9 Reasons to Use VPN in College & How to Choose One

Every year, our online life becomes fuller: we trust the internet provider with not only our personal data or banking history. But also our location, interests, and correspondence. In the same way, our personal photos, projects, and medical data literally fly through the traffic. So, they need to be protected from external interference.

Moreover, the internet has become completely different over the past few years. What do we mean? Numerous regional blockings, closed services, and other restrictions on user actions are only gaining momentum. Therefore, VPN now becomes a magic wand for solving many problems. And below, we talk about the top reasons to use it when in college. 

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Get Full Privacy

Privacy Protection

Let us start with the most basic point. When you change your IP address with a VPN, you protect your identity from apps, services, and websites that track your activities. In addition, a good VPN prevents your ISP from accessing your traffic. This is possible thanks to strong encryption. Your private information will be out of sight, isn’t it amazing? You will definitely find this reason to use a VPN in any research. 

Increasing Security

Without a doubt, the number of threats on the internet increases greatly every day. That’s why cybersecurity specialists are more sought-after than ever. Of course, using a VPN saves you from various hacking techniques. The most widespread include fake Wi-Fi networks, packet sniffing, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Do you travel a lot, study remotely and use Wi-Fi in airports, cafes, and museums? This can be quite dangerous unless you rely on a VPN.

Access To Websites

If you are in countries where access to the most crucial platforms (YouTube, Google, or Wikipedia) is restricted, connecting to a VPN will allow you to use the internet freely. Another reason to download a VPN is to bypass firewalls on school networks.

Youtube VPN helps users to access it all around the world without any limitations.

Watching Media Content At High Speed

Data transfer speed is a top priority for all internet users, but ISPs often slow it down. Are you dreaming of watching videos on any streaming service without annoying disconnects? Well, a good VPN is your go-to.

Playing Games With No Interruptions

YouTube isn’t the only site that suffers from the ISPs’ policies. Online video streaming games also require high speed VPN. Game manufacturers often use BitTorrent to push out updates and fix bugs. Torrent traffic is something that certainly boosts the load on the network. No wonder ISPs are starting to block data transfers. 

Enjoying Television Of Other Countries

The internet makes it possible to watch almost all TV channels in the world. However, there is a limitation. You must be in the same country as the TV channel. But nothing is impossible with a VPN! It masks your IP address as if you are in the correct country, say the UK, if you want to watch the BBC. 

Shop From International Online Stores

Once abroad, it’s so much fun to go shopping and get something that isn’t available in your country. Luckily, you can order plenty of things from foreign stores online, but there’s a problem. 

Sometimes paying for goods from abroad becomes troublesome due to the difference in financial systems. Some sellers are afraid to accept transactions from cards issued somewhere abroad. That is why they are likely to require some supporting documents. Typically, these are the image of your card and a copy of your passport. Of course, many users find themselves angry when the shopping turns out to be that long.  

Fortunately, you can avoid all these obstacles and make your online shopping experience much more enjoyable by using a VPN and changing your virtual location to the country of online shopping.

Unblocking Social Media

Social media is one of the top targets for censorship. Countries such as North Korea, Syria, Iran, and China regularly block social media sites in order to prevent access to the information flow. Using a VPN will help bypass these barriers.

Save Money On Flight Bookings And Car Rentals

To save money when purchasing plane tickets, you will have to spend time comparing prices. However, many travel websites, car rental agencies, and airlines use cookies and other things to collect potential customer data.

The more interested you are, the higher the price they can set. Not to mention the rates depending on where you are located. To prevent this, use a VPN. First, by remaining anonymous, you can forget about awful annoying ads. Second, by placing your IP address in another country, your rates will be much better.

So, you’ve made sure that a VPN is a really useful thing. Now, let’s see how to pick up the right one.

Feature of Each VPN service

Study The Features Of Each VPN Service

Each VPN provider prioritizes something different. It can be speed, quality, or encryption strength. If you are to access geo-blocked content, then VPN services that bypass such limits will be a priority. Do you value your privacy and anonymity? Find a VPN provider with a no-log policy that uses strong encryption methods.

Research Which Devices Are Compatible 

Most VPN services are supported by all major platforms, be it Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, or iOS. But needless to say, there are exceptions. If your PC is running Windows, but you have an iPhone, make sure that the VPN service has apps for both platforms.

It’s also a good idea to see how many devices can be connected to the service at the same time. Some offer unlimited numbers, while others – offer only three.

Look For A User-Friendly Interface

Sometimes the app’s installation process and the interface are quite complicated. You don’t need those difficulties, right? Find a service where all actions are as simple as possible.

Find The Best Plan 

Typically, prices differ depending on the functionality and subscription duration. The payment method is also important. Some VPNs only use anonymous ones, such as cryptocurrency, while others accept payment via gift cards.

As for free VPNs, they have various drawbacks, from annoying ads to unstable connections. If the monthly fee is critical for you, check out VPN services that offer great discounts and coupons for users.

To Wrap It Up

No doubt, a VPN is an effective and simple way to secure your Internet traffic and protect your personal data. It opens up many possibilities for college students: from accessing blocked sites to watching content at high speed and saving money. In the article, we also collected tips on how to select the option that suits you best. Therefore, download the program with appropriate features and enjoy the Internet in complete safety!