there are times when user account control (UAC) is switched on and doesn’t allow OpenVPN or PPTP protocol connection.

To turn off user account control, follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Go to start, type Control panel and open the panel
  • Navigate to Control Panel’s search box on the top right and type UAC. (you can also do this by going to control panal> system and security> security and maintenance)
  • If you used the search box, click the “Change user account control settings” button. If you used the navigation method, then select Change setting from the security drop-down menu.
  • You will see a popup window, slide the slider all the way to the bottom and click ok. Enter the administrator password if asked.
  • Now just restart the computer and try connecting IPVanish again.

The Message “Authentication Failed” Appears.

If you are receiving an “authentication failed” message there are chances your user id or password is rejected. There are three major reasons behind this popup.

  • Your account has expired:- There are chances that you may have forgotten to renew your IPVanish plan. If this is the case then renew your account by logging in on the IPVanish site on your browser. You can also use the IPVanish renewal discount.
  • Incorrect username or password:- There are times when you think you are putting the correct id and password but instead you’re putting the wrong password. So insert the password carefully. If you don’t remember then change your IPVanish password and try again.
  • Problem with the servers:- If the problem is with the server then there is nothing you can do just wait for the servers to get online again or contact customer support.
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Purchase IPVanish upgraded plan to get an automatically installed IPVanish TAP device. Show Less

Security software is blocking IPVanish

There are chances that your device’s antivirus or firewall software are viewing IPVanish as a potential threat. If that’s the case then disable your antivirus or firewall and try connecting IPVanish again.

Unstable UDP Connection To IPVanish Servers

Your UDP connection might not be steady enough if you’re connecting to an IPVanish server using the PPTP or OpenVPN protocols. UDP is quicker than TCP, but it doesn’t have the same capacity for network error correction. Because of this, you should experiment with your IPVanish settings to see whether switching to TCP fixes the issue.

How To Repair IPVanish Tap Driver Issue?

If you are also using other VPN Tap Drivers then there are chances that IPVanish TAP devices may conflict with them. Use these steps to repair TAP devices for IPVanish.

  • Open settings on IPVanish app
  • Navigate to the connection tab and scroll to the bottom
  • Click on “Install/Repair” button
  • After installing is complete restart your device.

If IPVanish TAP device download stops then you may have to manually install it by using the above-mentioned steps.

How Do I Install TAP Device for IPVanish?

Follow these steps- Go to OpenVPN site>  Download IPVanish TAP device> Install TAP drivers using default settings.

What To Do If IPVanish TAP Device Not Installed?

Normally, IPVanish TAP devices are installed alongside VPN automatically but if that’s not the case you can still download it from the OpenVPN site.

Final Words For IPVanish TAP Device Not Installed

In this article we discussed why IPVanish TAP device won’t install and how can you install TAP device for IPVanish software.

If you are also facing same issue then make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps to download and unjoy using IPVanish Tap device.