ProtonVPN VS ExpressVPN – Which VPN Is Best In 2022

ProtonVPN VS ExpressVPN

Choosing the best among ProtonVPN VS ExpressVPN is not simple as they are both at the top of the VPN market. Both use top encryption technology, advanced security features, high-speed servers, and many more.

They both are excellent VPN service providers but despite that, there are many differences that make the one the best over the other.

With this article, we have put ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN at a different pace to see how they match up.

ProtonVPN VS ExpressVPN – A Glimpse

Although with our ExpressVPN review and ProtonVPN review we have covered everything about these VPNs but beyond that this short comparison gives you a clear idea of both.

LocationThe British Virgin IslandsGeneva, Switzerland
EncryptionAdvanced Mathematics AES-256 BitAES-256 Bit
Kill SwitchAvailableYes
No-logsStrict no-logsAvailable
Total Servers3000+1255
Server Countries9455
Ad BlockerYesAvailable
Split TunnelingYesYes
Number Of Connections510
Free PlanNoAvailable
Customer Support24/7 Live ChatOnline ticket
Trustpilot Score4.63.1

ExpressVPN – #1 trusted VPN download more than 10 million worldwide users.

ProtonVPN is securing more than 8 million worldwide users.

ProtonVPN VS ExpressVPN – Security

To be at the top a VPN must provide high-end encryption & protocols.


ProtonVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption with 4096-bit RSA and HMAC with SHA384 for message authentication.

ExpressVPN – #1 trusted VPN – secure private fast download VPN that uses AES 256-bit keys, HMAC with SHA-512 and 4096-bit RSA.


ProtonVPN uses OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec which are considered to be the most reliable VPN protocols.

ExpressVPN uses a variety of VPN protocols including OpenVPN, Lightway, IKEv2, and L2TP.

Both the top VPN providers use equal encryption technology and strong protocols but still, ExpressVPN uses speedier Lightway VPN protocol which gave it an advantage.

Winner – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN VS ProtonVPN – Privacy

Another important factor that should be considered while comparing the VPN is the type of privacy you will be getting with them.

ExpressVPN offers some of the top privacy features by offering a strict no-logs policy. Their system is audited by an independent third party while keeping the user’s data secure.

ProtonVPN offers strong privacy policies and all the user’s data is kept private with a no-logs policy. It is also audited by an outside third party with high security.

Both the top VPN providers are from the location where there is no government interference in the data.

Winner – Tie

ProtonVPN VS ExpressVPN – Speed & Performance

Speed matters the most because a VPN slows down the internet speed a little bit. When you get a VPN optimized for speed it won’t create any trouble for you.

To be very honest ExpressVPN uses Lightway protocol which makes it even faster. Whereas ProtonVPN doesn’t use any of the latest VPN protocols like this.

ExpressVPN servers are optimized for speed and provide a really impressive speed as compared to ProtonVPN during our test from the US server.

US, Los Angeles Server

Download Speed205.9282.65
Upload Speed11.8215.20

UK Server

Download Speed230.1930.96
Upload Speed6.7214.56

The download speed of ExpressVPN is super-fast whereas there is a slight difference in the upload speed as compared to ProtonVPN.

Winner – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN VS ProtonVPN – Features

A good VPN provider should offer a lot of amazing features. Let’s compare ExpressVPN vs ProtonVPN reddit features and see which provides more.

ProtonVPN Features

  • Strong Encryption
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Best Secure Protocols
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • No-Logs Policy
  • DNS Leak Prevention
  • Always-On Kill Switch
  • Tor Over VPN
  • P2P Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Quick Country Selector

Now let’s have a look at the features of ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Features

  • Advanced mathematics AES-256 Bit Encryption
  • Network Lock Kill Switch
  • Private DNS
  • Obfuscation Features
  • TrustedServer Technology
  • No Activity Logs
  • Public Wi-Fi Safety
  • In-Built Speed Test
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Defeat ISP Throttling

ExpressVPN has some of the most advanced features and offers obfuscation servers that make your traffic HTTPS traffic. Also, it is one of the best VPN for China.

Winner – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN VS ProtonVPN – Which The Cheapest VPN In 2022

Price matters the most in cases of software like VPN.

ExpressVPN Price

15 Month$6.67/month
6 Month$9.99/month
1 Month$12.95/month

ExpressVPN offers 15 months plan that includes 12 plus 3-month free. The total cost of this plan is $99.95 for the first 15 months and then for 12 months. Users can pay $6367 per month for 12 months.

The 6-month plan costs $59.99 for every six months and the users can pay monthly $9.99.

And the last that is for 1-month costs for $12.95 every month.

However, by using the ExpressVPN Coupon Code 2022 users can get a great discount of up to 49% off on the annual plan.

ProtonVPN Price


To be honest, ProtonVPN is one of the best free VPN service providers that offer a free plan also. However, users are limited to many of the great features and advantages of ProtonVPN.

Talking about the pricing plan of ProtonVPN than it has a Visionary plan that billed $288 yearly including all the features of the Plus plan. With ProtonVPN Promo Code 2022 users will get a heavy discount on this plan.

The Plus plan of ProtonVPN billed $96 yearly where users will get all the top features and including the Basic plan features.

And the Basic plan of ProtonVPN costs $48 yearly where users are limited to some of the features that they can enjoy with other top plans. This plan includes 350 servers only and 2 VPN connections.

Although the plans of ProtonVPN are starting from $4 but are limited to features. On the other hand, ExpressVPN provides all the advanced features for only $6.67 per month.

Winner – ProtonVPN

Best VPN For Streaming – ProtonVPN VS ExpressVPN

Many people are looking for the best VPN for streaming to unblock content from around the world. We will see which VPN can:

  • Unblocks restricted content and libraries
  • Stream in HD without buffering
  • Best VPN for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ and more


Talking about ExpressVPN then it is a widely used VPN for streaming. It unblocks lots of Netflix libraries with other channels and provides a great streaming experience in full HD.

Download ExpressVPN tricksgeek to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, Sling TV, Kayo, DAZN, ESPN, Peacock, YouTube.


If we see then ProtonVPN is also a good VPN option for streaming Netflix. But the matter of fact is that it can’t unblock much of the streaming content as compared to that ExpressVPN. Although you can watch Netflix in HD with ProtonVPN.

Winner – ExpressVPN

Best VPN For Torrenting – Express VPN VS Proton VPN

If you love torrents then you must need the best VPN for torrenting sites. One of the reasons is that when you share internet files there is a huge risk of hacking and copyright infringement.


ExpressVPN supports P2P file sharing on all its servers and automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection. You can download large files with complete privacy & security from sites like BitTorrent, uTorrent, and similar others.


It provides almost all the features that a good VPN should have for torrenting like kill switch, DNS leak, P2P file support, and good encryption. You can torrent movies, videos, music from torrenting sites like uTorrent, BitTorrent securely & privately.

To be honest, with ExpressVPN you can download files from torrenting sites with great speed then as compared to ProtonVPN but has security features.

Winner – Tie

Is ProtonVPN Better Than ExpressVPN – Verdict

The battle was not easy among both VPN that We have seen in this comparison.

ExpressVPN offers a wide range of servers that are optimized for speed.

Both ProtonVPN & ExpressVPN offers some great VPN security & privacy features. Both the VPN service providers are supportable with almost all the major operating devices.

However, it all depends on the type of the users and the VPN for the users.

If you want a VPN for streaming then ExpressVPN is good to go and if you want for security then you can use ProtonVPN also.

ExpressVPN VS ProtonVPN 2022 – FAQs

How can I buy ExpressVPN in 2022?

You can get ExpressVPN from this page also if you want to get a special deal to save a great on the yearly plan. You can buy it from the official website of ExpressVPN

Can I use ExpressVPN for Android?

Without any doubt, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN for Android in 2022 that protects all android devices. Providing top-notch security features Express VPN can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux.

Does ExpressVPN offer a trial in 2022?

Well, as of now ExpressVPN does not offer an extra free trial version. However, the good thing is that you can still use Express VPN full version free download for free 30-days with its money-back guarantee.

Is ProtonVPN really free?

ProtonVPN is one of the best free VPN providers that offer a free plan to users. Although there is no dedicated ProtonVPN free trial with a free plan users can use and hand on this VPN.

Is ProtonVPN good for Netflix?

With ProtonVPN you can watch most Netflix libraries in HD without buffering. However, it does not unlock all the US Netflix libraries.