Norton Security Deluxe vs Norton Security Premium 2021

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As you know the first version of Norton Security was released back in September 2014, the question was: “Which is better Norton Security Deluxe vs Norton Security Premium” or “Is the better option for me. Ever since Norton has released Deluxe and Premium Security products, there has been a line of questions. Users and buyers have seen more of the comparison and benefits of Norton Security Premium and Deluxe.

To help you understand the two different non-security products better and help you decide which one you should choose. In this, we have given information about the sleeping products, including every one of their features and benefits. We have created a table below in which we have tried to tell everything. There are key comparisons that make it easier for you to do our comparison work. If you are considering Norton’s product, then it should be easier to understand. Whenever you compare Norton’s security products, make sure that you consider your backup to be a PC backup. Your data restore features are provided only by Norton Security Premium. This gives you the best option for your needs.

When you go to the data in the Norton Security Comparison table, you carefully read the notes that we have given below the table. This will help you understand more about these products and will help you decide which of your requirements is the best.

Comparison Table between Norton Security Deluxe vs Norton Security Premium

Norton Security DeluxeNorton Security Premium
Several protected devices

(any OS combination)

Operating Systems supportedWindows, Mac OS® X, Android, iOSWindows, Mac OS® X, Android, iOS
Viruses removed from your PC or Mac® or your money back – 100% guarantee1YesYes
Multiple device protectionYesYes
Backup and restoreNoYes (PC)
Online storage spaceNo25GB
Add more secure, online PC storage when you need more space2NoYes
Includes Premium family protection featuresNoYes
Free 24/7/365 support3YesYes
Full Price1 Year (₹ 3,499) | 2 Year (₹5,399)1 Year (₹ 5,199) | 2 Year (₹7,499)

We have explained here how we can sort products related to Norton Security when you compare:

Norton Security Deluxe provides security for Windows and OS X-based computers. It also includes Norton Mobile Security and Android and iOS-based tablets and smartphones. If you have many tools then this may be the best option for you. But in this, you do not get any kind of backup and restore nor online storage services. Norton Security Deluxe license is available for only 5 devices.

Pros and Cons of Using Norton Security Deluxe


  • No Limits VPN
  • Online Backups
  • Self Sufficient, Powerful Firewall
  • Support Multiple Devices
  • Virus Protection


  • Discontinue Android Anti-theft
  • Parental Control And Backup Unable In macOS
  • Security Protection Limit on iOS Device
Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Premium includes all items that come with Norton Security. It also includes PC backup for you and also provides features that are provided by Norton LifeLock. Norton Security Premium licenses are best for only 10 devices of your choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Norton Security Premium


  • 10 Device Connection
  • Online Threat Protection
  • Cloud Backup
  • Password Manager
  • Parental Control
  • Secure VPN
  • Dark Web Monitoring


  • No Stolen Wallet Protection
  • Do not Support Credit Monitoring

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Norton Security Premium

What is better for you

When you compare Norton Security Price, you should start with those kinds of devices you want to secure and how much they are. In that case, if you have to protect 5 devices and do not need PC backup, then the best option for you is Norton Security Deluxe. And if you are comparing Norton Security Edition, the best option for you is Norton Security Premium as it covers 10 devices and wants to provide backup and security services for your device. Apart from this, if you need online storage, then Norton Security Premium also provides you because it provides 25 GB of online storage.

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Is Norton Antivirus Security Enough?

By Enough Security, we mean running additional anti-malware programs or browser addons that are compatible with your antivirus program. The problem is that “No” antivirus products are good enough for you, but “yes” Norton is better than other antivirus products.