How To See Someone’s Instagram Story Without Them Knowing 2024

Want to view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously? Then dont worry You can view Instagram Stories anonymously by using an unidentifiable account, turning on airplane mode, or trying a third-party app. To know in details about the all methods, read all the way through.

Instagram reels, stories, and IGTVs have all become very important in our daily lives. So much so that we don’t miss out on posting every milestone in our lives there.

Not only that, these Instagram features help us get a peek into someone else’s life and see what they are up to. If you’re like most people, you probably prefer to do this “peeking” discreetly. But with the way Instagram stories are designed, this may not be possible. Or is it?

Instagram would usually just state the number of people who have watched your reels or IGTVs. But when it comes to Instagram stories, the story is different. Here, Instagram pretty much announces watchers by name. That means Emma probably knows you watched her dirty dancing post in a loop. Oops!

Luckily, there’s a way to view Instagram stories anonymously. So, if you want to keep that viewing information discreet, here are a few things you can do to view someone else’s Instagram story without them knowing

How to View Someone’s Instagram Stories Anonymously

You can see someone’s Instagram story anonymously by following the below-mentioned different methods. You can follow any of the below-mentioned to view the Instagram stories fo someone’s without knowing them in 2024:

  • Use Swipe Back Trick To Watch Instagram Stories Privately
  • Create An Anonymous Account To See Someone’s Story Mysteriously
  • Use Flight Mode To See Instagram Stories Secretly
  • Install Chrome Extension To View Instagram Story Anonymously
  • Third-Party Websites To View Instagram Stories Anonymously
  • Third Party Tools To View Instagram Stories Privately
  • View Instagram Stories Secretly By Blocking Trick

Use Swipe Back Trick To Watch Instagram Stories Privately

You can also use the swipe-back trick to view someone’s Instagram story anonymously without adding your view count. To apply the trick follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open your Instagram app and go to the story of the person whom you want to see anonymously.
  • Click on the next story of that person’s story that you want to view.
  • On the current story, hold your finger and make the back swipe without releasing your fingers.
  • Now, you will on the story of the target person but remember don’t release your fingers if you release your finger your view will count in the target story view count.
  • After viewing the Instagram story secretly, swipe the story forward.

This swipe-back trick is applicable only to seeing images anonymously, if you want to see someone’s Instagram story’s video then follow the other below-mentioned methods.

A disadvantage of this hack is that you just get to have a peek at the story. Also, you won’t really be able to watch videos. 

This method is also very risky. If for some reason your finger slips while you’re pressing the screen down,  it’ll spoil your plan. If you’d rather not take the risk, the other methods below might just be for you. 

Create An Anonymous Account To See Someone’s Story Mysteriously

You can also create an Anonymous account to see someone’s story secretly. Follow the below-mentioned steps to create an anonymous account.

  • Open Instagram on your device.
  • Tap and hold the below-located profile icon on the right side.
  • A new window will appear, click on the add new account.
  • Then tap on Create a new account.
  • Pick a username for your account and create a unique password.
  • Enter all the required information such as Date Of Birth, Gender, your anonymous Name, etc. then click on the complete signup button.
  • A new window will open, add your profile picture, and follow the person whose story you want to view.

Now, you can easily view the target person’s Instagram story anonymously.

Instagram makes it easy for one to switch between accounts, especially if one has more than one account. So anytime you want to see that individual’s Instagram story so bad without them finding out, use the one that can not be recognized as your account. That would give you the freedom to watch all the videos and view all the snaps you want to, confidently. When creating a new account, you may find that a VPN will come in handy. Just make sure to turn it off after using it.

Use Flight Mode To See Instagram Stories Secretly

You can also see someone’s Instagram story anonymously with the use of flight mode. Follow the below-mentioned steps to view someone’s Instagram story privately without contributing view count.

  • Hold a finger on your phone’s screen and swipe down.
  • Enable airplane mode on your device.
  • Now, watch the Instagram story that you want to see.
  • Clear the app from the recent app, after watching the Instagram story.
  • Now, turn off the airplane mode.

Install Chrome Extension To View Instagram Story Anonymously

This is also one of the most effective methods to view someone’s Instagram story anonymously. Follow the below-mentioned steps to see someone’s Instagram story secretly.

  • Install the Ghostify extension to your web browser.
  • Click on the ghosty extension in the top toolbar and enable it.
  • Login to your Instagram account and view the story that you want to see.
  • With the enabled Ghostify extension, you are able to view someone’s story anonymously.

You can also use another extension Hiddengram to see someone’s Instagram story anonymously without contributing to their view count.

Use Third-Party Websites To View Instagram Stories Anonymously in 2024

There are many third-party websites to view Instagram stories secretly but I will tell you with the trusted website that I also use to see Instagram stories mysteriously. Follow the below-mentioned steps to use the website to view Instagram stories secretly:

  • Open the GANONY website on your web browser.
  • Now, enter the Instagram username of the person that’s story you want to see and click the enter button.
  • After a couple of seconds, the Instagram stories of the target username will load.
  • Scroll down and select the story that you want to view secretly.
  • At the right corner, you will see the download button, you can directly the story to your device.

But because these are third-party apps, you use them at your discretion as they might not be that secure. 

Now, note that the last two methods will work if you have not been blocked by the user of the account you want to view. And all the methods can be accessed if you are of one the Instagram followers of the person you intend to sneakily view.

Third Party Tools To View Instagram Stories Privately

You can also use the third party tools or apps to see instagram stories anonymously. Using third party apps is totally free and you can not be traced.Follow the below mentioned steps to watch the Instagram stories privately.

  • IgAgony
  • StoriesIG
  • Insta Stories Viewer
  • InstaNavigation

You can also download the public stories without contributing the view count. But remember these are the third party apps they are not fully secure. Third party apps may also leaks your personal information as well.

View Instagram Stories Secretly By Blocking Trick

This is also the one of best tricks to watch Instagram story secretly. In this trick, we normally view the target person’s story and then block them. Blocking that person will remove your view count from their story.

To know the executive process follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Instagram on your phone and go to the story that you want to view secretly.
  • View the story then click on the profile icon to go the their Instagram account.
  • Then click on the three dots icon located in the right upper corner.
  • Click on the Block button.
  • After that, your view count and your profile will be removed from their Instagram story list.

After that, you can unblock the same person to get regular updates through their story and posts.

How To View Someone’s Instagram Story Anonymously?

You can see someone’s Instagram story secretly by using a swipe-back trick or third party app.

How To View Instagram Stories Privately Without An Account?

You can watch Instagram stories anonymously without an Instagram account by using third-party apps like IgAgony, and StoriesIG.

Other Fun Instagram Hacks

how to see someone's instagram story without them knowing

Instagram is one of the leading social media apps because of its easy-to-use interface and engaging ability. That is why it is a go-to app for business owners, content creators, and everyone else. What makes it even better is when you can properly navigate this app to work according to your needs. Here is a list of things that could come in handy while you navigate through Instagram. 

1. Hide Unwanted Tagged Photos 

Not all tagged photos could be for the best. It is not possible for you to like all content that you have been tagged in. In times like this, Instagram made it possible for you to hide these photos so others would not be able to see them. 

First, you log into your Instagram app and go to your profile. On the lower screen of your bio is a row of icons, click on that. Click on the Photos Of You section that look like a person on a box. On there, you will be given the option to hide photos. This way, it would keep the photos from appearing on your profile. You can also set it up in a way that you approve each post individually. This is by clicking on the settings icon in the Photos Of You section. Then you select the tagging options to select manually. 

2. Clean up Your Search History

It is not bad to want to clear up your search history. The good news is that Instagram made reservations for that. All you have to do is click on the options icon on your profile. Then you scroll down to clear search history. It would clear as soon as you confirm that you want it erased in the option that it would pull up.

3.  Edit photos Without Posting Them

Do you know you can use your Instagram page as a stand-alone photo editor? Sometimes, you might want to edit your photos alone or in advance without posting them online. You can start by going on your settings page where you turn on the Save Original Photos option. Then you can either place your phone on aeroplane mode or switch off all data connections including VPNs before proceeding to create a new post and edit your photo. Aeroplane mode will disrupt the upload, however, it will save on your phone’s photo gallery. This way, you get an edited version of your photo without putting it out for the world to see. 

4. Organize Already Saved Posts into a Collection

With this, you can group your favourite photos by a theme. First, you have to bookmark the posts you like. Then go to the bookmark page on your profile. It is on the far right of your profile. On there, you choose the collection tab and tap the + icon at the top to create a collection. You can name the collection whatever name you want before clicking Next and adding whatever photos you want to add to the collection. After this, click on Next and then you are done. 

Learned Something New? 

So these are the ways to step up your game and improve your Instagram experience. With the information, you have consumed from above, going anonymous while viewing an Instagram story should not be a problem. Just make sure that while doing so, you are not infringing on the right of anyone. 

There are several new features yet to be added to the Instagram app but until then, you can make the best use of the ones available to your benefit. 

Is It Safe To Use The Third Party Apps To View Instagram Stories Secretly?

No, it is not totally safe to use the third party apps to see someone’s Instagram stories anonymously. Thirdparty apps and website may also leak your personal data and information

Is It Legal To See Someones Instagram Story Anonymously?

No, it is not legal to view someone Instagram story secretly. To see someone’s story anonymously is out of Instagram’s policy. If you caught by instagram to break the its policy then your Instagram account may be banned.

How To Watch Instagram Highlights Anonymously?

Use third-party apps like Insta Stories Viewer, and to watch the Instagram highlights privately.