Hoxx VPN Review 2024 [Feature, Price & Benefits]

Making sure of your online privacy and security is crucial in this digital age. Because of the increase in cyber risks, it’s essential to protect your private data and remain anonymous online. Here a trustworthy VPN (Virtual Private Network) like Hoxx VPN is useful. We will go into the world of Hoxx VPN in this thorough tutorial, going over its features, advantages, and how it may improve your online experience. 

What Is Hoxx VPN?

Hoxx VPN is a free VPN and premium you can easily unblock any sites with it. Here is Hoxx VPN all about. Hoxx VPN allows you to connect to servers in 50+locations. It is downloaded for chrome, windows, firefox, Android and iSO.

You are using Hoxx VPN for free. Although there is a limitation in term of server selection. Sign up to its premium plan gives you full access to the server and speed. 

There is a premium Hoxx VPN upgrade option in the app. Take a peek at its price right here.  

  • $3 for 1 week 
  • $7 for 1 month
  • $18 for 3 months
  • $30 for 6 months
  • $40 for 1 year
  • $50 for 2 years

For three days, Hoxx VPN lets you use its premium plan’s full capabilities without inputting any payment information. 

If you choose to upgrade to Hoxx protect. Where you have access to all features without providing paytm details.

You will have complete access up until the premium period’s expiration because Hoxx VPN premium is not a subscription plan.

Hoxx VPN Characteristics  

Here are some characteristics in this table:

The Score For Free VPNsAverage 
The score for low VPNsLow 
Platform All major ones 
Speed Low
Encryption ?
VPN Protocols Open VPN 
Customer supportEmail 
The price of a paid version$2.08-$3 per month

How To Install Hoxx VPN On Firefox?

  • Go to Hoxx VPN Homepage. 
  • Click download next to the Firefox symbol on the download page. 
  • Select at to firefox after being directed to the page. 
  • Click add on promote for permission. 
  • When the Hoxx add on is installed, choose your language by clicking on the Hoxx VPN. 
  • Select to register for a free Hoxx VPN account and log in. 

How To Install Hoxx VPN On Chrome?

  • Open your Chrome browser and go to the Hoxx VPN home page. Click download on the menu.
  • Click download next to the Chrome symbol on the download page. 
  • You will be directed to the chrome extension web store. For the Hoxx VPN Proxy, select add to chrome. 
  • Choice add extension when prompted.
  • Select your language by clicking on the Hoxx symbol on the browser.
  • Sign in to create free accounts to use Hoxx VPN on chrome. 

Is Hoxx VPN  Safe?

If you are looking for a VPN that keeps you safe on the internet. Hoxx VPN is not one you want to trust.Hoxx VPN has an antiquated encryption technique that has been shown to be quite simple to crack.Hoxx VPN uses an outdated encryption method that has proven to be hackable and with release. 

It is also a secret That Hoxx VPN surfers from webRTC leak, which always gives your IP address instead of fixing the app.Another plugin is introduced, which non-technical users can miss. 

Hoxx VPN’s US location, storage of connection records, and dedication to upholding regulatory requirements are all warning signals that privacy may be jeopardized. 

Prons Of Hoxx VPN?

  • Customizable settings: Hoxx VPN allows you to change settings like the way your connection is encrypted giving you more control over your online privacy.
  • Safe public Wi Fi: Hoxx VPN can help protect your from when you are using public wi-fi, like at a coffee shop or airport 
  • No logs policy: for users you pay for Hoxx VPN the company says they don’t keep any record of your internet activity, giving you more privacy and security. 
  • Easy To Use: Using Hoxx VPN simple and straight, especially if you use their browser extension all it takes is one click  to activate it.
  • Affordable: compared to other VPN services, Hoxx VPN is relatively cheap, starting in just $1.99 per month. This makes it accessible to people who may not have a lot of money to spend on a VPN service.

 Cons Of Hoxx VPN

  • Limited customer support: some users have reported difficulty getting support from Hoxx VPN, especially if they have technical issues with the server. 
  • Advertisement: the free VPN of Hoxx VPN shows advertisements which can be intrusive and annoying for some users.
  • Potentially unreliable connections:Due to the small server network Hoxx VPN may not always provide a reliable and stable connection which can be frustrating for users.
  • Security concerns: While Hoxx VPN does provide some security features some experts have  expressed concerns about the overall security of the service and its ability to protect user data.
  • Potential for IP leaks: some users have reported IP leaks while using Hoxx VPN, which could compromise their privacy and security online. 

The 5 alternatives for Hoxx VPN?

As we mentioned Hoxx VPN is a free VPN but it is not safe because it has no advanced features as compared to premium VPN. That’s why we mention the alternative below.

Here is the top five alternative VPN list, so I need to go through this and know why we suggest going toward premium VPN.

  • NordVPN: Best Trustworthy VPN
  • ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN worldwide
  • SurfShark VPN: Unlimited Device Features Provider 
  • IPvanish VPN: Ad-blocker VPN Tool
  • CyberGhost VPN: Budget Friendly VPN

NordVPN: Best Trustworthy VPN

NordVPN: It is a top VPN and trustworthy VPN. If you are using it to access any block sites such streaming gaming and social media sites. Then NordVPN helps you with their 5647 ultra-fast servers in 60 countries. 

Also, you will get its advanced features. As such Hide your IP address, No- log policy, Secure encryption, Safe when disconnected, etc. But if you are using Hoxx VPN and want this type of feature you can’t be able to secure yourself from online threats with VPN.

Is Hoxx VPN safe?

Hoxx VPN is not the safest option due to its low end security. The 4096 bit RSA encryption is best which is very outdated, furthermore Hoxx VPN  Extensively long user data.

Can Hoxx VPN Unblock Netflix?

Yes, Hoxx VPN for unblock Netflix, Depending on the server location.  


Overall. Hoxx VPN is a decent choice if you are looking for a VPN service that won’t break the bank. It has good encryption. And a user friendly interface, and there is a late server location to choose from. Howers is important to keep in mind that there are some potential downsides, such as slow connection speed and fewer features in the free version. It’s always a good idea to do your research before deciding  on a VPN service, to make sure it meets your specific needs.