Is CyberGhost VPN Safe?

Is CyberGhost Safe

There are many different reasons for using a VPN where one of these can be for online security. With dozens of options and every VPN claims to be secure with loaded features, there is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed. So, to help you out today we are going to talk about is Cyberghost VPN safe in 2021?

CyberGhost offers lots of amazing features and we are only going to talk that if these are efficient to provide security against the prying eyes.

So, without talking much let’s move on…

About CyberGhost – A Glimpse

If you are a fan of the VPN industry then you may have heard of CyberGhost VPN. With over 38 million users from around the world, CyberGhost Trustpilot score is a 4.8-star rating and that seems to be very impressive.

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5 Reasons CyberGhost VPN Is Safe In 2021

Reasons to use CyberGhost

If you are conscious of your online security then below are the top 5 reasons that prove, CyberGhost is safe to use.

  1. Highest Encryption – CyberGhost uses military-grade encryption that helps to convert the data into an unreadable form. By making an encrypted tunnel all your online data will be pass-through this tunnel and no one can read that data.
  2. Trustworthy Protocols – The VPN uses industry-leading protocols like OpenVPN and the latest WireGuard. The combination of both provides great security and blazing fast speed.
  3. Top Security Features – CyberGhost offers many great features like the automatic kill switch, anti-censorship, NoSpy Servers, and some more. These amazing features will provide you a new experience while surfing the internet.
  4. Online Anonymity – Last but not least, CyberGhost provides full internet anonymity. It hides your online activity even from your internet service provider (ISP). Also, with the no-logs policy, you know that your online data will not be passed to any third party including the higher agencies.
  5. Outside Data Retention Laws – One of the best reasons to use CyberGhost is due to its location in Romania. This gives the advantage that it falls outside and 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances and doesn’t have any data retention laws. This means that the government can’t force the VPN company to share the user’s private & confidential data.

Read the full CyberGhost Review 2021 to know all about it in depth.

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Why Would Someone Use CyberGhost VPN?

There are many good reasons to use CyberGhost ranging from security to streaming. As it has over 7100 servers from 91countries you can connect to any country you want to with full privacy.

Also, with its high speed of servers CyberGhost works with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO NOW, and many more.

The matter of fact is that CyberGhost is one of the best options for those who want to use the VPN for security, privacy, torrenting, streaming, gaming and can live on your expectations.

How Secure Is CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost is most secure VPN

CyberGhost is from the top VPN leaders that provide great security and privacy. With its strongest encryption, the VPN makes the online data fully encrypted while making it even harder for data thieves to look into that.

But it’s not enough that’s why CyberGhost uses some of the great VPN protocols, combing with OpenVPN, the most popular protocols for VPN security, IKEv2, WireGuard, and L2TP/IPsec.

It also offers Split-Tunneling with Windows version that lets to pick the client which other computer connections they want to encrypt.


Top CyberGhost Features

  • Strongest 256-bit military-grade encryption
  • Secure Wi-Fi connection
  • Top VPN protocols
  • Anti-censorship
  • Access to NoSpy servers
  • Dedicate IP
  • Ad-Blocker
  • High-speed servers

These are only some of the features, you will get to use more while using it.

How Much Does CyberGhost Cost?

CyberGhost has different types of pricing plans and these are as followed,

1 Month$12.99/month
1 Year$3.99/month
2 Years$3.49/month
3 Years + 3 Months (Free)$2.25/month

Claim your up to 83% discount with CyberGhost Promo Code now.

CyberGhost is only one of few VPNs that offer a 45-days money-back guarantee with these plans.

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Is CyberGhost VPN Safe – Final Thought

CyberGhost uses military-grade encryption technology and has perfect privacy & security features. In addition, it also protects the data by using top-level VPN protocols.

As it falls outside the data retention laws this even makes the VPN better for those who don’t want to share the data with anyone including the government also. It doesn’t collect the user’s data for selling to any 3rd party.

I hope by reading this article now you got to know that CyberGhost VPN is safe to use in 2021 against data hackers and cyber-attacks.

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Is CyberGhost VPN Safe? – FAQs

Is CyberGhost browser safe?

CyberGhost supports different internet browsers and provides great security over the internet while maintaining privacy. With many great features, it also offers an ad-blocker.

Do CyberGhost keep logs?

No, CyberGhost has a strict no-logs policy that means they have to do nothing with their user’s online data. The company store some of your data that is related to their maintenance only. The company won’t share and sell the user’s data with any 3rd party.

Does CyberGhost VPN sell your data?

One of the most secure VPN collects your online related to the maintenance but won’t sell any of it with the 3rd parties at any cost. It releases the transparency report every quarterly that makes this VPN trustworthy.