Perfect Privacy Review – Is It Safe to Use?

Perfect Privacy is a VPN service provider company. As many of you are aware of this brand but some of them are still have confusion. Whether Perfect Privacy is good to use for gaming, streaming with the highest privacy, or not.

So, to clear all these doubts here we have shared well informative Perfect Privacy Review guide. And know all its features, pros, cons & many more about its services. The main motive of this VPN company has to provide the best privacy. 

Perfect Privacy Overview

Perfect privacy company was established in the market in 2008. It is one of the best service providers compared to other VPN companies. Their first primary concern is user privacy. It has fast VPN servers. Their VPN servers are located worldwide in Russia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Iceland, etc. Most of its servers have IPv6 addresses and bandwidth up to 1000 Mbps. If you want to access this on different Operating systems then, you can because It is available for multiple operating systems. 

Perfect Privacy Review 2024 – Is it Worth & Safe to Use?

Check out this Perfect Privacy review post, where we provide you with an honest perfect privacy review about features, pros, cons, & monthly plan.

Price: $9.99

Price Currency: Dollar

Operating System: Windows, Android

Application Category: Game, Streaming, Privacy, Security

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Best Features Of Perfect Privacy 

Perfect Privacy gives your many best features which are really helpful for users. With the help of these features, you can make a better purchase decision. We have shared the all best quality features in this honest Perfect privacy review to make user worthy.

  • Server Locations – The server of this company is located in 26 countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, the United States of America, and so on. 
  • Multi-Hop VPN – With the use of Multi-Hop VPN, you can secure yourself from tracking and monitoring. 
  • IPv6 Support – This VPN has IPv6 Support that prevents your data from hackers and cyber criminals.
  • Kill Switch – Perfect Privacy contains a kill switch feature, It helps to increase privacy even when there is uncertainty of the VPN connection.
  • Track Stop – It gives you a track stop filter that secures your content from untrusted or unwanted sources.
  • No- Logs – Perfect privacy has No-logs features that don’t track or record your data.
  • VPN protocols – It gives you a large range of different protocols and services for your desired purposes.

Pros & Cons of Perfect Privacy 

Our team did a lot of research on the Perfect Privacy VPN review and after that, we found some positive and negative points. Which we had shared in this Perfect Privacy review post.

Ability to block ads and malware attacksA little bit of buffering while streaming videos
No traffic limitExpensive in Price
Support via email, Teamviewer, Forum

Perfect Privacy Price & Subscriptions

1 month$12.99 per month
1 year$9.99 per month / save 23%
2 years$8.95 per month/save 31%

If you have any problem with Perfect privacy VPN and you want your money back. Then It gives you a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, we can say that for those who are looking for a risk-free VPN that Perfect Privacy is the best choice. 

Is Perfect Privacy Good For Gaming?

Perfect Privacy for gaming

Yes, Perfect Privacy is good for gaming because it provides lots of servers. To provide genuine information in this perfect privacy review, we have tested this VPN to play various games, like COD, Fortnite, and PUBG and we found that it provides a better low ping which results in a smooth gaming experience. This VPN can change your IP address. It helps you to secure your online activity and hide your IP address from malware issues. 

Is Perfect Privacy Good For Streaming?

Perfect Privacy Good for streaming

With the use of Perfect Privacy, you can easily connect to a server in a country of your choice with just a few mouse clicks. It helps you to easily access all your favorite series or movies which is restricted or inaccessible in your country.

When you use a VPN you don’t need to worry about your online privacy because it can hide or change your IP address from the outer attacks. After the use of this Perfect Privacy VPN for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, and Disney+, where you can easily watch your favorite series without any problem with streaming platforms. It is a fully secure VPN that makes your online privacy or activity private from cybercriminals.

Why choose Perfect Privacy?

So, let’s come to the main part of this Perfect Privacy review: “why choose Perfect Privacy”.

As the name “Perfect Privacy”, it really offers that kind of service which is excellent and provides high privacy. There is lots of exclusive features which are very well. It is available in 26 countries and it also has lots of server connections. you can use this VPN with all devices without any issues. No third party can access your data or Nobody can log in to your account without your permission. Overall It can secure your details from external attacks.

Is Perfect Privacy VPN Free?

No, Perfect Privacy doesn’t have a Free VPN service but it provides you a cash back guarantee option. However, if you are not satisfied with this service you can apply for a cashback, and within seven days you can acquire a full refund.

Can Perfect Privacy VPN be trusted?

Yes, Perfect Privacy is fully trusted because It has a No-logs policy.  There are no IP and IPv6 leaks. Nothing is disabled when you forward something online. 

Is Perfect Privacy good?

Our teams test this VPN and we found that it works very well. The speed of this Perfect Privacy is completely good in all locations including Asia and Australia.

Hope after reading this Perfect privacy Review, you may be able to decide whether this Perfect privacy is beneficial for you or not.