Is Solo VPN Safe To Use 2024? [Solo VPN Review]

No, Solo VPN is not safe to use according to viewers’ solo VPN reviews, and experiences. After a lot of research, we give you an honest review about Solo VPN and I personally do not recommend it. There are so many personal reasons behind avoiding why is not safe to use a solo VPN. 

There are so many sites that tested Solo VPN on their own basis and the result is zero. Solo VPN has fewer positive points and more negative points as compared to other VPN services. 

Solo VPN is a totally free service provider, you can connect 30+ servers with them including japan, the united states, etc. we mostly avoid free services but if it is a free trial with paid services that is fine but complete freedom is not always secure.

What Is Solo VPN?

Solo VPN is an online security service provider like other VPN providers. The main goal of VPN is to secure their customers from malware attacks and increase their online security. 

There are so many VPN providers in the market, Solo VPN is one of them that offers security. Most VPNs providers claim that they offer you premium features at zero cost. But we always recommended you not go with completely free services. 

Free trials with paid services are fine to use and safe to use but on the other hand, if it offers you completely free service don’t trust them. We are simply asking that if you want to use the free version you should need safely choose it. Now if you have any doubt about whether is SoloVPN safe to use? Then this is not.

Why Is It Not Safe to Use Solo VPN?

Why Is Solo VPN Not Safe To Use

Here is the genuine review of Solo VPN and at the beginning of the article, we clearly mention that it is not safe to use Solo VPN. Behind it, there is some reason we analyzed and users’ reviews towards Solo VPN are not so good. 

Disadvantages Of Solo VPN 

  • Down Your Speed 

Is Solo VPN safe to use? No, the first reason reduces your speed. This VPN doesn’t have any power to give you excellent speed, even the constant speed you have. It is quite bad in my speed. 

  • Poor Privacy policies

It doesn’t have any strong policy for its users, not only me there are many sites that claim that it has bad policies and protocols.

  • Low-security Features 

Its only claim that it has advanced and premium feature quality but it is not true. All features are not so good even their claims are wrong they say they support streaming but they don’t. 

  • Poor Unblocking Performance

There are so many sites that are blocked because of geo-restriction and some other fundamentals. Solo VPN has poor unblocking performance and poor downloading quality. 

  • Free VPN, But ads Running 

This VPN offers completely free service to its customers, it is good for users and plus point. But I personally recommend not using it if it has ads. 

Can Solo VPN Safe To Use For Pc?

You can use it for Pc and from the other devices, you can connect with multiple devices with Solo VPN at the same time. But it is not safe to use Solo VPN for PC. It doesn’t good to hide your online activity ( browsing activities ).  

Does Solo VPN Safe To Use With Streaming Platforms?

It is not good to unblock streaming content, it has poor quality features. There are so many streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and prime videos, with these sites Solo VPN’s performance is not so good and users rated its service between 2 to 3 stars.

Is Installing Solo VPN Safe?

Yes, it is Solo VPN safe to use during installation. There is no issue while installing, this application is available on the play store app. You can easily install it but the condition is one that when you use it while doing any of your online activities and regarding saving your personal data it is not safe to use Solo VPN. 

Is Solo VPN Free To Use Service? 

Yes, Solo VPN is free to use as a service provider in the VPN market, that is a completely free service. But sometimes these free service is not good for us. You can go with another service that offers you free but with a free trial. 

Is There Any Good Alternative Similar to Solo VPN?

Yes, there are so many alternatives to Solo VPN available in the market, given below we mention each VPN with a little conversation on them. 

  1. SurfShark VPN

Surfshark is the best alternative to Solo VPN, this VPN is known in the market for its reasonable pricing plans and offers. It is currently on a trend VPN, because of its best service, premium features with reasonable prices

It offers some best features like a clean web ( no ads ), unlimited device connection, changing your IP address, secure protocols, browsing privately, kill switch ( automatically ), no-log strict policy, private DNS & leak protection. 

Surfshark VPN subscription plan is divided into three pricing plans, a month for $ 955.59/mo, For 12 Months for $ 294.49/mo, and Surfshark 24 Month Plan for $ 183.79. 

Alert – prices are fluctuated from time to time, maybe these prices change when you read this article.

Pros & Cons – Surfshark 

SurfShark Pros SurfShark Cons 
Good speedDodgy customer service 
Reasonable prices 
Smooth user experience 
Unlimited devices connection
Available on many platforms 
Support streaming &  gaming 
Strong encryption 
No border mode
  1. NordVPN 

Next best alternative for Solo VPN is NordVPN, this VPN is one of the best and number one VPNs in the market. If you are finding the best and most similar VPN to Solo VPN, we always recommended the NordVPN service. 

Nordvpn is launched by two childhood friends in the year 2017. There are so many users who use NordVPN and they had great reviews and feedback after using their service. NordVPN includes many advanced features. 

The main feature they have is, that you can play in a smart play with the NordVPN service, they support all the streaming sites to unblock all the content, automatically kill switch, strict no-log policy, dedicated IP address, and so on. Their prices fluctuate so, there are no constant prices you get but we have one good news for you that you can save your money by using NordVPN Promo Code

Pros & Cons – NordVPN

NordVPN Pros NordVPN Cons
5,000+ servers in 59 countries Slow server connection sometime
Connect 6 devices at the same time  
Support unblock streaming platforms
Fast & stable speed connection 
Automatically kill switch 
DNS leak protection 
  1. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is another best alternative to Solo VPN and as you know as we already mention above that it is not Solo VPN safe to use. But CyberGhost is a trustworthy VPN and safe-to-use VPN, they build a strong trust bond between their users and with their premium features. 

If you are searching for a free VPN similar to Solo VPN, CyberGhost is the best choice ever you choose. But there one condition that applies while using the CyberGhost service is that it offers only 24 hours free trial.

It offers premium features with great plans like they have huge servers because it includes 8900+ servers in 91 countries and, you can connect up to 7 devices with the same account at the same time such as Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, Mac, etc.

In CyberGhost Users also get multiple plans like CyberGhost 1-year deal, 2 year plan, and CyberGhost 6-month Plan. That helps them to save a large amount of money on the first purchase of CyberGhost. 

Pros & Cons – CyberGhost 

Pros Of CyberGhostCons Of CyberGhost
Unique security feature Limited payment option
Strong protocols 
Strong encryptions 
Multi-platform support 
Good torrent speed 
Stable speed networks 
Ling term plans 
Updates discounts codes regularly 

Is Solo VPN Safe?

If you want to use it because of its free version you can, but Solo VPN is not safe to use you can go with their alternatives. Which is more secure as compared to a solo VPN.

Can Solo VPN Unblock Netflix?

Yes, you can unblock Netflix with Solo VPN after attempts to many servers because it has poor server connection with slow speed. 

Which VPN is Best For Steaming NordVPN Or a Solo VPN?

If we talk about streaming platforms that block their contents and site in some countries and areas because of geo-restrictions, NordVPN is a great & best choice VPN ever you choose between Solo VPN and NordVPN.


Can Solo VPN Safe To Use? No, it is not safe to use Solo VPN. There are so many reasons, you can use it if you want but there is no guarantee anyone gives you that your data is secured or not while using their service. 

There are so many services that claim they offer you free cost service with premium features. But that is not true, on the above article we mention some best alternatives to Solo VPN that is not 100% similar to Solo VPN but yes they are the best and most trustworthy services.

So if you feel satisfied after reading this Solo VPN review then you can connect with us for the next post.