Is Purevpn Safe To Use? Detailed Guide in 2023

Is PureVPN Safe To Use

Yes, PureVPN is safe to use service for all users, after viewing the PureVPN review we analyze that pureVPN is also the fastest VPN in the industry. PureVPN is a commercial VPN service owned by GZ system Ltd, and this VPN service is founded in the year 2007. 

My results show, that there are so many users who want to use the PureVPN service but they have little confusion on their minds Is PureVPN Safe To Use?. We are here with the answer to this article, is a site where you get all direct answers to your question.  

In this guide, we will discuss all the important queries related to PureVPN like, is it safe? Which platform is work with PureVPN? Does PrueVPN work with gaming? Is it safe to use PureVPN for streaming? All these answers you get here so, keep reading this article till the end with us.

Does PureVPN Good For Streaming Platforms?

Yes, PureVPN is good for streaming services, it has excellent services and features they offer to its users while streaming movies, shows, series, youtube videos, and so on content. 

It also helps you to unblock all the geo-restricted contents that are from abroad, we need it because abroad audiences are not able to watch other countries’ content. So for this PureVPN is the reasonable and perfect choice for Streaming. Now, the next question stuck in our mind ‘Is PureVPN Safe To Use For Streaming?” Let’s clear this point with the given below answer. 

Is PureVPN Safe To Use For Streaming Platforms?

Yes, PureVPN is safe while streaming any content on any website. It gives you complete access to watch movies, series, and shows without any restrictions and limitations. Its overall speed is great while downloading and the UI is user-friendly. 

There are so many platforms PureVPN supports, Given below we mention the list.

  1. Netflix 
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Hulu 
  4. US HBO Go 
  5. Firestick 
  6. Foxtel 
  7. BBC iPlayer 
  8. Sling
  9. Disney Plus
  10. Spotify
  11. ESPN
  12. ITV player 
  13. Dawn
  14. Dubbo
  15. SkyGo
  16. AT&T TV Now
  17. Quibi
  18. Hotstar
  19. Crackle
  20. Xattoo
  21. Vudu
  22. beIN Sports
  23. Showtime
  24. Fubo
  25. Kodi

Does PureVPN Work With Gaming? 

does purevpn support gaming

Yes, PureVPN works well with gaming, this is clear from users’ experiences. There are so many users who want to play games but because of geo-restriction, they are not able to play their favorite games. 

Now if you think about why we recommend PureVPN, you can say that all other VPN is a little expensive but PureVPN is an affordable VPN in the market with good service and features. 

Even though there are so many VPN service providers who claim that they are able to do what the customers want like they claim to hide your location, huge servers, unlimited device connection, secure your data, and keep your privacy in their own hands, they are not.

PureVPN is a little different from them, yes it’s true its offers free service and there are so many questions are stand on free services but PureVPN is non of them you can trust on their service. 

Is PureVPN Safe To Use For Gaming?

If the question is on safety then yes, PureVPN is Safe To Use while playing games. There are so many games that are played online and as you know most of the hacking cases are done by online activity. 

And most of the time while playing games there are some players who save your IP and collect some personal details, through these leaking details you are easily hacked by anyone. PureVPN helps you from swatting and allows you to play all the geo-restricted games with public wifi and routers. 

There are so many gamers who played games with the help of a VPN, even in the search results if you search about the VPNs for games you get many results like “Fast VPN For PUBG“.

And giv en below we mention the games, which is PureVPN supported:

  1. World of warcraft 
  2. Dota 2 
  3. League of legends 
  4. Counter-strike: global offensive
  5. Minecraft
  6. Overwatch 
  7. Call of duty warzone
  8. Battlefield Franchise 
  9. World of tanks 
  10. Pubg

How Many Features & Servers Does PureVPN Offer?

There are so many features PureVPN offers with their service, PureVPN is pure just like its name and secure. If you are a PureVPN user and if beginner then your first step in purchasing is to check the features of the product/tool before buying to compare it with another one and select the best one. 

Given below we mention all the features so if you have any doubt regarding Is PureVPN Safe To Use? and how many original features they provide to us.

  1. 256bit AES encryption 
  2. Internet kill switches 
  3. Dedicated IP address
  4. 6,500 + servers 
  5. Split tunneling 
  6. Blazing fast speed
  7. Security and anonymity 
  8. Access Content 
  9. Hide location ( change IP address )
  10. Streaming support 
  11. Unblock geo-restricted game 

Now if we start a discussion that how many servers does PureVPN have? So for your kind information, you should know about it that PureVPN has 75+ countries, 96+ total locations worldwide, and 6,500+ VPN servers online. Given below we mention some countries’ names, through this, you can understand that they offer the best servers in bet countries and the main point is clear in your mind “Is PureVPN Safe To Use”

  1. US 
  2. Canada 
  3. South Africa 
  4. India 
  5. Austria 
  6. UK
  7. Denmark 
  8. France 
  9. South Korea
  10. Italy 
  11. Switzerland 
  12. Spain 

PureVPN – Pros & Cons 

In our article, we always recommend our supporters, to check all the features, benefits, pros, and cons impact before buying any service and product. 

Before enjoying the PureVPN service you need to know all the positive and negative impacts while using any platform. Before using any VPN keep their good and bad impacts in your mind. Given below we mention their pros and cons, so you have no need to any another place to search.

Unblock all geo-restricted games Sometimes slow speed 
Unblock websites Limited Linux app 
Unblock blocked streaming apps 
Huge servers 
Automatic kill switch 
No DNS leak 
Support torrenting
Compatible with Android Tv 
31 day money-back guarantee 

After reading about PureVPN’s bad and good impacts, you easily clear concept on your mind that
“Is PureVPN Safe To Use” or not? 

How To Connect With PureVPN While Using Your Favorite Events & Movies? 

If you are searching for how to connect to PureVPN, if “Is PureVPN Safe To Use” then you are in the right place and right platform, because here given below we mention the steps. Go and follow these steps to connect.

  1. Sign up for the PureVPN premium plan.
  2. Download the app and log in, using your username and password.
  3. Connect to the location of your choice, or.
  4. Go to Popular Channels and connect to your favorite streaming channel.
  5. Enjoy live events online!

Is PureVPN Work With Netflix?

Yes, PureVPN work with the Netflix website, it easily unblocks all the geo-restricted contents on Netflix. Not only even with Netflix but they also support all the streaming sites, as we already mention in the above article “Is PureVPN Safe To Use?” 

Which VPN Is Best PureVPN Or NordVPN?

PureVPN and NordVPN both are best in their positions but, if we but talk about the most known and most recommended VPN by all the websites then it’s NordVPN. You can get the answer why is it? With NordVPN Review

How Much PureVPN Yearly Cost

PureVPN has two yearly plans first is for PureVPN 1 year plan and the second is a two-year plan. Annually they charged $3.24/mo and for Two years-$1.99/mo.

Is PureVPN Offer Any Free Service?

Yes, PureVPN offers you free service but this service is not complete, I mean before using free service it charges you. With the 24 months plan, you get 3 months of free service and if you don’t like it and are satisfied with the service you can claim for money back, within 30 days you will get your money back.


In this all over the article, you get your answer directly that “Is PureVPN Safe To Use” and is they support streaming, gaming and are safe with it or not. Even in this article we also mention their features, servers, and pros-cons, it will help you to make your decision of buying easy.