ProtonVPN Review 2024 – Is it Safe to Use ? [FULL REPORT]

ProtonVPN is a swiss based Virtual Private Network provider. It is a new VPN in the industry right now. However, based on its current performance and results, the future of this VPN service is very optimistic, to be honest. The real question is, Is it safe to use or not? For letting you be out of this dilemma we are going to present to you the ProtonVPN Review 2024. In this review, we are going to discuss all of the key features and qualities that make ProtonVPN one of the top choices right now. For example, what kind of security it provides, performance, server speed, privacy, technical assistance, etc. 

ProtonVPN Review 2024 – Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons and Pricing

Features of ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Features

ProtonVPN offers excellent features at a very affordable range. You will get lots of amazing features while dealing with the company. ProtonVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers that helps you to unblock geo-restricted content and streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer. If you want a high-speed network then this VPN is the solid choice for you. There are lots of amazing features offered by the company. Below are some of the great features of ProtonVPN:

  • Based In Switzerland
  • Strict No Logs Policy & DNS leak Prevention
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Fast Connections & Servers
  • 10 Gbps Connections
  • Spread across 50 countries with 865 Servers

Benefits of ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is one of the top-notch VPN services that you can get right now at very affordable prices right now in the world. On top of that what makes it special is it’s being swiss based VPN provider. This is why we are going to check out some of its main features- 

Secure Core

With ProtonVPN your IP address will never leak. It provides you with very strong security when you are using the internet. No matter how hard hackers try to hack and unmask your IP address but they will never succeed. All of your internet traffic is passed through a safe and protected core of ProtonVPN. This is how all the IP addresses are protected from online threats. 

Swiss Based/ Strong Privacy

ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland. That is why it is called a Swiss-based VPN. But what makes it so special is being in a Swiss. The hype is that Switzerland is known for its high-quality privacy policy or laws. It also does not come under the jurisdiction of the US and EU and it is not a part of the 14 eyes surveillance system. So, overall it implies that you don’t have to worry about privacy and your personal details with ProtonVPN. Because they are always fully safe and secured no matter what. 

Multiplatform Security

You can use ProtonVPN for your Mobile, PCs, Laptops, Macs, Routers, etc. This is how you are always protected no matter what device you are using and where you are using it. You’re totally secured and protected with ProtonVPN no matter if you are at home, in your car, in your office, in the mall, or anywhere else in the world. The only thing you need to worry about is that you can’t be on the internet without ProtonVPN. 

Get Free VPN

There are a lot of people who can not pay for VPNs or do not require that kind of high internet security. That is why ProtonVPN provides a free VPN service to all. You can’t pay or do not need higher or more advanced features then you can get basic internet security and privacy with a free VPN service by ProtonVPN. There are no catches with this free VPN. There are a lot of VPNs that provide free VPN but for only promoting ads and selling your personal data with a third party. However, with ProtonVPN you don’t have to worry about all of these. 

Fast VPN Speed

It is a very common fact that VPNs slow down the speed of your internet connection. Plus if you get a VPN that has a bad reputation for speed then you are in a world of trouble. That is why ProtonVPN provides you high speed with very good performance bandwidth and fast servers. 

This is how the speed of your VPN is never compromised with ProtonVPN. And you can browse, stream, and do anything on the internet at a very good speed. 

Easy To Use

What is the use of purchasing a VPN service when all of its security features and interface are so complicated? This is why ProtonVPN takes this factor very seriously. And provides you with a VPN that is super easy to use. The interface is very simple and anybody can understand it. All the features for protection and security do not require any type of technical specialties. The VPN is simplified so that you can be protected all the time. 

Global VPN

If you want to experience the complete and best VPN service then you need a VPN that is spread all around the world. This is why ProtonVPN has its servers extended all across the globe. This includes paid servers and some free servers also. This is what ensures that the performance of your ProtonVPN plan will never let you down. You will always experience the fastest server speed possible. 

Advanced Security Features (ProtonVPN Review)

The following are some advanced features for the ultimate security when you are online by ProtonVPN. These features are what make sure the performance and speed of VPN. 

Strong Encryption

ProtonVPN offers AES-256 Encryption for the highest possible security while using the internet. What this means is that whenever you use the internet and share and receive data is encrypted with strong encryption. This is done so that nobody could hack or get your personal data. 

Moreover, with ProtonVPN you get 4096-bit RSA for the key exchange. And you will get HMAC with SHA384 for strong message verification. All these advanced technologies make this VPN very special when it comes to protection on the web. 

Strong Protocols

ProtonVPN uses only the two most secure protocols that are IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN. These are the most strong and high-performance protocols for a VPN. This is what makes sure that your security is always strong. If you are secure and protected always then you can trust the VPN.

No Logs Policy

ProtonVPN comes with a very strong No Logs Policy. This means that it does not get any kind of detail about customers browsing history, personal details, account details, etc. This is how the privacy of customers is maintained safe and secured. Why it has a strong No Logs policy is basically due to the strong privacy laws of Switzerland. This is what makes sure that any type of user data is not being shared with a third party. Swiss law says that one can not save any user connection logins for better transparency. 

DNS Leak Protection

With ProtonVPN all of your DNS queries are protected through an encrypted tunnel. ProtonVPN does not rely on any type of third party for DNS queries. Moreover, it protects your browser history from leaking. This is how you are always protected from all types of online threats. 

Kill Switch

The kill switch feature is very important for any VPN you use. This feature ensures that you are safe and protected even when you lose a VPN connection. If you lose a VPN server/connection, the kill switch blocks all types of activities you do while using the internet so that your security is always maintained. Moreover, ProtonVPN automatically reconnects to the VPN server while maintaining all the safety. 

Pros & Cons of ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Pros & Cons


  • Based in Switzerland
  • Strong encryption
  • Open Protocols
  • Leak Protection
  • Strict No Login Policy
  • Secure core servers
  • High-Speed Servers
  • Present in 41 countries
  • Streams Netflix & BBC iPlayer
  • Supports Tor browser & P2P
  • Variable Pricing


  • Limited Asia region servers
  • Only email support
  • Can be difficult to configure

Plans & Pricing (ProtonVPN Review 2024)

There are four VPN plans at ProtonVPN and all of them have different pricing and features. They are respectively Free, Basic, Plus, and Visionary. 

With a Free VPN plan, you can use one device for 3 countries, and the server speed is medium. 

The Basic plan starts at 4 pounds per month and you get a server from all countries and the speed is the highest. The Plus plan starts at 8 Pounds per month and has more features than the Basic plan. And the last plan is the Visionary Plan. It starts at 24 Pounds per month and has more advanced features than any other plan on ProtonVPN. This is the most expensive plan here. For getting more discounts on these plans you can use our ProtonVPN Coupon Code and save a big-time here. 

Customer Support (ProtonVPN Review 2024)

ProtonVPN Customer Support

Customer assistance is one of the key aspects of the review or analysis of any VPN or antivirus software. It is what integrates the feeling of trust among customers. This is the secret of establishing a brand in the market. So, you can not overall this aspect of any type of online service. With ProtonVPN you get 24/7 customer and technical assistance. You can get in touch with the customer support team via Email, Live Chat, Call, etc if ProtonVPN stopped working. If you need any kind of query or technical help then your problems will be solved as soon as possible. For getting more information about this you can just visit the official website of ProtonVPN and go through all the customer reviews. 

ProtonVPN Review 2024 – Final Thoughts

ProtonVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers. The company is very well known for offering excellent VPN service at a very affordable cost. ProtonVPN offers an amazing VPN at the best price with excellent features. If you want a VPN that is best for streaming or torrenting then this is the best choice for you. It offers excellent features that make it one of the solid VPN providers worldwide. I hope this ProtonVPN Review helps you to understand this VPN service in detail. Stay tuned for more VPN reviews and its latest updates.