Norton 360 vs Norton Security Premium 2024 – Difference Between Both

Norton software is one of the most demandable software in entire the Antivirus market. This brand is known for serving the best antivirus products in the world. Norton 360 vs Norton Security Premium Before few days Norton has changed their all its plans and ties up with life lock select which is providing the best VPN service. Before the ties up between Norton and life lock, Norton deals in their only three main product Norton 360, Norton Security, and Norton Anti-Viruses. After ties up Norton include some products in our product list like – Norton 360 Standard, Norton 360 Deluxe, Norton antivirus Plus, and Norton life lock. If you are thinking about purchasing products of Norton so you can choose Norton Coupons using these coupons you can get a higher discount on your shopping and you can save more money.

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What is Norton 360?

Norton is an antivirus company and Norton 360 is one of the best antivirus products of Norton. It was released in 2014 and it is developed by Symantec.  Norton 360 is all one security suite for consumers in the market. Norton 360 provides you extreme level of security protection against malware, hackers, online threats, and some unwanted threats.

Upto 60% Off on Norton 360 Discount Deals 2024
Get all types of Norton 360 Products with Upto 60% Off deals 2024
Get all types of Norton 360 Products with Upto 60% Off deals 2024 Show Less

What is Norton Security Premium?

Norton security offers you cost-effective features. This software keeps your computer very secure from hackers, malware, cyber-attacks, and online threats. Norton provides you a fully secure money-back guarantee that means if Norton security premium can’t secure your device from the virus so, they can return your total that money you paid. The Norton premium security gives you the amazing feature that is given below

  • Strong Antivirus
  • Provides firewall
  • An anti-spam filters
  • Identity protection
  • Password manager
  • Parental control
  • Secure VPN
  • PC Safe Cam
  • Dark Web Monitoring

“The major difference between Norton 360 and Norton security is that Norton 360 comes with some additional features like PC tune-up, Automatic content Backup, online and offline security for viruses, Secure VPN, PC safe cam, and dark web monitoring with some extra features and securities tools also come with Norton 360 package. But Norton Security gives you only online security from online threats and malware. That’s is the reason Norton 360 is the more expensive than Norton security.”

What’s New in Norton 360?

After and upgradation in the software of Norton Norton brings many changes in its services and features. Now, take look at the comparison table and compare the Norton 360 products by Norton Security Standalone (Standard, Deluxe, Premium).

In the Norton 360, security offers the extra beneficial features that are not present in the Norton Security. So let’s compare the services of both based on features.

Norton Security Features:- With this, a user will get cost-effective features. The software is designed to provide security from online threats and cyber-attacks. If a user is not satisfied with the services of Norton then they provide a 100% money-back guarantee to its users.

Norton Security Features
  • Strong Antivirus Module
  • Firewall
  • Anti-Spam Filter
  • Identity Protection
  • Password Manager
  • Parental Control
  • Secure VPN
  • PC safe cam
  • Dark Web Monitoring

Norton 360:- Norton 360 is complete security software that offers all-in-one security services. In this, a user will get all the features of Norton Security and with few more extra benefits. The extra features are built to provide you the security against all kinds of online threats viruses and cyber-attacks. They provide multi-layered protection against all kinds of devices.

  • All features of Norton Security
  • 100% Security
  • WebCam Guard
  • Secure VPN
  • Parental Control
  • Password Manager
  • Multi-Layer Protection
  • Multi-Device Protection
  • Bank-grade Protection
  • Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Computer Tune-up tools

What is the difference between Norton 360 and Norton security premium?

In this article, We are going to explain to you about Norton 360 and Norton security premium. We explain these products on the basis of their features, price, and benefits of Norton 360 vs Norton Security Premium 2024.

Upto 60% Off on Norton 360 Discount Deals 2024
Get all types of Norton 360 Products with Upto 60% Off deals 2024
Get all types of Norton 360 Products with Upto 60% Off deals 2024 Show Less
PURPOSENorton 360 is one of the best and all-in-one online security products from malware and hackers. Norton 360 gives  online and offline security from the viruses Internet security provides you online security for the different types of viruses, hackers, online threats, and malware.
PRICE$7.99* per month$5.99* per month
FEATURESIn this software you get an unbeatable antivirus module and, a firewall, anti-spam filters, and identity protection. But in Norton 360 company give you some additional features like  PC  tune-up, Automatic Cloud Backup, full secure VPN, Safe cam, and dark web monitoringIn the Norton internet security, premium offers you full security for your computer, laptop, tablets, mobile, and other devices from all types of hackers, malware viruses, and online threats.
difference between Norton 360 and Norton security premium

Norton Security has replaced by the Norton 360 in April 2019. With the many new major changes, the Norton software upgraded with lots of advanced features. The main dissimilarity between the two products is that Norton 360 provides secure VPN, PCSafecam, and dark web monitoring with the extra perk of online storage for PC backups and files.

To know more details about it, please visit our page Norton Security Ultra VS Norton 360.

All the Norton Security has replaced by Norton 360 products like:-

  • Norton 360 Standard
  • 360 Deluxe
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select
  • 360 with LifeLock Advantage
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

With the intention of the improvement in the services of Norton Products Norton made vial changes in its products. So you a user can easily get better privacy & theft protection from all cybercriminal activities.

Here on this page, we will help you in comparing the Norton New and Old version. This comparison will help you in selecting the compatible one that fulfills your needs, without having any kind of worry about what kind of device you are using.

What are the extra benefits of the Norton 360?

This upgraded feature offers lots of new extra perks to its users. Users can use the software on any device without any kind of trouble. With all features of the Norton Security Norton, 360 have few more extra features like -PC tune Up, Automatic Backup, Secure VPN, PC Safecam, and dark web monitoring.

Norton 360 Features

PC Tune-Up:- Run your old PC like a new one with the Norton 360 PC tune-up feature. With this, you can delete all the corrupted files and data that create trouble in running your devices. Through this users can easily convert an old PC into a new one.

Automatic Cloud Backup:- This one is a new additional feature in the Norton 360. With this, you can easily create a backup of your files and data which you do not want to lose in the future.

Password Manager:- Create a strong password or change your weak password at any time. This will remember all your passwords and keep them in a safe & secure place. If you use this then you no need to remember your password.

Parental Control:- Norton parental control feature will help you in protecting your kids from online threats and activities. The software will guide your kids about the bad and good impact of the internet and keep away from all the bad activities. Through this, you can keep an eye on your kid’s online activity social media, and more. Block all the second-rated activities of the internet.

Multi-device support:- the software support multi-devices either you are using a mac, ios, android, or windows ou no need to panic about your device security. You can use this software on more than one device at a time so this one is a cost-effective software for all users. 1 software multi-device protection.

Comparison of Norton 360 and Norton Security Prices

Norton 360 Vs Norton Security Prices

Many of the buyers think that the services of Norton become costly after the new updation. But all are wrong. The software is still affordable for users. The Norton Security Cots $5/99/mo* and the Norton 360 costs $7.99/mo*. By using the Norton Coupon Code a user can save maximum bucks on its services simply.

Is Norton 360 the right option?

New Norton 360 is the right option for all users. The software comes with lots of extra new and powerful features a reasonable prices. Now you can make your various devices safe from online threats and cybercriminal activities. Get advance parental control, secure VPN, safe cam, and many more new multi-layer protection.

Final Words:- Norton 360 vs Norton Security Premium

Norton 360 and the Norton internet security premium both give you an extreme level of security from hackers, malware, and all types of online threats in 2024. But in 2024 all the products of Norton security come combined with Norton 360. So that the Norton 360 provides you the amazing security protection for your computer, laptop, mobile, and other devices from hacker malware, online threats, and other viruses that can harm your devices.

You can get more discounts on your cart through our Norton VPN coupon codes. If you want to try it first, that too without paying, then there is nothing to worry about because Norton gives 30 days free trial for our first-time customer so, that people believe that’s Norton products always fully secure from all the viruses and Norton keep secure your device from all types of antivirus.

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