Touch VPN Review 2024: Is Touch VPN Safe?

Are you looking for a VPN for a secure connection and you want to use Touch VPN but are not sure about is Touch VPN safe? Check out Touch VPN Review and all the advanced features which secure your online activities.

Touch VPN is a popular virtual private network (VPN) service that claims to provide users with a secure and private browsing experience. With millions of downloads worldwide, it aims to offer fast and reliable connections while keeping your online activities secure. 

Touch VPN has received mixed reviews from users. While some appreciate its user-friendly interface and free access to certain locations, others have raised concerns about its questionable logging policy and incompatible performance.

It’s important to consider both the positive and negative aspects before deciding if Touch VPN is the right choice for your online privacy and security needs. Read this Review of Touch VPN to know about its features, advantages, disadvantages, performance, and pricing.

What Are The Features Of Touch VPN? 

In this detailed Touch VPN review we briefly discuss all the important features of Touch VPN which are as follows:

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Touch VPN helps to bypass geo-restriction in which you can unblock any websites which are restricted in your geographical boundaries. So you can enjoy geo-blocked content around the world without facing censorship laws. 

Logging Policy

Touch VPN has an intrusive logging policy that collects your Internet Service Provider (ISP), IP Addresses, and Geo-location. It’s also based in the US which is only safe if VPN follows a strict no-logging policy.

But Touch VPN has a policy that they don’t share your data with anyone unless it is required by laws and court orders.

Here is the list of all data that Touch VPN logs:

Data TypeLogged By Touch VPN
IP AddressYes
VPN Server IPNo
Browsing ActivityNo
Individual Bandwidth UsageYes
Account InformationNo
VPN Server LocationNo
Device InformationYes
Date Of Last ConnectionNo 
Number Of Simultaneous ConnectionsNo

Touch VPN collects enough data which anyone can harm your privacy. One thing that is good is that Touch VPN logs your IP Address for the duration of the VPN session but doesn’t stop Touch VPN from using your IP Address.


VPN is used for protecting your activities from harmful threats as same as Touch VPN also encrypts your data when you are connected to public Wi-Fi. But it is not much secure as compared to other VPNs because it has a logging policy which is risky for users that stores your data like real IP Address, and location information.

Touch VPN only uses the PPTP protocol which is insecure and outdated. Touch VPN doesn’t offer the Kill Switch feature which means when your internet connection drops for any reason then your real IP is visible and your privacy gets affected by hackers and snoopers.

Server Locations

touch vpn server locations

Touch VPN has 5900 servers in 90+ countries which is a huge number of servers in which you can select the best server for your torrenting, and any other activities and gets a buffer-free experience. Touch VPN provides fast speed on its server location.

Touch VPN offers only shared IPs which is good but they don’t offer dedicated IPs in any of their servers. It also doesn’t include SmartDNS which is very important for streaming fans.


Touch VPN has downloading speed of 8.31 Mbps and an uploading speed of 1.07 Mbps. The speed of Touch VPN can vary depending on various factors such as your internet connection, server load, and distance from the server. Generally, Touch VPN aims to provide fast and reliable connections.

Speed Test Result Of Touch VPN

ServerDownload (MBPS)Upload (MBPS)Ping (MS)
Japan 36.4118.19230
South Africa16.4891.94170

Unlimited Device Connection

Touch VPN has the capability of connecting unlimited devices simultaneously and this feature you can enjoy by getting a Touch VPN subscription. So you can protect your all household activities with Touch VPN single subscription and also enjoy your browsing activities with your family and roommates with a single Touch VPN account.

Kill Switch 

The kill switch is a most important feature for users in that it cuts your internet traffic if your VPN connection drops due to any reason. Kill switch safely your data from trackers and secure your activities. But Touch VPN does not offer an automation Kill Switch feature so Touch VPN is a little risky for users’ privacy.


Users’ performance and flexibility depend on VPN protocols. Touch VPN has good protocols on mobile apps supporting OpenVPN, Catapult Hydra, and Wireguard. But Touch VPN for Windows users doesn’t provide protocols. 

ProtocolsAvailable In Touch VPN
IKEv2/IP SecNo 

PPTP is a risky and outdated protocol that should not be used under any incidents. In fact, it has been proven that a skilled attacker can compromise an encrypted PPTP VPN connection within minutes.

You can choose between Touch VPN proprietary Hydra VPN protocols and Open VPN (UDP/TCP).

Supported Devices

Touch VPN is compatible with Edge, Chrome, iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, and Firefox. So you can use Tough VPN on these devices risk freely. It doesn’t support Smart TVs or routers for working on these devices you required another VPN like NordVPN.

Touch VPN Privacy And Policies

Touch VPN has a logging policy that collects user information which are IP Address, VPN Server IP, device information, account information, browsing activity, and more. But its policy said that they don’t share your data with anyone unless it is required by laws and court orders.

Touch VPN doesn’t offer streaming but it allows torrenting. It offers 500 MB of data daily by which you can get slow speed for your torrenting activities.

The company also lacks a kill switch feature which affects your privacy when your internet drops for any reason.

If you are serious about your privacy, then we can’t recommend you use this VPN we suggested you some alternatives to Touch VPN mentioned below which is the best VPN for streaming and torrenting. You can also download NordVPN which is best for streaming, and you can take benefit of its features at free of cost.


Touch VPN doesn’t offer streaming and they are not able to unblock a single platform of streaming like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or any other platform. It has a limited data cap which is 500 MB. If Touch VPN unblocks any streaming site like Netflix but you don’t watch for a long time because of its limited data cap.

touch vpn unable to bypass hulu

Touch VPN constantly try to unblock Hulu but always getting failed on its both services VPN apps and browser extensions.

Customer Support

Touch VPN customer support service is not good lacks in some cases. It offers a limited FAQ which doesn’t give a reliable answer. You can only contact their support team through the email. It doesn’t offer live chat or even a chatbot.

For premium users, its customer services are available 24/7 but this is a false claim. After doing deep research we found that they don’t respond when you contact them for your queries related issues.

Pros & Cons Of Touch VPN In 2024

Pros & Cons Of Touch VPN

Check out this table to know all the advantages and disadvantages of Touch VPN which are:

Touch VPN ProsTouch VPN Cons
Unlimited device connectionUnknown desktop protocols
Best VPN Protocols on Mobile AppsLacks Kill Switch Feature
5900 Servers in 90 countriesLogging policy
Torrenting is allowedNo dedicated IPs
Bypass geo-restricted sitesNot offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
Unlimited Bandwidth
Prevents websites from ads tracking

How To Install & Set Up Touch VPN? 

To install and set up Touch VPN, follow these steps:

  • Open the browser and search for Touch VPN
  • Visit the Touch VPN website
  • Tap on the Get Touch VPN button
  • Choose the platform where you want to download
  • After downloading the application
  • Create an account
  • Connect to a VPN server for changing your exact location

So you have successfully installed and set up Touch VPN on your device. You can disconnect from the VPN server by clicking the “Disconnect” button within the application or by closing the application altogether.

Does Touch VPN Allow Torrenting?

Yes, Touch VPN allows torrenting in which you can download and upload materials but it offers so slow speed for your torrenting activities and your ping rate is also high when you change your locations. But your browsing activities are still possible. So slow speed impacts your performance while using VPN.

For getting the best experience of torrenting you can go with another VPN service provider which is ExpressVPN is the best VPN for torrenting because it provides the fastest VPN connection which overcomes buffer or lag issues.

Best Alternatives Of Touch VPN

These are the best alternatives for Touch VPN which are the best for your streaming, torrenting, and other activities. By using these VPNs you can get a risk-free experience. Checkout these best VPNs which are:

Best Alternatives Of Touch VPN (NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark VPN)
  • NordVPN: Overall Best VPN For Your Streaming & Gaming
  • ExpressVPN: Fastest & Most Secured VPN
  • Surfshark VPN: Budget-Friendly VPN & Unlimited Device Connection

NordVPN: Overall Best VPN For Streaming & Gaming

NordVPN is overall the best VPN service provider and you can easily bypass geo-restricted content from all over the world. NordVPN protects your online activities from ads, trackers, and malware.

No.1 Choice NordVPN
NordVPN Best Alternative Of Touch VPN
Use NordVPN as the best alternative to Touch VPN and access restricted content without facing geo-restrictions.
Use NordVPN as the best alternative to Touch VPN and access restricted content without facing geo-restrictions. Show Less

NordVPN multiple devices secure up to 6 devices at once with NordVPN apps and you can also protect your all household activities with a single subscription. You can get the benefit of a NordVPN coupon code and get up to 86% off.

ExpressVPN: Fastest & Most Secured VPN 

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN connection and most secure VPN and ExpressVPN server locations in 94 countries. With this huge number of servers, you can choose the best server by which you can get a buffer-free experience while streaming.

Fast & Secure Touch VPN Alternative - ExpressVPN
Download ExpressVPN which is the alternative VPN to Touch VPN provides servers in around 94 countries with a 1-year plan.
Download ExpressVPN which is the alternative VPN to Touch VPN provides servers in around 94 countries with a 1-year plan. Show Less

ExpressVPN offers many discount offers with their different types of plans. With ExpressVPN 1-year plan you can get up to 49% off.  ExpressVPN is also known as the best high-speed VPN.

Surfshark VPN: Budget-Friendly & Unlimited Device Connection

Surfshark is the most affordable VPN and you can also enjoy all the exclusive features of Surfshark VPN without compromising your performance and safety at the best price. With Surfshark unlimited devices connection you can watch your favorite streaming content with your family with a single account.

Surfshark Best Affordable Alternative Of Touch VPN
Buy Surfshark as the best alternative to Touch VPN and get all exclusive features at an affordable price.
Buy Surfshark as the best alternative to Touch VPN and get all exclusive features at an affordable price. Show Less

If you are decided to use Surfshark VPN then you can get a discount of up to 81% after using the Surfshark VPN coupon code.

Does Touch VPN Work With Netflix?

No, Touch VPN is not work with Netflix as well as any other streaming platform. Touch VPN fails to unblock Netflix or other streaming sites. You can also not able to stream any content with Touch VPN for a long time because it offers a 500 MB data limit.

Can Touch VPN Is Safe To Use?

Touch VPN is not safe to use for your torrenting, and browsing because its logging policy is risky which stores your IP address, your exact location, and browsing activities. It also lacks a kill switch feature which your device is not safe from threats.

Will Touch VPN Slow Down My Speed?

Yes, using Touch VPN can potentially slow down your internet speed due to the additional encryption and routing of your traffic through the VPN servers.

What is the limit of Touch VPN?

Yes, using Touch VPN can potentially slow down your internet speed due to the additional encryption and routing of your traffic through the VPN servers. 

Touch VPN Review 2024 – Conclusion

After reading this Touch VPN review you will find out that Touch VPN is not a good choice for you because it lacks in some places like users privacy and security. It has a logging policy that stores users lots of data which harms users’ privacy.

Touch VPN also slows down your speed and the most important thing is that Touch VPN is not working with streaming sites like Netflix etc. It also provides limited data for your online activities.

Above you will see that we mention the 3 best alternatives of Touch VPN which are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark VPN so you can choose these VPNs which are the best VPN for streaming and online gaming and also provides secure connection with unlimited data.