Is Speedify Safe? – Honest Speedify VPN Review 2021

Is Speedify Safe - Speedify VPN Review

Tried lots of VPN but still don’t able to get the safest VPN for surfing. Here, we will share all about Speedify VPN. We cover topics: “Is Speedify Safe”, “use of Speedify VPN”, “Is Speedify fast” and will discuss many more queries in this Speedify VPN Review blog post.

From our Speedify VPN test result, we can say that it is safe and reliable in terms of privacy and security. Speedify gives high security to secure your online activity. You can trust Speedify.

What is Speedify VPN?

Speedify offers the best VPN services with channel bonding technology. This means you can use multiple internet connections within a given frequency band at the same time. This will help you to stream HD quality videos, playing games, or surfing at good internet speed. Speedify is unique from all other VPNs because no other VPN provides this facility.

What is the Use of Speedify?

Using a Speedify VPN you can surf any restricted site safely and privately. It hides your IP address to prevent you from being tracked or traced. This VPN is used for Streaming, browsing blocked websites, or better gaming experience.

Features of Speedify

Speedify VPN provides you the various top-quality features, let’s check out what are they?

Features of Speedify VPN

  • Streaming – Speedify automatically prioritizes your activity and help you to enjoy live streaming, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, and gaming without any connectivity issues. It reduces the lags for faster gameplay.
  • Data Encryption – It provides you ChaCha- or AES-based data encryption facility. Which makes it difficult to hack data by hackers. ChaCha encryption gives 2X more speed than any other VPN.
  • Channel Bonding – Speedify uses Channel Bonding Technology which creates multiple internet connections at the same time on all available WiFi, 3G, 4G connection and speed-up your activity.
  • Servers – Their servers are spread across 38 countries and only focus on providing the best internet connection with security, speed, and reliability. Countries include – USA, Russia, Germany, India, Italy, Australia, and many more.
  • No Logging – Speedify strictly follows the rule of no-log policy. It means the company does not store what you search and where you visit online.
  • No Interruptions – Speedify VPN helps you to stay online even when you disconnect from the network.
  • Speedify VPN Speed – Their VPN servers are located in many countries which makes to provide internet speed faster to their users.

Positive and Negative Points

Let’s wrap up “Speedify VPN Review – Is Speedify Safe”, with these Points. Every product has its positive and negative points, same as with this Speedify VPN. It is good to use but still has some negative points on which Speedify company has to work more.

Positive Points Negative Points
Affordable Can’t Unblock All Streaming Site Like Hulu
Channel Bonding Improves Performance No Unlimited-Device Plans
It Also Gives A Free Plan Confusing User Interface
Unblock Streaming Sites
No Data Leaks Detected

Speedify Cost and Discount Offer

The Speedify VPN offers various price plans for Individuals, Families, and Teams. Their prices are very affordable. The cost of Speedify VPN starts from $2.99 per month in a 3-year plan for individuals. This is the best affordable plan for individuals. It gives the benefit of saving upto 70% with the Speedify discount code. The family plan also gives the option to save upto 70%. For more detail, see the table below and select which plan suits you.

Speedify VPN Pricing Plans for Individuals and Families with savings:

  1-Month Plan 1-Year Plan 2-Year Plan 3-Year Plan
Individual $9.99 per month $5.99 per month $3.99 per month $2.99 per month
Families $14.95 per month $8.95 per month $6.00 per month $4.50 per month
Saving and Discount Offer Save up to 40% Save up to 60% Save up to 70%
  • Key Features for Individuals
    • Unlimited Usage
    • Premium Server Access
    • High Encryption

Note: Individual plan includes only 1 user to use upto 5 devices Simultaneously.

  • Key Features for Families
    • Unlimited Usage
    • Premium Server Access
    • High Encryption

Note: Families plan includes upto 4 user account and can connect upto 5 devices Simultaneously.

Speedify VPN Pricing Plans for Teams with savings:

  1-Month Plan 1-Year Plan
Team $9.99 per month $5.99 per month
Dedicated Server Add a Dedicated Server for $120.00 per month Add a Dedicated Server for $75.00 per month
Saving and Discount Offer Save upto 40%

*You can increase the number of users in team usage plans according to your need.

  • Key Features for Teams
    • Unlimited Usage
    • Premium Server Access
    • High Encryption

Note: Users of team usage plan give Centralized Account Management service and also provides access to CLI, API, and Dedicated Servers. Each account can use Speedify VPN on upto 5 devices Simultaneously.

(Prices discuss above may vary according to the company’s policy)

You can’t judge Speedify VPN a good or bad without trying it. You definitely like this VPN. However, if you don’t satisfy with their provided service you can easily shift to other VPNs. You can check Speedify Alternatives. The company provides you 30 days Money-Back Guarantee, So you don’t need to worry about money. I am sure you will come back to buy Speedify VPN.

Best  5 Alternatives VPN to Speedify

In our opinion, Speedify VPN is the best to use and fulfill your all privacy need. But somehow, anyone needs to use any other VPN, There is always an option for you. These are the best Speedify Alternatives that you can use.

  1. HolaVPN
  2. VPN Proxy Master
  3. Turbo VPN
  4. Nord VPN
  5. Surfshark VPN

To know more about the Speedify VPN, Continue to read our Speedify Review.


Speedify VPN can run on various platforms like Mac, Windows, I Phone, Android, and Linux.

Platforms on Which Speedify Run

Is Speedify Free to Use?

You can download Speedify Mobile VPN for free. But it does not offer a fully free service. Because they need to pay further on servers for better services. Still, Speedify company offers 2 GB of data for free to use every month. To use more data you can choose one of the subscription plans.

Does Speedify VPN Provide Fast Internet Speed?

No doubt, Speedify is one of the fastest VPN because of its channel bonding technology. Every person has a myth that VPN decreases the internet speed but here, Speedify VPN breaks all records in offering fast internet speed. If you are tired of slow speed, then it’s time to use Speedify fast VPN.

Their public servers provide internet speed upto 200-300 Mbps while Speedify private or dedicated servers offer speed upto 1 Gbps. Still want more speed you can contact Speedify support center.

Can use Speedify VPN to Play Games?

We can confidently say in this Speedify review, we have played Call of Duty on a computer and PUBG on an android device using Speedify VPN. We had not faced any issues.

Speedify VPN to Play Games

Now, most people play multiplayer online games and wanted to safe so, they use VPN but they face slow speed issues. For a good gaming experience, A gamer is required powerful system hardware and an excellent internet connection. It is easy to upgrade the hardware of the system but can’t get the better speed for smooth gaming while they are connected with a VPN. For those gamers also, Speedify offers a fast internet speed to get a better gaming experience.

Does Speedify Work with Netflix?

Yes, we tested on different servers, Speedify VPN unblocks Netflix on our every testing. You should have to enable the Speedify Bypass feature to get access to Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime, etc. It keeps all your other online activities safe and encrypted behind the VPN.

Final Thought: Is Speedify VPN Safe, Secure and Fast

On basis of our testing and results, we confidently say that Speedify is Safe, Secure, Reliable, and the Fastest VPN. We have ever seen. In every test, we are satisfied with the result. Even we talk about Speed and safety or talk about logging and pricing plans. If you still have not tried it then, for once you have to use it. I am sure you will happy after using Speedify VPN. Only thing I want to remind that it can’t able to stream the Hulu site and also does not have an unlimited device usage plan. This is our honest Speedify VPN Review from our team. Hope you like it.